WhatsApp Plus v17.85 APK Free (Official) 2024 [Anti-Ban]

People are smart these days because detecting whether other users are logged in on the network is effortless right now. You can check their current online presence and message them in real-time, making this the most popular internet application. But there are also some flaws, where the one is lack of privacy. Do you just call WhatsApp Plus?

Privacy is important while messaging, as you can’t deal with a lack of that, not in any way. Being super anonymous to the network servers while messaging is as significant as having jackets in the winter. WhatsApp is hell low in privacy factors, which makes us find another competitor and that’s what you were calling above WhatsApp Plus APK.

After WhatsApp Messenger, there are some WhatsApp Mod versions that you may have heard about from your friends or siblings. These mod versions are the same as the official app and work properly while being called a messenger app.

But relatively, they are superior to WhatsApp’s official app, and the reason behind that is all the additional tweaks people can do in these versions of WhatsApp.

However, there are both plus points and negative points of using these mod things, and we’re having this below guide to cover everything related to WhatsApp+. Go on freaks!

WhatsApp Plus APK
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What is WhatsApp Plus?

You heard of WhatsApp Messenger before, and you’re obviously using it currently, yeah the one that pinged a moment ago. WhatsApp Plus is a special version of WhatsApp that has more than one Plus.

We ought to clarify it; basically, WhatsApp Plus is the free-modified version of WhatsApp that you can install on your smartphone the same way you installed any other application package.

The difference between this epic version and official WhatsApp is the availability of scripts. Some online scripts make it possible to have an online messaging interface with super cool vibes and some privileges that the common man doesn’t get officially.

There are some plus points in every genre of messaging available, like Privacy, Security, Customization, and Messaging.

It contains more features and plus points than other social software’s premium versions. To be positive on this side, it still uses the perfect official servers and source codes to deliver and get all your online messages.

Your entire messaging is still end-to-end encrypted. It’s still being a negative point, WhatsApp has temporarily banned some WhatsApp Mods, so you’re supposed to use a non-official number first.

WhatsApp Plus Auto Reply Feature

WhatsApp Plus Vs Original WhatsApp Messenger

Still, there is one point that you are thinking about, and that’s the reason for creating this section. What’s the basic difference between WhatsApp Plus and the original WhatsApp Messenger app?

A single basic difference is that some third-party developers developed these mod versions by adding some intrinsic features, but everything is the same among both versions.

However, you’ll find these small intrinsic features word more extended through the below table, congesting all the differences between these two versions.

FeatureWhatsApp PlusWhatsApp
Direct Message
File Sending Limit999 MB100 MB
Themes Store
Forwarding LimitUnlimited Chats5 Chats
Security Lock
Download Status
Status Length255139
Bulk Message
Icon Change
Custom Font
Freeze Last Seen
Hide Blue Ticks
Second Tick
Typing Status
DND Mode
Emoji Variants
Always Online
Hide Media From Gallery
Send Web Images Directly
Multi App Language Support
Send Images in Full Resolution

Top Features

We’ll go ahead step-by-step, and you’ll also see the procedures to have WA Plus installed on your device soon, but one by one.

The first thing we think is important to include here is the top features. There are features and later there are the top features that you need to look priorly before using this app.


WhatsApp Plus Auto Reply

The first feature to keep an eye on before installing the MOD is the auto-replied bot. It’s a simplistic privilege that you can settle and automate your messages while keeping the message, time interval, and reply as the important factors.


WhatsApp Plus Themes

We can’t forget themes, as they rank as #1 in the need for WhatsApp Mods. Mods are really nothing without themes, and WA Plus offers you a massive library of 4000+ built-in themes. You can install and remove any theme anytime. Moreover, you can also create your own themes using unique customizations.

Privacy Options

WhatsApp Plus Privacy Options

We were required to have a plus point in privacy, and WhatsApp+ offers that for free. You can now block your online status, hide typing… mark, hide recording… mark, hide the last seen, and also hide status seen from your contact’s WhatsApp servers using this potent WhatsApp Mod.

