Fouad WhatsApp v10.6 APK Download 2024 [Anti-Ban]

Let’s get happy together again with a brilliant modification of WhatsApp, but now it’s going to be near official. If Fouad Mods isn’t a new name for you, their first best mod version was Fouad WhatsApp, which they developed a long term ago at the initialization of the WhatsApp Mod era.

Yeah, they were one of the well-known developer companies which came up with an idea of making the WhatsApp Messaging more beautiful.

When you get connected to the internet and start messaging your friends with WhatsApp Messenger, it doesn’t deliver you the vibe you really deserve.

Every online chatter deserves a colorful messaging app with a generous app interface and a hazardous number of most powerful features. But do you think WhatsApp is up as per its capabilities? Exactly No, and that’s where you get a way navigating you to beautiful messaging, Fouad WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Mods have their world as these apps aren’t really concerned with the official app updates, and they really contain some additional privileges which you can’t get anytime officially.

The app itself includes some benefits like the diversified number of app interfaces, multiple emoji styles, notification icon styles, and launcher icon styles. That’s the sole reason why they are called Mods and not the official app versions.

Fouad WhatsApp APK

What is Fouad WhatsApp?

After understanding WhatsApp Mods completely and how they really work, you should know that there are more than a hundred mod versions in the internet library.

All websites offer you different kinds of mods, but you should know that each of them contains absolutely the same kind of features. Nothing is different, but the authority and longevity. Fouad WhatsApp is one of the race horses running for so long in this field.

Among all these years, Fouad created a well rated fan base, and they also have upgraded so many features and themes in their libraries. Moreover, the app working for so long is always trustable, so you never need to get scared of using such an application.

It’s a generation leading WhatsApp Mod being used by a good number of mod user populations, and the Fouad servers are serving all its features.

Additionally, Fouad Mods have created two different versions, where one is FM WhatsApp and the other is Fouad WhatsApp, and almost all WhatsApp Mods like Yo WhatsApp are using their servers to work fluently.

In that case, you can understand how much potential and trustable would be in their WhatsApp Mod. The below article is pitched wholly about Fouad WhatsApp, and you’ll precisely love this app after reading it.

send image in high quality whatsapp

How is Fouad WhatsApp different from WhatsApp?

Every Android app includes a vast number of cons, or what we call disadvantages. Some of them include the premium access, which is again a disadvantage for a student or professional who can’t afford to spend on android apps.

Some apps don’t have any paid access or in-app purchases, but they sound tedious, and WhatsApp is one of them. I don’t know if you ever thought about it, but WhatsApp didn’t change its app interface or theme for so long.

Not just that, we’re also Emoticon and Sticker senders, and we love sharing them, being the virtual emotion signs. However, it’s hard to know that WhatsApp just got a single style of emoticons. In terms of stickers, if you want to add new stickers, there are bigger procedures and that’s why most of the people switched to Telegram.

The simple difference between Fouad WhatsApp and the official WhatsApp Messenger app is freedom. If you love freedom, want to become pleased by the messaging, diminish all those risk privacy factors, and freedom of getting ahead of the limitations, FouadWA is your thing.

Later, everything is absolutely the same in the official and modified app version, as they share the same servers, source codes, and database.


The FM WhatsApp is a popular modified version of WhatsApp, offering features not available in the official version. Here are some key features:


fmwhatsap auto reply

This feature allows users to set automated replies to messages when they are busy or unavailable. This is useful for maintaining communication and managing expectations with contacts. Additionally, this feature can be customized for specific contacts or groups.

Download Status

fmwhatsap download status

This mod also allows users to download statuses from their contacts, allowing them to save and view them even after they have expired. This feature is useful for those who want to keep a collection of their favorite statuses or share them with others.

Theme Store

fmwhatsap theme

You get various themes to customize the app’s appearance and make it more visually appealing. Users can choose from a wide range of themes in the Theme Store, including dark mode options for better visibility at night.

Emoji Variant

fmwhatsap emoji

With FMWhatsApp, users can access a wider range of emojis than the standard ones available on WhatsApp. This includes emojis from different platforms such as iOS, Android, and even Facebook Messenger. Users can also customize the size and style of the emojis to suit their preferences.

Schedule Message

fmwhatsap schedule

This remarkable feature empowers users to conveniently schedule messages for precise delivery times. This functionality proves invaluable for those seeking to send reminders or greetings effortlessly at specific moments, without the burden of manual execution.

