FMWhatsApp v10.6 APK Download (Official) 2024 [Anti-Ban]

Before WhatsApp Mods, advancements in instant messaging were minimal. The official WhatsApp developers undoubtedly implemented a flawless method of communication, but how does one avoid growing bored while using it? Curiosity led to the creation of FMWhatsApp (FMWA), as the official WhatsApp app has many flaws that make it less than ideal. It’s your time to start using this exceptional technology!

Fouad Mods is one of the brilliant app modifier companies that coded ultimate scripts in the world-class official apps and made them superficial and creative. Getting bored with the current messaging interface of WhatsApp is legit, but working the same way as a Zombie isn’t an option. If you’re getting a fast-paced upgrade like FM WhatsApp waiting for you, it’d be wrong to be at the same pace of technology.

Get FMWhatsApp APK, a modification of WhatsApp created by Fouad Mods, and take your messaging to the next level. Using the extensive additional features provided by this WhatsApp Mod, you will have an entirely new messaging experience. This WhatsApp Mod is still in its early stages, but it already offers features like a customizable interface, preset themes, privacy upgrades, and automation.

The journey ahead is filled with numerous ultimate things. Interact with them and give them a warm greeting!

FMWhatsApp APK

What is FMWhatsApp?

After you know FM WhatsApp, you’ll probably want to use it forever. You can call it either the power of energy filled inside this modification or the features evolving the way of messaging. Everything is present virtually inside this immune WhatsApp mod, and there is a huge fan base of this app that gives a legit front view to a newcomer like you.

If you’re a newcomer to the WhatsApp mod generation and haven’t yet immersed yourself in the experience of using mods like GBWhatsApp Pro, YoWhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus, or FMWhatsApp, the first thing you need to do is acquire the necessary knowledge regarding mods. These apps are often misunderstood by inexperienced users as being part of a fraudulent scheme, but in reality, these Mods are built using the official WhatsApp scripts and servers.

So all the messages, media files, voice notes, documents, or anything you’re sending with the ease of FM WhatsApp are going to the exact space as that of the official WhatsApp. You must have heard of end-to-end encryption before, and the exact same thing works with the FMWA app too. Moreover, there are numerous characteristics responsible for your early downloading of FM WhatsApp.

send image in high quality whatsapp

Why use WhatsApp Mods?

Every deed in this universe first requires a reason. We can’t pressurize you to download, install, and use a different version of WhatsApp, but there are some reasons that’d open your eyes to using the official WhatsApp version and help you improve your messaging.

Going a level ahead first needs a spark, and in the case of FM WhatsApp, that spark is some reasons why you should use WhatsApp Mods.

We’re listing below the primary reasons, including all the sub protocols of FMWA preparing those reasons for you.

Let’s get initialized with the below list of characteristic menus available in the app:

Messaging with privacy

Do you know that the people you’re messaging with know when you’re reading their messages, when you’re available online, and when you were last online? Obviously, everyone knows that with WhatsApp’s protocol of Blue Ticks, Double Ticks, and online status. Doesn’t that sound like a lack of privacy between you and your contacts? Anyone can see everything about your account with a single click.

That’s one of the reasons why you should choose FM WhatsApp. The APK includes several privacy features to help you overcome these privacy gaps. Fighting these privacy lacks with the feature options like hiding blue ticks, hiding double ticks, freezing last seen, hiding online status, and hiding status seen.

In-app security

Every homie here uses WhatsApp, even after being in their houses with more than 4 family members knowing the passwords to their phone’s screen lock. It’s important to keep WhatsApp secure as it contains tremendous amounts of confidential messages, files, images, videos, and documents that you obviously won’t think of leaking.

No one really wants to do that, but what to do about WhatsApp’s fewer security modules? Being a helper, FM WhatsApp allows you to lock particular chats, app interface, as well as hide the important chats from the guys who know the screen lock’s password. You can choose any security protocol among PIN, Pattern, or Fingerprint to secure these chats merely.


What do you think about the limitations you’re stuck with the official WhatsApp app? I’m talking about the limitations like forwarding messages with a mark, sending images up to 500kb in size, a limitation on sending a large number of media files, and being unable to see the message deleted by your contacts. I just repeated a few, as there are a lot of limitations available in the app interface.