Advanced Compatibility

WhatsApp Plus Advanced Compatibility

Incompatibilities can also be marked as the lack of limitations. WhatsApp’s official app comprises a plethora of limitations, where you are limited to forwarding messages, pinning messages, sending media files, and image resolution. There is nothing whatsoever in WhatsApp+ like a limitation.

Download Status

WhatsApp Plus Download Status

Video status and photo status can now be downloaded with a single click. Not just that, but you can also copy the caption statuses if there are any through this modified version so that you won’t have to capture a screenshot of text and diminish its resolution.

Chat Lock

WhatsApp Plus Chat Lock

Chat Lock and WhatsApp Lock, both, are important features to look at in the modified app. You can use them to lock specific chats and the entire WhatsApp interface respectively using the above add-on privileges. No one is going to have their sight on your messages if you’re using the Plus version.

Additional features

After the top features, let’s also keep track of the additional features of WhatsApp Plus. The above ones are not the only features you get, there are way more features waiting for you and listed below one by one to have a convenient understanding of each.

Hide Typing…: The first additional feature you get is to hide the typing… status. Whenever you’re typing, your friend won’t see this status on his phone’s window after enabling this feature.

Hide Online Status: You can hide your online status so that whenever someone visits your profile, they won’t see an Online status even if you’re online or not. It’s one of the privacy-rocketing features of this WhatsApp mod.

DND Mode: DND is a kind of Airplane Mode. Suppose that the WhatsApp+, only app is having an activated DND Mode so that no messages would ping your phone and your contacts would also see a single tick while sending a message, seeming you’re away.

DND Mode WhatsApp Plus

Language Translation: There are hundreds of languages all over the world and unfortunately, the official WhatsApp doesn’t contain any translating option to translate the messages. WA Plus got one feature here named Language Translation where you can long hold a message and translate it into any other language.

Language Translation WhatsApp Plus

Disable Forwarded Tag: When you forward a message, it proceeds with a mark on your contacts profile, i.e., Forwarded. No matter how hard you found this message, the forwarded tag would always be there officially. But Plus WhatsApp allows you to remove this Forwarded tag forever.

Hide View Status: If you’re viewing status on WhatsApp Messenger, your contact can know that you have already seen it, and it is a kind of privacy-lacking thing. Here is WhatsApp+, you can secretly stream any WhatsApp status and the view status won’t be sent until you click that double-click button for that status.

Message Without Saving Number: Facebook allows you to message by just typing a username in the messenger search box, but you can’t do the same thing in WhatsApp. You first need to save the contact in the phone book, and only then you can send a message to that contact. Skip that by using the “Message without saving number” feature of WA Plus.

Message Without Saving Number WhatsApp Plus

Blue Tick after Replying: Are you okay with sending the blue tick or message read report after you reply to them? If that’s what you genuinely want with WhatsApp, WhatsApp+ is offering you this privilege. All you need is to enable it in the privacy and security settings, and later you’re on it.

Custom Header and Footer: WhatsApp’s app interface isn’t officially customizable, and you can’t even get the colorful themes on the official app. But happily, the WhatsApp Plus version allows you to customize the header, footer, and body as well. You can customize the spacing, colors, and styling in moments to make it your own messaging interface. Secret developer vibes!!!

Hide Media From Gallery: WhatsApp Media files are adorable, but at the same time, they can feel like poison when your parents see something confidential or your friend shares something important from there. Don’t believe in luck and save yourself with this feature of modified WhatsApp. Hide the complete WhatsApp media from the gallery in a second by enabling this feature.

Hide Media From Gallery WhatsApp Plus

Send Images At High Resolution: Capturing images and, thereafter, sharing them with a friends group. That’s what we always do after every party and travel trip, but we always love using a platform apart from WhatsApp to share these files. Do you know why? Yeah, that’s because of the image resolution. But from now on, you can send images sized up to 4 MB’s using WhatsApp Plus, which won’t destroy the quality.

Pin Way More Messages: Pinning messages to find and use them rushing was the good thinking of WhatsApp Messenger, but sadly, they only gave us up to three message pinning capabilities. Stop being used to that limitation and download WhatsApp+ as it offers you an option to pin more messages with the same WhatsApp vibes.