Message Number without Saving

fmwhatsap message

Users can send messages to any number without having to save it as a contact on their device. This is useful for sending quick messages or communicating with businesses without cluttering the contacts list.

Pros of using Fouad WhatsApp

If you aren’t living your messaging, WhatsApp Mods are the way to let you live it. If you’re a newcomer to the WhatsApp Mod side, Fouad WhatsApp can be marked as the best start for you.

It contains all those features you heard from your friends or colleagues about the WhatsApp Mods, like themes, colors, font styles, etc. But let’s have a prosper discussion about the pros:

Hide Typing and Recording…

It’s a two – faced element in WhatsApp Messenger considered both pro and con that whenever you’ll type a message or record a voice note, your contact will be notified about it. After the online status, it’s an additional privacy breaking element of WhatsApp. But don’t worry, as the modified messaging resolution will provide you an option to disable both, typing… and recording… status.

Hide Typing Fouad WhatsApp

Home Screen Wallpapers

These wallpapers aren’t the same as you enjoyed on the official app version. Lastly, you were capable of adding wallpapers on the chat screen, but this time it’s also possible to integrate a wallpaper on the Home Screen. Choose either from the WhatsApp library or from your Gallery, and that image would get settled as the wallpaper of WhatsApp’s home screen.

Read Deleted Messages

We still remember the day when WhatsApp launched a feature, where people can unsend or delete a message for you until the time you haven’t seen it. As a residual, you get a message showing; This message was deleted. If you want to get rid of this so-called feature and don’t want anyone to delete messages for you after sending them, try this mod. It offers you an Anti-Delete feature which works perfectly when being enabled.

Variety of Themes

Themes help Fouad WhatsApp users in changing the complete view or interface of the application as per the particular theme contexts. There are more than a thousand themes available in the library of this app and all of them contain different contexts, varying different colors, sizing, paddings, spacing, and interface tabs. Choose any of them, click an Install button and start using that theme at the earliest.

Fouad WhatsApp Theme Store

Custom chat window

Gone are the old days when we were only capable of at most changing the wallpaper in chats. Now, the WhatsApp Mods offer us hundreds of chats containing bubble styles, blue tick styles, double tick styles, message text color styles, message bubble color styles, etc. It’s your WhatsApp version, and you’re going to choose here what you like the most and what you don’t even want to see.

Fouad WhatsApp Custom Chat Window

Custom home screen

The Chat window isn’t the only customizable space in the Fouad WhatsApp, as you’ll also see custom home screen options. On the home screen, you can change the colors of tabs, colors of texts, sizing of tabs, and the padding between different chats. Moreover, the on-screen buttons are also customizable, where you can change their colors and icons. Overall, the whole homepage is customizable.

Fouad WhatsApp Custom Home Screen

No Forwarded Mark

The forwarded mark is clubbed on the messages you forwarded from somewhere, either from a group or a private chat. This mark sounds a little annoying sometimes, and people really hate this feature of WhatsApp. What’s good here in the mod version is the access to disable this forwarded mark. Now you can forward any message anytime without marking it as forwarded, and also you can forward a message to any number of contacts or groups without limitations.

Language Translation

Every country consists of more than 30 languages in their different regions. We know that globally it’s English is a universal language, but it doesn’t mean that everyone knows English well. For those who are seeing it hard to understand that language, Fouad WA lets them translate the message language to their mother tongue. It offers translations in more than 20 different languages, including Spanish, Portuguese, Hindi, Russian, Urdu, and Marathi.

Download Status

When Instagram initialized the Story thing on their platform, people downloaded the modified version of Instagram for downloading their friends’ stories. Similarly, WhatsApp doesn’t allow you to download stories. It sounds simple for images as you can just capture a screenshot, but what about the videos? Worrying wouldn’t be an option here as you can now download both image and video statuses of your contacts without even letting them know using Fouad.

Emoji Styles

If you’re thinking about the new emoji elements, it’s not that way. You aren’t getting any new emoticons in the list, but we’re basically changing the class of emojis. All the different social media platforms include different emoji styles, where we have Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, iOS Messenger, and many different apps. This mod version includes more than 5 different classes to help you love the emoticons as they are rare.

Fouad WhatsApp Emoji Styles

Launcher Icon Styles

That phone icon with a green background sounds boring these days as even Telegram started offering different launcher icons. WhatsApp doesn’t provide even a single different color of icon, so what’s the reason to stay there anymore. Switch to this version, where you get more than 20 aesthetic launcher and notification icons. You can access all such resources within the Universal settings of the app.