You can eliminate all these limitations at the next moment by installing the FMWA APK. It is a limited-free messaging app where you can share as many images up to 44 MBMB in size as you want. Moreover, it also contains a deleted message retrieval capability so that you’d be capable of reading messages even if someone had already deleted them for you. All limitations of the official app can be eliminated with this mod.

User Interface

According to one of the most reputed blog websites, PCMag, Facebook has evolved their app’s interface from a cluttered catch-all to the sleek, photo-filled Timeline we know today. In the past 10 years, they took their interface to an exceptional level, but WhatsApp still includes the same green app interface with three different tabs: Chats, Status, and Calls.

Once again, I’m not talking about any features. It’s the interface where WhatsApp loses a huge amount of online traffic. FM WhatsApp won’t disappoint you in this case of app usage. This amusing app includes a giant category of customization options, including the one-click preset themes, as well as the manual designing means for modifying headers, footers, message bodies, and everything in terms of shape, size, and color.

Universal Features

This part isn’t even comparable with the official WhatsApp, but it’s damn important to include it in the “Why?” question about using FMWhatsApp. There are limitless universal features available in FM, including message automation, resources like emoticons and font styles, and unbelievable features like limitation eliminator and privacy enhancer options.

In other words, FMWA includes a unique space for keeping all its coolest universal features, meant to be the most important reasons for downloading and switching to a WhatsApp mod. Moreover, FM WhatsApp is a version being backed by hundreds of creative developers working daily to include the new features. That’s why it’s marked at the top of the WhatsApp Mod list!

Primary Features

Before going forward and downloading the FM WhatsApp APK, you will need to know about the 6 important or primary features reviewed and recommended by the app users themselves.

We’re listing them all below, with a bit of information about each of them:

AI Auto Reply

fmwhatsap auto reply

Auto-Reply is a messaging automation feature, where you can alter some important feature settings and automate most of your messaging. All it needs is the message, reply, and time frame for messaging.

Preset Themes

fmwhatsap theme

If you don’t have enough time to struggle with the manual app interface customization and changing sizes or colors, you can use over a thousand preset themes to customize the eternal interface in a single click.

Download Status

fmwhatsap download status

There is no need to ask for the video status your friend posted anymore. You can now download their status with a single click and share it on your wall right away. Isn’t that magical?

Message Scheduling

fmwhatsap schedule

When was my friend’s birthday? Hell, I again forgot to send him a message! This ever happens with an online chat, but no more need to remember dates. You can now schedule the messages for the required date and time to message about events, birthdays, and other dated things.

Message without Saving Number

fmwhatsap message

Did you get annoyed by saving a number in the contact book every time before sending a WhatsApp message to them? Use this feature listed on the three-dot menu of the app to send messages without saving the number.

Emoji Styles

fmwhatsap emoji

The official WhatsApp app would unquestionably provide you with the coolest sticker packs, but you can’t find different emoji styles on there. Remarkably, FM WhatsApp includes more than 6 emoji styles, including iPhone, old Facebook UI, and old WhatsApp UI.

All Features

The features we listed above were all the most important features that advance the lust of using a WhatsApp mod in chatters, as they really are important and official WhatsApp can’t advance you with them anyway. Additionally, we’re also listing more features below which are available in FMWhatsApp to make your messaging sound.

Hide Typing…: Our contacts always know when we’re typing a message for them, but now you can hide that status until the end of the term you’re using FMWA. Enabling this option won’t deliver this typing… status anymore to the top of your contact’s messaging window.

Hide Blue Ticks: There are colossal talkative that annoy and say some unnecessary things. Reading their messages is also important as there can be something important inside. After enabling the Hide Blue Ticks option, you can read their messages without showing them a blue tick for your reading status.

Hide Double Ticks: Are you online and chatting with someone important, but people are still troubling you with messages as you see double ticks on messages? Later, they’d get a single tick, which would raise the thought in their mind that you’re offline and can’t reply to messages.

Watch Deleted Statuses: Most introverted people sometimes add statuses to their walls but delete them before anyone sees them. Shhh..! You can now see those statuses that they deleted, and the statuses will be shown with a delete mark as shown in the below picture.