Notification and Launcher Icons: Launcher icons are the same icons that you look at while opening the WhatsApp application. The icons there on the app deck and the icons you get notifications with are both different. And you’re going to get over 10 of each colorful icon to make your messaging more exceptional.

Notification and Launcher Icons WhatsApp Plus

Emoticon Variants: If emoticons take your mind away for moments, it’s the same cute emojis that you use on every message with friends, girlfriends, boyfriends, or siblings. There are just a few emoji options in the official WhatsApp app, but the Plus version offers you over 5 different variants, where you can choose from the old iPhone emoji series to the Facebook emoji series.

Emoticon Variants WhatsApp Plus

Font Styles: Fonts also play an important role in messaging. When I first saw my friend’s WhatsApp with cute fonts, I fell in love with them. You will also have, more than 15 font styles while using the WA Plus version. Nailed that!

Font Styles WhatsApp Plus

Forward More Messages: Message forwarding is the most important thing in WhatsApp Messenger, as that’s what keeps our messaging vibes still alive. We love sharing things from one place to another, but still hate the fact that we can only forward messages to up to 3 contacts at a time. Use Plus WhatsApp to get the capability of forwarding messages to more than 100 contacts at a time.

Stylish Tick Styles: Ticks, what you call the blue ticks and double ticks have always been the same in the WhatsApp Messenger app. Being a Converse and elegant app version, WA Plus includes some different tick styles, like Batman, hello kitties, and angry birds with some fabulous kinds of color changing.

Stylish Bubble Styles: Here, we mean by the message bubbles that you get the messages written on. The sphere format message bubbles that you can now alternate using WA Plus at either a rectangular style, Square style, or you can also give your own favorite spacing to them.

Stylish Bubble Styles WhatsApp Plus

Schedule Messages: Scheduling messages is for relief, the messaging, and data remembering relief. You don’t need to remember dates and times anymore, as WhatsApp+ allows you to schedule messages for more than a year. Schedule it, and it’d be sent on the exact date and time you selected before.

Schedule Messages WhatsApp Plus

Anti-Delete Feature: Last and the most important feature of the series is the Anti-Delete. You can also call it a deleted message revoke feature of WhatsApp+, as after enabling it, no one can delete messages for you. If your friend sent a message to the group and suddenly deleted it before you saw it, the mod version will revoke it back for you without letting your friend know.

Download WhatsApp Plus latest version for Android

The potential offered lastly by the diversified social platforms was really outstanding, but nowadays, we need nothing more than WhatsApp modifications to communicate properly and adorably.

We can now love the messaging procedure as WhatsApp Plus makes it a heavenly space using the perfect combination of theme colors, font styles, and app icons.

WhatsApp Plus
App NameWhatsApp Plus
Size72 MB
Requires Android4.0 and up
DeveloperWA Plus
License TypeFreeware
Last Updated1 day ago

The latest version, WhatsApp Plus v17.85 is good at everything, then either if it’s messaging, customization, privacy, or other features.

You’re getting a gateway to influence online instant messaging, and all these features are 100% open source.

This version allows you to chat without any consequences as WhatsApp requires the servers and source codes to be updated for working properly, and you’re already getting the latest update.

So, click the below link and download it instantly to your phone’s internal storage.

What’s New in v17.85?

Every new updated version includes some new changes, including the newly added features, enabled tweaks, and fixed bugs.

Similarly, WhatsApp Plus also contains tremendous new features, and we’ve listed them all below one by one.

GBWhatsApp Pro APK v17.80 Changelog

Video Tutorial

Installation Process

It’s time to intensify our messaging platform or boycott the official one and get through the magical WhatsApp version, i.e., WhatsApp Plus.

We’re here to install the app on an Android phone using the default installation method. But before going through it, you can also read the below-sectioned steps to switch from WhatsApp to WhatsApp Plus.

The switching section will help you to switch to the mod with all your recent WhatsApp messages and media files.