Fouad WhatsApp Launcher Icon Styles

Save your Themes

Suppose you have modified the complete app’s interface, including the colors, sizing, paddings, conversation screen, and home screen after struggling and exploring a lot. What after you install an update? It’s hard to see the best things going off, but Fouad WhatsApp lets you save your themes in the Internal storage. All those settings will create a personalized theme’s ZIP file, and you can install it whenever you reinstall the app.

WhatsApp Lock

WhatsApp Lock adds an additional layer of security when it comes to securing your messaging zone. We all know how important it is to hide and secure our messages, but screen lock and app lock aren’t efficient enough to help you secure your chats. WhatsApp Lock is that firewall that allows you to lock the complete app interface as well as the particular WhatsApp chats. You can choose either PIN, Pattern, or Fingerprint lock as WhatsApp Lock.

Fouad WhatsApp WhatsApp Lock

Hide Online Status

Reckon about a moment when you are online and suddenly getting messages from your friends, partners, or business clients. You don’t have three hands to talk with them all, but they all know that you are online. Not responding to them this time will efficiently mean that you are ignoring them. Use Fouad WhatsApp with a feature called Hide Online status. Even if you’re online, no one can know you’re online, as this status wouldn’t fall on their screen.

Hide Blue Ticks and Double Ticks

Blue Ticks and Double Ticks are also privacy leakers, as Double Ticks shows everyone that you got your internet connection enabled. It’s still not that bad, but Blue Ticks show that you read the message already. This time, it’s so important to reply to them, as they already know you’ve seen their messages. Use the Hide Blue Ticks and Double Ticks options, and no one will get the read receipts for the messages. Reply if it’s a priority and important, or leave it!


WhatsApp Messenger still lacks a most beautiful and superficially important feature used in case if someone is busy, and they still need to reply to messages to stop breaking relations. It’s Auto Reply, or Automated Reply. If you’ve integrated online WhatsApp messaging in your business, and you have no time to reply to your client’s messages, you can automate those messages in Fouad WhatsApp. It’s a simple process, requiring just a few parameters.

Fouad WhatsApp Auto-Reply

Scheduled Messaging

Remembering all the important events, festive, and anniversaries are damn hard as we can’t put more numbers in our mind, or they will get transferred one for another. However, you can use a different feature of this WhatsApp Mod, and it’ll remember all the important dates to message your contacts from now on. Schedule Messages as per the dates and time, and if the internet connection is all good at that time, you don’t even need to send those messages.

Fouad WhatsApp Scheduled Messaging

Cons of using Fouad WhatsApp

There are so many pros or features that already exist in the Fouad WhatsApp and because of them, people forget about a few cons. It’s similarly important to know about cons.

However, it is to know the features. There are not many but three important cons of using FouadWA, and we got a way to get rid of all of them.

We’re listing them below, with the measures you can take to for destroying them:

  • Fouad WhatsApp is a third-party app, which means that no WhatsApp headquarters are serving it and Meta is updating in each of their blogs that whoever using WhatsApp Mods can get a temporary ban from WhatsApp.

    It’s true that the mod here includes the anti-ban, but if you want to be a responsible messenger, you should first try this app with your second WhatsApp number, which isn’t as important as the default one.
  • Being a third-party app also makes it hard for the procedural stuff to take place. WhatsApp can get installed on a single click on Google Play Store, but the Fouad version requires you to install the app manually.

    As a resolution to this con, you can use some guides present on our website based on our website.

Download Fouad WhatsApp APK Latest Version

Have you perfectly planned about starting a new journey of messaging with this remarkable modified version ever developed, Fouad WhatsApp APK? So it’s time to tell you one most important thing that all the WhatsApp Mods need to be updated on time with their latest versions, and otherwise they stop working. We all know that it’s important to have the disclaimers before using an app or any different service as what’s powerfully featured.

Fouad WhatsApp Logo
App NameFouad WhatsApp
Size73 MB
Requires Android4.0 and up
License TypeFreeware
Last Updated1 day ago

Updating won’t be hard, as we’ll add a separate article for that in the sophisticated guide of Fouad WhatsApp 10.6 APK. At present, we are providing you with a highly valued and updated version that will remain functional until the official WhatsApp developers release the next update. However, according to the working procedure, the app itself shows you a countdown timing after which your app version can become downgraded, and the time starts with more than 3 weeks.

That’s great as you can get 3 weeks of time to download and install a new updated version of Fouad WhatsApp APK. Currently, you just need to click the above download link, and you’ll get redirected to the download page of the app. There you’ll get a final Download button which after downloading will save the application package file of the app in the Downloads’ folder of your device.