DND Mode: Now, the DND mode can be said to be like an airplane mode for WhatsApp. If you have a meeting, headache, vacation, or any moment when you don’t want the WhatsApp app to ping every second, enable this DND Mode. This mode will basically disable the internet connection for FMWhatsApp and won’t ping you for messages, updates, or anything.

FMWhatsApp DND Mode

Hide Media from the Gallery: Again, we’re taking a step towards WhatsApp security, and the current moment would affect your media file’s security positively. You can enable this feature in the Universal section of FMMods settings to hide all the WhatsApp media files from the official gallery. And yeah, it actually works!

FMWhatsApp Hide Media from Gallery

Send the Image in Full Resolution: You won’t need to send images through the Telegram app or using the document format anymore, as the FMWhatsApp lets you send images at their highest resolution up to 4 megabytes. Capture as many images as possible and share them promptly with your friends.

Always Online: This feature will help you keep your WhatsApp account running online. Afterward, you won’t miss any messages, as sometimes people stop messaging because of our being offline.

Customize FMWA Widget: While opening FM WhatsApp, you’d first glimpse a widget at the top of the screen including your name, status, and profile picture. You can also customize this widget with different backgrounds, font colors, names, statuses, and images to make the interface look more sophisticated.

Voice Changer: You can now change the voice of the voice notes you’re about to send to your friends. It includes voice types like Drunk, Underwater, Child, Baby, Teenager, Robot, Slow Motion, Reverse, Fast, Deep, and Fun. Try all of them to play with your best friends.

Download FMWhatsApp APK for Android Phones

You have gone through all the features you can explore virtually in this exceptional messaging protocol named FM WhatsApp. Now is the moment to grab this beast app on your smartphone and install it to get the real experience of things you fantasized about virtually above. Don’t worry, nothing here contains any kind of bugs or viruses, as the ultimate application package is an official Fouad Mods development.

FMWhatsApp Logo
App NameFMWhatsApp
Size73 MB
Requires Android4.0 and up
License TypeFreeware
Last Updated1 day ago

We’re just listing above a download link that’ll redirect you to the official download page for downloading FMWhatsApp 10.6 APK. This link contains the most recent version developed by the Fouad Developers to help you meet the newest mod features applicable only to WhatsApp mods.

You won’t get these features anywhere else, and it’s also the most relaxed way to download and use a messaging protocol. There’s no need to waste a single more moment; just download this MOD at the earliest!

What’s new in v10.6

It’s probable that you still remember that we once talked about FM WhatsApp’s vigorous updates. The developers are working really hard to get the new features for you in every version update of the mod.

If we discuss the current term, FMWhatsApp 10.6 is the most upgraded version, and you can get most of the new features inside its interface, including some innovations listed below:

whatsapp changelog v10.6

How to Install FMWhatsApp on an Android Phone?

You’re just a single step away from making your chatting journey the most fabulous among all your friends and contact group. You’re about to have a view of the future of online messaging platform WhatsApp in 2024, and all you need here is to install this outstanding WhatsApp modification on your phone using the below procedure:

  1. Download FMWhatsApp APK from the above provided link.
    Download FMWhatsApp APK
  2. Open the File Manager on your phone and search for the APK file that you just downloaded.
    FMWhatsApp APK File Manager
  3. Tap on the FM WhatsApp file or icon.
    FMWhatsApp Tap on Install
  4. Now click the Settings tab on the next prompt as shown below to enable third-party installation for the File Manager app. (If you’re seeing an Install button in place of Settings, you can skip directly to Step 8.)
    FMWhatsApp Unknown Source Installation Settings
  5. Enable the third-party installation permission for the File Manager app.
    FMWhatsApp Enable Third Party Installation
  6. Get to the homepage and again open the File Manager.
  7. Find and click on the APK file one more time.
  8. Click the Install button on this prompt.
    FMWhatsApp Tap on Install
  9. Wait for the installation procedure to complete and complete the verification procedure as described below.

Installation isn’t the only thing, as you also need to verify your WhatsApp account to start messaging with all your WhatsApp contacts. Don’t worry, it won’t be a complex procedure, and you can learn it within the backup procedure of your old WhatsApp data in the next section of this article.

How to Switch from Official WhatsApp to FMWhatsApp?