If you want to verify a second number account with WhatsApp+, you can go violently through the below procedure.

  1. Click the above link and download the application package.
  2. After downloading the package, open the File Manager and Locate the APK file.
    Locate WhatsApp Plus APK
  3. Click the APK file once.
  4. You will now see a quickly generated installation window. Click the Install button.
    Install WhatsApp Plus APK
  5. Wait for a few seconds until the installation procedure gets completed.
    Open WhatsApp Plus
    Finally, you’ve installed WhatsApp Plus app, which makes the next approach to verification. After installation, you need to verify your WhatsApp number using the one-time password and authentication code if you secured it using two-factor authentication. Follow the below procedure to verify your account:
  6. Open the WhatsApp+ app and click Agree and Continue button.
    Agree and Continue WhatsApp Plus
  7. Select your region and write down your WhatsApp mobile number in the window.
    Select your Region and Number WhatsApp Plus
  8. Click the Verify button placed below the number window.
  9. Allow for all the next asked permissions for reading messages.
    Allow Permissions WhatsApp Plus
  10. Enter the one-time password you got on the number you inscribed.
    One-time Password WhatsApp Plus
  11. Click the Verify button and wait for a while.
  12. Again, allow the permissions asked for contacts and internet access.
    Contacts and Internet Access WhatsApp Plus
  13. Click Skip to the Google Backup, as you can’t use that feature while using any WhatsApp mod.
    Tap Skip WhatsApp Plus
  14. Enter your name and add the profile picture if you want to add one.
    Enter your Name WhatsApp Plus

Tap on the Okay button, and now you’re ready with the WhatsApp Plus app installed on your smartphone.

There is nothing that can now stop you from using all the features we listed above, as well as all the newly added features to the most recent version of WhatsApp+.

How to Update WhatsApp Plus to Latest Version?

You can call it a disclaimer, but it’s important to know that WhatsApp Mods can’t survive without updates. WhatsApp’s official app constantly changes some source codes and resources to track down the WhatsApp mods, and that’s why the developers also develop newly encoded versions, free from bugs and with newly added features.

Always follow the below procedure for getting, installing, and using the newest version of WhatsApp Plus, and keep your account always safe:

  1. Firstly, open the WhatsApp+ app on your phone, as it’s important to check whether you’re using an updated version or not.
  2. Afterward, click the top-right corner Three-dot button.
    Tap Three-dot WhatsApp Plus
  3. Click and open the Settings tab from that menu.
    Open Settings WhatsApp Plus
  4. Click the Help button on the settings menu.
    Tap on Help WhatsApp Plus
  5. Open the App Info page and note down the app version somewhere.
    App Info WhatsApp Plus
  6. Now, click this link, bookmark it, and write it on any Notes app as that’s the place where you’ll always find the most recent version of WA Plus.
  7. After clicking the link, you’ll get redirected to the official download page.
  8. Check the version and if it’s an upgraded version of what you wrote down before, click the Download button on this official page.
    Check WhatsApp Plus Version
  9. Install the updated WhatsApp Plus version using the above installation procedure.

That’s it! You have successfully upgraded your WhatsApp+ app’s version, and you can now use the app flawlessly.

Is WhatsApp Plus APK Safe to Install on Android Phone?

WhatsApp Plus is unquestionably a modified version or third-party version of WhatsApp, but it’s absolutely safe, and we have tried it on various differently configured smartphones.

There is a doubt rising in thousands of minds about the WhatsApp Plus being a third party modified version, and we have also heard a lot about the account ban issues people have seen before for using WhatsApp mods.

We have mentioned many times that it is an anti-ban version, and there are millions of users dependent on it for their daily messaging. So it won’t get banned that easily.

Still, if you don’t feel lucky enough, you can use your second number or a non-required WhatsApp account in this WhatsApp Mod so that you’ll get fun of the features as well as you’re safe from the account ban.

Is WhatsApp Plus Available for iOS Phones?

We’re living in the current moment and this moment of WhatsApp Plus isn’t for iOS smartphones or what you call iPhones.