What’s new in v10.6?

Always, whenever the third-party companies develop some new updates for their communities using those applications, they add more additional features than what’s been added by the official apps.

A similar thing works with the WhatsApp Mods. They got a full paged changelog on their app interface that you can access simply through the FM Settings and check what’s new in the latest updated version you just installed of Fouad WhatsApp.

whatsapp changelog v10.6

However, for the current situation, we’re listing some of the most obsessed features added by the Fouad developers in the last updated version of the app, to send you a clue.

Send larger docs and media files: It now allows their users to send the documents and media files of up to 100 MB size per file. It means that now you don’t need to compress the file or decrease its quality using any third-party source before sharing it to your WhatsApp contact.

iOS 2024 Emojis Pack: This one here is the new Emoji pack added in the latest version of Fouad WA with the 2024 iOS Emojis. If you’re an Android user and want the new generation of iOS’s emoticons on your WhatsApp Messenger, just switch to the Fouad version for getting them all for free.

Edit Messages: As per the last update launched by the official WhatsApp community, the new version of Fouad WhatsApp avails you to edit the messages that you sent before. There are a few terms and conditions related to the time interval until you can edit that message to use the feature.

Fixed Crash when Clicking on Community: As we told you before, new updates don’t just give a comeback with the new updates, but they also contain a few bugs fixed reported by the most recent mod users. This time, the crashes you may have seen before while clicking on the Community section got fixed by devs.

Pin Messages in Private Chats: Pinning messages was an option only for a few apps like Telegram and Twitter, but now WhatsApp also has it in the newest updated version. The latest version of Fouad will offer you the ability to pin messages in private chats. However, the feature will soon be there for groups too.

How to Download Fouad WhatsApp?

There is nothing complex in downloading any WhatsApp Mod from our website as we keep our site page, preferences, servers, and interface up to date. Moreover, the convenience that you will get while downloading the app would be sophisticated that your mind will automatically wave you to bookmark this page for the future updates. However, right now, you can follow the below procedure for downloading the Fouad WhatsApp app on your device:

  1. Click the download link kept in just the above Download section.
    download fouad whatsapp apk latest
  2. That link will redirect you to a final download page of the app.
  3. Click the Download button on the final download page.
  4. Allow the permission by clicking the Download button for the app. You can also rename the app while allowing, but it’s not that required.
  5. Wait for the downloading procedure, as it’ll take just enough time as per your internet connection.

How to Install Fouad WhatsApp on Android? (New WhatsApp Account)

After downloading the Fouad WhatsApp APK from the above link using the proper procedure as we listed with the above steps, the final process is app installation. We must not wait anymore and install the app on your Android smartphone, but for the requirement basis, you can reflect to the official WhatsApp requirements. In simple words, if WhatsApp is working properly on your phone, FouadWA would work the same.

Note: Remember, this procedure is only for those who’re using a new WhatsApp account for Fouad WhatsApp and don’t want the last WhatsApp data restored back for this app. If you’re on your same default account to work here in Fouad, you must use the procedure listed in the next section with complete data backup and procedure add-on process. Follow the below steps and install the app:

  1. If you have downloaded the application package file, open the Google Files app on your phone.
    Open Downloads Folder Fouad WhatsApp
  2. Open the Downloads folder from the root folder of Internal Storage.
    Tap on Fouad WhatsApp APK File
  3. Find the Fouad WhatsApp app listed in the download folder.
  4. Click the app icon and hit the Install button.
    Fouad WhatsApp APK Install
  5. You may, will get asked for enabling the third-party installation permission. Enable the access first.
  6. After enabling, come back to the last page and click the Install button once again.
    Fouad WhatsApp APK Installing
  7. After successful installation, launch the app on your smartphone.
  8. Agree to the Terms and Conditions.
    Fouad WhatsApp Agree and Continue
  9. Enter all the important details, including your new WhatsApp Number.
    Fouad WhatsApp Enter your Phone Number
  10. Click the Verify button and enable the permission for reading messages.
    Fouad WhatsApp Allow Permission
  11. Enter the one-time password if it doesn’t get attached automatically.
    Fouad WhatsApp Enter One time Password
  12. Hit the Verify button and allow for permission to contact list of your device.
  13. Skip the Google data backup function, as that doesn’t work for the mods.
    Fouad WhatsApp Skip Google Backup Pop-up
  14. Fix the profile settings by providing your username and profile picture.
    Fouad WhatsApp Add Your Name

Start messaging with Fouad WhatsApp and try astonishing your friends with some most obsessed features available in this application.

