Top 10 Best WhatsApp MODs For Android 2024 [Ban Proof]

The last decade of messaging was greatly fascinating as we got more than ten different competitors to the best messaging app, WhatsApp.

But nothing was more fantastic than the developers who contributed hundreds of WhatsApp Mods for making the messaging and media sharing part more convenient through WhatsApp.

A larger number of available options complicates it to find a gem, and most of them contain no Anti-Ban scripts, stealing most of your data.

Be safe from those WhatsApp Mods and don’t use any mod apart from the below list as they are the ban proof WhatsApp Mods for Android with no bugs and errors.

Best WhatsApp Mods For Android

Below, we have listed the best WA Mods available for Android devices. You can get information about each Mod along with the Download link.

1. WhatsApp Plus


WhatsApp Plus

Rafalete was the first WhatsApp Mod developer to use the anti-ban scripts with all the features belonging to get beyond the limitations settled by official WhatsApp.

He developed WhatsApp Plus in 2014, just a few years after the official WhatsApp got launched, and added the most fabulous themes to keep you away from the official dull interface even as of now the way it was in 2011.

Among all the WhatsApp Mods, this would be the safest and most futuristic version.

2. GBWhatsApp Pro


GBWhatsApp Pro

GBWhatsApp Pro is said to be the more advanced version of the GBWhatsApp, but it’s the same except for having the anti-ban scripts and a few additional scripts to keep you safe from the radar.

Basically, the last version by Atnfas Hoak, GBWhatsApp got no anti-ban scripts, and that banned so many WhatsApp accounts since WhatsApp launched, the newer terms and conditions.

Presently, you can download the ban proof GB WhatsApp Pro for more features.

3. OGWhatsApp Pro

OGWhatsApp Pro Logo

Among the most generic and the first few banned WhatsApp Mods, OGWhatsApp Pro is also a big name on the internet.

Although these WhatsApp Mods are all the same when you look for the features, disadvantages, and resources, still there are a few options that sound different.

OGWhatsApp Pro is a container of all those customization features which can let you change colors, paddings, heights, and overall personalize the app for a better user experience.

4. FMWhatsApp

FMWhatsApp Logo

FMWhatsApp is the creation of Fouad Mods, which is currently the most powerful WhatsApp Mod developer community. It’s also covering the Fouad SC, Fouad Telegram, and nowadays, even the YoWhatsApp is being handled by the Fouad Mods since the developer got out of the game.

Although, FMWhatsApp has quite amazing privacy features that take you away from the online presence according to your contacts and also no one knows if you see their statuses.

5. YoWhatsApp

YoWhatsApp Logo

YoWhatsApp is also a better WhatsApp Mod, being a ban proof mod with the biggest theme library known as YoThemes.

It’s been heard that even most of the WhatsApp Mods use its theme library on their interface for having more than 4,000 themes.

You will also get a few themes that can customize the app’s interface, to look the same as Telegram and Instagram. All you need is to have a proper walkthrough on this app’s theme list and use the most rated ones.

6. WhatsApp Aero

WhatsApp Aero Logo

WhatsApp Aero isn’t a WhatsApp Mod with an aeroplane inside it, but it was named after having the futuristic front app interface that doesn’t even let the traffic think about using any other theme.

The feature list of WhatsApp Aero would seem a little aeronautical for suggesting its name, as they are listed in a different manner than the other mods.

It also has got all the features as the other mods, but the difference that we loved the most was the prior interface.

7. JTWhatsApp

JTWhatsApp Logo

Among the WhatsApp Mods that developed after most of the masterpieces, or we can call the mods that developed between 2018 and 2020, JTWhatsApp is the one which got the most downloads, even after being a newbie.

This WhatsApp Mod allows you to hide media from the gallery like all other mods, and there are also the features to automate and schedule WhatsApp Messages.

Apart from that, it’s good with the privacy features to beat the official app in moments.

8. Blue WhatsApp Plus

Blue WhatsApp Plus Logo

Blue WhatsApp Plus is known as the next version of WhatsApp Plus, although developed by other developers.

It’s a version that’d allow you to use it as a second WhatsApp account or second application. Basically, the last WhatsApp Plus had this demerit, having the same package name as the official app.

In exception, Blue WhatsApp Plus can be installed even when the official WhatsApp is already installed on your phone. That’s the fabulousness of this mod.

9. Fouad WhatsApp

Fouad WhatsApp Logo

You must have understood by the name itself that it’s a development of Fouad Mods. Yeah, it’s the second version after their FMWhatsApp got tremendous heights and the largest number of downloads to get, among the top 3 WhatsApp Mods.

Fouad WhatsApp would also be in the list of top 10 mods, including the Anti-Ban scripts and being free from those temporary or permanent WhatsApp account bans. If you want to use the features and be safe, you must have a try!

10. NSWhatsApp 3D

NSWhatsApp 3D Logo

Ending the list with the NSWhatsApp 3D as the 10th best WhatsApp Mod having the working anti-ban scripts in it.

It’s again a safe WhatsApp Mod to have the best privacy features with a few important security measures such as WhatsApp Lock to have an additional layer of security while messaging.

The 3D in the name is just for it to look unique, as it has some astonishing font styles and emoji styles in the list of universal resources.


Using WhatsApp Mods in place of the official WhatsApp Messenger app can be the best way of online messaging, as there are some features that are good enough to be there.

Actually, the official app can’t have an immense kind of interface, for having a brand look and being known to the fans.

In that case, those who want to have a beautiful interface and some additional features, they can use the modified versions.

But simultaneously, it won’t be good using any modified version you get on the internet, as you don’t know how adversely it can affect your account.

Choose one which is ban-proof like all the above listed WhatsApp Mods and enjoy while being safe.