You cannot use this app on any iPhone or iPad, as WhatsApp+ is currently created as an APK version, compatible only with Android phones running on Android 4.4 or above.

Except for this Android version, there is no need for superuser privileges, root access, or any tweak to use WA Plus on Android.

You can enjoy hours of chatting without root access or any larger procedures, and that’s the power of using WhatsApp+ in place of other modifications.

Method of Switching from WhatsApp to WhatsApp Plus

There is a difference between using WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus, and it’s not like always you can just uninstall the WhatsApp app and install this modified WhatsApp, attaching your Google account for the backup.

Google Backup isn’t an option here, and Google support also mentioned that the backups saved in the Backup section of Google Drive are only for certain apps. The permissions are for those only apps, no third-party versions.

But you don’t need to have a bad face here, as we’ll show you a simple method of switching from WhatsApp to WhatsApp+ with all your recent chats and media files.

Step 1: Backup Data from WhatsApp Messenger

The below procedure is the first step of transferring data, and it includes the data backing up. You first need to back up all the WhatsApp data, and it’ll be the same as what you did before in the case of the Google Drive backup.

Basically, Google Drive backup also creates a backup in File Manager that we can later use for WhatsApp Plus.

  1. Open the WhatsApp app on your device and click the Three-dot menu icon.
  2. Click and open the Settings section from that last menu.
    WhatsApp Messenger WhatsApp Plus
  3. Open the Chats section and there you’d see a menu like below.
    Chats WhatsApp Plus
  4. Scroll down and click the Chat Backup button to open the backup window.
    Chat Backup WhatsApp Plus
  5. Get to the end of the page and tick the checkbox if you want to back up media files too.
    Back Up WhatsApp Plus
  6. Good to go! Click the green Back Up button and the process will get started.
  7. After a little wait, you’ll get that backup stored in the File Manager app.

Step 2: Renaming the Folder or Create WhatsApp Plus Backup

You have created the perfect backup of WhatsApp Messenger, but how can WhatsApp’s data backup work on the WhatsApp Plus app?

We need to basically rename backup folders as WhatsApp Plus backup folders, and that’s the easiest thing you’ve done. Just follow along with the below steps:

  1. Open the File Manager app on your device.
    File Manager app WhatsApp Plus
  2. Get to the root folder of Internal Storage and search for the recent backup folder, WhatsApp. (If it’s not there in the root folder, navigate to Internal Storage > Android > Media > com.whatsapp folder.)
    WhatsApp Folder WhatsApp Plus
  3. After finding the WhatsApp folder, move it to the Downloads folder.
    Move WhatsApp folder to Downloads folder WhatsApp Plus
  4. Now, open the Downloads folder and rename the WhatsApp folder to WhatsApp Plus.
    Rename WhatsApp folder to WhatsApp Plus
  5. Accordingly, rename all the internal folders, as in this example.
    WhatsApp Images → WhatsApp Plus Images
    WhatsApp Documents → WhatsApp Plus Documents
  6. Rename all the subfolders and lastly uninstall the WhatsApp official app from your phone.
    Uninstall official WhatsApp app WhatsApp Plus

Step 3: Restoring the Backup to WhatsApp Plus

Let’s end this story with the final step of switching to WhatsApp Plus. You exactly know what to do now, don’t you? We’re finally required to restore the backup we recently created to our final app, i.e., WA Plus. That won’t be a big procedure, and starting from the first step below:

  1. Download and Install the WhatsApp+ app on your device.
    Install WhatsApp Plus APK Open WhatsApp Plus
  2. Don’t run the app right now. Click and open the File Manager where we created that backup.
    Open File Manager WhatsApp Plus
  3. Open the Downloads folder and copy this WhatsApp Plus folder to the Root folder.
    Copy WhatsApp Plus folder to Root folder
  4. After doing so, finally, run the WhatsApp Plus app.
    Open WhatsApp Plus App
  5. Tap on the Agree and Continue button. (Note: We aren’t supposed here to click the Restore button as we created the backup in a different way, and it’ll automatically ping to restore at the end.)
    Agree and Continue WhatsApp Plus
  6. Enter your Region, and WhatsApp Number, and click the Verify button.
    Select your Region and Number WhatsApp Plus
  7. Agree on all the required terms and conditions.
    Allow Permissions WhatsApp Plus
  8. Enter the one-time passcode for completing the in-app verification.
    One-time Password WhatsApp Plus
  9. Skip the Google Drive backup.
    Tap Skip WhatsApp Plus
  10. After finding a little bit, the WhatsApp Plus app would automatically show you the backup file to restore.
  11. Click the Restore button at the end and wait for your data to get restored.