Read their messages without letting them know, see statuses without letting them know, as well as read messages what they have deleted for you.

How to Switch from WhatsApp to Fouad WhatsApp with Data? (Old WhatsApp Account)

This method is created for those who want to use Fouad WhatsApp as a default WhatsApp application and sign in their official WhatsApp account in the mod version.

This can be risky as WhatsApp Mods aren’t directly served by the official companies, but the anti-ban scripts won’t let your account get tracked that easily.

So if you’re ready to have it for your default number, let’s start with backing up the data available in the official WhatsApp application:

  1. Open the official WhatsApp Messenger app on your phone, which contains all your data.
    Open Official WhatsApp Messenger
  2. Click the three-dot button listed in the top-right corner of the app.
    Fouad WhatsApp Tap on Three dots
  3. Open the Settings tab from that menu.
  4. Click and open the Chat Settings.
    Fouad WhatsApp Chats
  5. Finally, you’ll get an option to Chat Backup. Click that tab to open the backup panel.
    Fouad WhatsApp Chat Backup
  6. Enable the media backup too by enabling the checkbox at the end of the list.
  7. Click and initiate the Back-Up button.
    Fouad WhatsApp Back Up
  8. After it gets completed successfully, launch the Google Files app on your phone.
    Fouad WhatsApp Google Files App Internal Storage
  9. Open the root folder on the File Manager application and search for the folder named WhatsApp. (If you can’t find it there, the folder maybe on this location: Android > Media > com.whatsapp)
    Copy WhatsApp Folder and Paste to Downloads Folder Fouad
  10. Copy this folder to the Downloads folder in the root location of Storage.
    Moved WhatsApp Folder to Downloads Fouad
  11. Open this Downloads folder and rename the recently copied WhatsApp backup folder to Fouad WhatsApp, including all the subfolders inside this folder. (Example: WhatsApp Images to Fouad WhatsApp Images)
    Rename WhatsApp Folder to Fouad WhatsApp
    Now, you have created the backup successfully and restoring it back is just a task of moments. You are just a few more steps away from having the default account working with the best features availed by Fouad WA. Just these steps and you’re onboard:
  12. Download the APK file from the above download section.
    download fouad whatsapp apk latest
  13. Open the File Manager application and search for the downloaded application package.
    Tap on Fouad WhatsApp APK File
  14. Click the APK file, and you’ll soon get an installation prompt for the same.
    Fouad WhatsApp APK Install
  15. Hit the Install button and wait for the installation procedure completion.
    Fouad WhatsApp APK Installing
  16. Before launching the application, open the Downloads folder in the File Manager app.
    Move Fouad WhatsApp Folder to Internal Storage
  17. Move the recently created backup folder named Fouad WhatsApp to the root storage of your device.
    Fouad WhatsApp Tap on Move here
  18. Launch the Fouad WhatsApp app on your phone and agree the terms and conditions.
    Fouad WhatsApp Agree and Continue
  19. Paste your WhatsApp Number with the region you’ll use WhatsApp from on the screen.
    Fouad WhatsApp Enter your Phone Number
  20. Click the Verify button, and soon you would get approached by permission. Accept it to let the app read the message automatically.
    Fouad WhatsApp Allow Permission
  21. Type the one-time password on the screen if it didn’t get applied automatically.
    Fouad WhatsApp Enter One time Password
  22. Click the Verify button and skip the Google sided backup option.
    Fouad WhatsApp Skip Google Backup Pop-up
  23. You’ll now get prompted by a Restore button if you had correctly backed up as per you were navigated before and covered in that folder.
  24. Finalize everything by typing your username as well as the profile picture.
    Fouad WhatsApp Add Your Name

That was all about the procedure to install Fouad WhatsApp for the default old account and switching with the whole data backup including your important messages and media files.

Wrapping Up

We have already comprised the application package of Fouad WhatsApp APK in one of the top sections of this webpage. Within that, the installation process and the complete information you need to know about the application is all there in the whole above article.

Moreover, we can assure you that the more articles present in this informational guide about this exclusive WhatsApp Mod will clear all your doubts and follow-up all the important procedures for you.

Get started with this new messaging journey by downloading the latest version of FouadWA application and enjoy the sweetest fruits of technology built for the enthusiastic messengers like you. Thanks for giving your time and downloading the app!