You can now glimpse the app installed on your phone’s homepage and can open it to complete the verification procedure. Before that, you need to create a data backup of your official WhatsApp messages and media files to restore them back to the FM WhatsApp. So firstly, follow the below procedure with your official WhatsApp:

  1. Open the official WhatsApp on your phone.
  2. Click the three-dot button to generate that menu.
    FMWhatsApp Tap on Three dots
  3. Hit and open the Settings tab from the menu.
    FMWhatsApp Tap on Settings
  4. Choose the Chats option to create a chat backup.
    FMWhatsApp Tap on Chats
  5. Below that, you’d glimpse an option stated as “Chat Backup.” Click it!
    FMWhatsApp Tap on Chat Backup
  6. Enable the bottom checkbox to include media file backups within messages.
  7. Finally, click the green Back Up button to start the backup procedure.
    FMWhatsApp Backup Now
  8. Wait until the backup procedure ends at 100% success.
  9. Open the File Manager app on your phone and search for the WhatsApp folder in the root location.
    FMWhatsApp File Manager WhatsApp Folder
  10. Copy this folder to the Downloads folder of your smartphone.
    FMWhatsApp Copy WhatsApp Folder to Downloads
  11. Finally, rename the copied WhatsApp folder as FMWhatsApp. Moreover, rename all the inner sub-folders with the FMWhatsApp name in place of WhatsApp.
    For example, WhatsApp Images would get renamed to FMWhatsApp Images. Do this with all the sub folders under WhatsApp.
    Rename WhatsApp Folder to FMWhatsApp
  12. Uninstall WhatsApp after completing the procedure.
    To Install FMWhatsApp Uninstall Official WhatsApp App
    You did that successfully! Finally, follow the below listed steps to restore that data back to the FM WhatsApp interface.
  13. Open the FMWA that you recently installed on your phone.
    Open FMWhatsApp App for First Time
  14. Click the “Agree” and “Continue” buttons. Don’t click that “Restore” button, as we’re restoring data with a different procedure.
  15. Fill in your mobile number and allow for all the required permissions like messages and contacts.
    FMWhatsApp Enter Your Phone Number
  16. You’d now get a one-time password, or OTP, on your phone to verify your account. Inscribe that OTP code onto the FMWhatsApp’s screen.
  17. Finally, click the Verify button and allow the remaining permissions.
    FMWhatsApp All Permission
  18. Soon after verifying, you’d have to skip the Google Drive backup, as it doesn’t work in the case of the WhatsApp Mods.
    FMWhatsApp Skip Google Drive Backup
  19. After skipping that, a backup would get prompted on your phone’s screen. Click the green Restore button as shown below to restore that backup.
  20. You will get a success message after the backup has been successfully restored.
  21. Start messaging by filling in the important details like your name, profile picture, and caption.

You will now find all the same messages and media files listed in the FM WhatsApp that you have recently seen on the official WhatsApp.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What’s the difference between WhatsApp and FMWhatsApp?

Before initializing and performing the procedure of installation and data restoring to a new version of WhatsApp, what’s called FM WhatsApp, it’s so generous to ask the difference between these two app versions. You can comprehend that in a way that it is a modified version of WhatsApp created with legit servers and source codes, but sarcastically it includes some advantageous features that you can’t get inside WhatsApp.

Is FMWhatsApp safe to use?

Yeah, FMWhatsApp is a safe WhatsApp Mod, and I absolutely understand your concern for asking this very first, as there are more than a hundred WhatsApp Mods on the internet all with different names. However, FMWA is the development of one of the first WhatsApp Mod developers, Fouad Mods. So you don’t need to worry about anything as it contains anti-ban scripts and has been working for so long to make you trust it exceptionally.

How to use two WhatsApp accounts on a single smartphone?

Using two WhatsApp accounts on a single smartphone without using an app cloner is now possible. All you need is a new version of WhatsApp with some of the coolest features, FM WhatsApp. After installing this version, you can use your first WhatsApp account on the official WhatsApp and use this modified version to enjoy using a second WhatsApp number on the same smartphone.

Is FM WhatsApp banned?