After a few minutes of waiting, you can enter your name and add a profile picture to start messaging with WhatsApp+ and you’ll also have all those messages and media files that you have seen last on WhatsApp Messenger here the same way.

Can I have WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus Installed at the Same time on Android?

There are a few WhatsApp Mods that you can use simultaneously when the WhatsApp Messenger app is installed on your phone, but harshly, WhatsApp Plus isn’t one of them.

It is one of the few apps that can’t work or get installed until a different version of WhatsApp, either official or modified, is already installed on your device.

So, if you’re in the belief of having two WhatsApp accounts on the same smartphone and choosing WA Plus for that, halt going ahead.

You can try GBWhatsApp Pro elsewhere, as we created a proper guide for that app too. But WhatsApp+ isn’t a proper mix to have two WhatsApp accounts installed on the same Android smartphone.


WhatsApp Plus Infographics New


Which WhatsApp Plus Version is best among all?

There were tremendous WhatsApp+ versions before, where we had AlexMods creation, Fouad Mod’s creation, and the official developer. But when we talk at present, there is just a single WhatsApp with the latest version, WhatsApp Plus APK. You can download it from the above link and install it fast on your device.

How many WhatsApp Mods can I install and use on a single smartphone?

It matters which WhatsApp Mod version you’re using. If the one you’re using is WhatsApp Plus, you can’t install any other WhatsApp Mod, not even the official WhatsApp version with the base WhatsApp+ app. Still, there are some mods like GBWhatsApp Pro that allow you to have WhatsApp official and other mods installed together.

Can I install WhatsApp Plus on my iPhone?

WhatsApp Plus and all other WhatsApp Mods are only designed for Android smartphones, and there are no other operating systems you can use in place of Android to access these mods. So, we’re sorry about that, but you can’t install WA Plus on your iPhone.

Can I use WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus on the same smartphone?

Absolutely No! You can try, but WhatsApp Plus won’t get installed on your phone until the official WhatsApp Messenger is already installed there. Basically, WA Plus works on the official codes and as you can’t have two WhatsApp installed from the Play Store, you can’t have any other WhatsApp version with WhatsApp Plus installed together on the same smartphone.

Can I use the same WhatsApp number in WhatsApp Plus?

It’s one of the terms or rules of WhatsApp that you can’t use the same number on two different or even the same WhatsApp versions. No matter if you’re using a clone of WhatsApp or WhatsApp Plus, you need two different WhatsApp numbers to work on two different app instances.

Is it possible to have two instances of WhatsApp Plus using the cloner app?

If your phone supports cloning, you can have two instances of the WhatsApp Plus app running together. Elsewhere, you can use Parallel Space, a kind of cloner app, to clone WhatsApp+. Yes, you can have two instances on the same device, but no two different versions if one is WA Plus.

Is WhatsApp Plus available on iOS?

WhatsApp Plus isn’t available on iOS smartphones. If you want to have all its features lined up in the same momentum, you just need an Android smartphone. The software you’re getting here is an APK version, supported only with Android.

Why is WhatsApp Plus better than other WhatsApp Mods?

WhatsApp Plus is a renowned name among WhatsApp Mods, and it’s the one that uses the exact WhatsApp codes to run properly. That’s why you can’t have WhatsApp and WA Plus installed together on your phone, and that’s why it’s a kind of official WhatsApp Mod, better than other mods.

How to change themes on WhatsApp Plus?

Customizing the WhatsApp Plus interface becomes easier with the themes, and you can change them superficially. All you need is to enter the Three-dot Menu > Plus Settings > Themes > Download Themes section, and you’d see thousands of themes listed there. Just click the Install button for any theme and wait for installation.

Why is WhatsApp Plus not found on Google Play Store?

While knowing WhatsApp Plus and all its additional features, you also need to understand that WA Plus is a modified app version developed by third-party developers. According to some of Google’s terms and conditions based on the Play Store, you can’t upload a different or modified version of an official app using no way.

Can I skip Google Play verification when installing WhatsApp Plus?

Google Play verification won’t be a problem when installing the WhatsApp Plus version. Still, if your smartphone includes an iPhone security, you can simply disable Google Play Verification using the below steps:

1. Open the Google Play Store app on your phone.
Google Play Store Profile WhatsApp Plus
2. Tap your profile button and open the Google Play Protect tab from there.
3. Now, tap on the top-right Settings button.
Google Play Protect Gear Icon WhatsApp Plus
4. Disable Google Play Protect and try Installing WhatsApp+ once again.
Disable Google Play Protect WhatsApp Plus

Now, you won’t get into any trouble while installing it or any other third-party app. Later, you can also enable it for security.

Will I be banned from using WhatsApp Plus?

We won’t lie, and you can get banned for using WhatsApp Plus. Nevertheless, it’s a 1/1000 probability or 0.01% chance that you can get banned using modified WhatsApp as it’s a prominent-altered version serving for years and still running without being banned. Yet, for your account security, you can try using a second WhatsApp account in WhatsApp+.

Can I secure a specific chat in WhatsApp Plus, except for the whole interface?

Yes, you can secure both specific chats and the whole app interface if you have WhatsApp Plus installed on your phone. If you want to secure a particular chat, you can follow the below steps:

1. First, open the app.
2. Open the particular chat that you need to secure.
Open Particular Chat WhatsApp Plus
3. Tap on the Three-dot button in the top-right corner of the chat page.
Chat Three-dot WhatsApp Plus
4. Hit the Lock chat button and choose among security types like PIN, Pattern, or Fingerprint.
Lock Chat WhatsApp Plus Choose Lock WhatsApp Plus

How to Restore the WhatsApp Backup on WhatsApp Plus?

Old data is important while switching, but it’s a little tricky procedure as Google Drive backup doesn’t work on WhatsApp Mods. In this case, you first need to make a chat backup by going through the Three-dot Menu > Settings > Chats > Chat Backup and press the Backup button in official WhatsApp.

Chats WhatsApp Plus Chat Backup WhatsApp Plus Back Up WhatsApp Plus

Later, you need to go through the File Manager app and rename the WhatsApp folder to WhatsApp Plus within all the subfolders. If you are keen to learn this procedure thoroughly, you can go through the above switching section.

Is WhatsApp Plus developed by the WhatsApp Company?

WhatsApp Plus is a third-party WhatsApp version and not backed by the official WhatsApp company. Moreover, WhatsApp company also said in enormous places that they aren’t supporting or backing these mods, and they can get banned anytime.

Can I download WhatsApp Plus on Windows PC?

If you want to download WhatsApp Plus on a Windows-based PC, you first need to install BlueStacks or any other Android emulator on your PC. WhatsApp+ is an Android app that can either work on an Android phone or an Android emulator. Except that, there is no OS on this planet to support it.


WhatsApp Plus is a trend-friendly WhatsApp version, and it’ll help you with every prospect of messaging. Either if it’s the customization side, privacy side, or security side.

There is almost no dissatisfaction people ever admired related to this version, and the above guide would make you completely educated about the app as well as its procedures.

There aren’t many procedures, but the important ones like installation, switching, and downloading. Besides, if you want some other important procedures that you got a query for, you can check our website’s guides section where you’ll see all the important articles, including the updating procedure, Backup and Restoring procedure, and uninstallation procedure. Hats off!

WhatsApp Plus (Official) APK

WhatsApp Plus is a great modification of the core WhatsApp features. This MOD provides more customization options and security settings.

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: Android 4.0

Application Category: Communication

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