Nope! There are a few sayings on the internet that we call misunderstandings or provoked words that FM WhatsApp and other WhatsApp Mods can get banned easily. Yeah, I know that there are a few risky WhatsApp Mods on the internet, but you won’t get banned while using FMWA as it contains anti-ban scripts. Still, if it’s difficult to believe, you can try this version first on a different WhatsApp account with a different number that you don’t use generally.

How does FMWhatsApp work?

FMWhatsApp works similarly to the other modified apps and games. The developers have included some scripts on the exact WhatsApp codes and servers to make it modified and customizable for you. Except that, the complete app works on the official WhatsApp servers as the official WhatsApp is working online.

Is FMWhatsApp available on the Google Play Store?

Never! FMWhatsApp can’t ever be available on the Google Play Store or any other official App Store designed by smartphone brands. The most important reason behind that is all the terms and conditions of the Google Play Store are violated by modified apps like FM. There are a few terms like not copying any official app or offering any additional features with the exact app interface. And that’s why it can’t be placed on the Google Play Store.

How to Install FMWhatsApp on iOS phones.

As we have already explained previously, FMWhatsApp is a modded version of WhatsApp, and you should know that iOS phones cannot have these kinds of app versions. They all contain bionic chips, which are super secure and contain jammers to prevent third-party app installation. Harshly, you need an Android phone first to use it with all its preset themes and other universal features.

How do you update FMWhatsApp APK?

Firstly, we’ve created a unique guide based eternally on the procedure to update FM WhatsApp, and you can read that from this link. To download the most recent update of FMWhatsApp, you should get to the current page of our website. We always work fluently with the developer updates and add them the next moment after the developer creates them. Subscribe!

How to create and restore a backup in FMWhatsApp?

Data backup is important while dealing with apps like WhatsApp, as it contains all the important messages and media files that are deadly to lose. Don’t worry, as we’ve listed above the procedure of creating and restoring a backup from official WhatsApp to the FMWhatsApp. You can either read it from there or read this article based on that procedure efficiently.

Is FMWhatsApp risky?

FM WhatsApp isn’t a risky app, as it works through the official WhatsApp servers and source codes. So it’s not risky, though! Still, it’s right that WhatsApp company Meta denies running these third-party apps, and they’re running trackers to ban them whenever you’re able. But it is one of the longest running third-party modifications ever developed for WhatsApp. It’s running from a massive term and will serve you all the features for so long without being risky.

How do I download FMWhatsApp APK?

You won’t need to go through any big guides to read and download FMWhatsApp APK. It’s a general procedure that goes with three simple steps. Foremost, click the above download link that will redirect you to the official download page. Second, hit the download button on the official download page. Third, accept the downloading request from the website, and soon you’ll find the APK downloaded to your phone’s internal storage.

How to uninstall FM WhatsApp APK?

Uninstalling FMWhatsApp is again a generic process which works efficiently as the default way you uninstall other Android apps. You can either try the drag & drop uninstallation technique or uninstall it through the app info page of FMWA. You must remember that you have to create the data backup of FM WhatsApp before uninstalling it, or you’ll lose a huge number of messages and media files.

How to install themes on FMWhatsApp?

Proceeding with customization, the FMWhatsApp interface is nothing without the preset themes. We aren’t supposed to work hard on manually designing the app interface and that’s where FM surprises us with the biggest messaging app theme library ever created, i.e., FM Themes. You can download themes from the Themes page of FM Mods settings, and it also allows you to save and restore themes whenever you update or reinstall the app version.

Is FMWhatsApp developed by the WhatsApp company?

By “WhatsApp company,” we mean Meta, as they have acquired WhatsApp. Answering your question, FM WhatsApp isn’t developed by the WhatsApp company. It’s an individual app developed by a modifier community group assisted by Fouad Mods company. But it includes the legit WhatsApp servers at the same time, which makes it safe to use.


We want to see smiles on all of your faces, and that’s why we built this entire website around just one subject, FMWhatsApp. It includes the official information about this one-of-a-kind WhatsApp Mod, including how-to instructions, a list of the mod’s features, and a comparison of those features to those of other mods. Everything on this website is accessible and amusing!

You are going to find that each of the web pages on this website is, undoubtedly, extremely helpful for the upcoming FMWA usage and messaging evolution that you are going to undertake. Prepare yourself for a new revolution in the world of messaging, and use FM Mod to begin bringing your dreams closer to becoming a reality.