How to Add Stickers in WhatsApp Plus? [Updated Method]

If you’re active from recent few updates, we updated an article about a sophisticated android app that works as an add-on application to WhatsApp Plus Mod, named Stickers Plus APK.

This app is fluently supposed to work on the WhatsApp stickers. You can download and install the WhatsApp stickers simplistically and instantaneously using this application’s superpowers.

However, the only hard part we skipped in the last article was about installing stickers. If you didn’t read that article, you can click here and get redirected to it, including the download link and installation steps of Stickers Plus APK.

After installing the app, the final thing you ought to do is to download and install stickers to the WhatsApp Plus app. As we told you above, Stickers Plus APK is a convenient app, it won’t make you suffer, not even a little.

This generous application doesn’t need you to explore the whole internet, download stickers pack and install them later to any hidden folders. Everything is based on the application, and all these tasks are what you need to let on them.

All you require is to have an online internet connection on your device for downloading stickers pack and the below step-by-step guidance to install the downloaded stickers to the WhatsApp Plus page.

What are Stickers in WhatsApp Plus?

Stickers are the most beautiful resources in the WhatsApp Plus application. There are so many privileges of using them in place of GIFs and emoticons, and the best reason is the sharing speed.

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Stickers don’t buffer while being transferred to any WhatsApp contact. The moment you just click any sticker, it gets transferred to your contact’s WhatsApp, unlike the GIFs or Web Images that sounds buffering both the sides.

Except for that, there are various privileges of sending Stickers, where one of them is the quantity. There are hundreds of thousands of stickers pack yet developed by artists and nowadays, people are also making their own stickers using the brother app Stickers Plus Maker APK. Stickers in WhatsApp Plus let you send emotion-rich messages like Hi, Thanks, Hearted Sorry, or a salute.

If you get bored with the only stickers you have installed in your phone’s WhatsApp application, then you can increase them in numbers right now using the Stickers Plus APK.

But you should remember that this app only works for installing stickers in the WhatsApp Plus APK and such WhatsApp Mods. No official app is compatible to use this add-on application on its premises.

Using Stickers Plus APK to Add Stickers in WhatsApp Plus

The only thing we didn’t include in our last article was about using the Stickers Plus APK and installing the stickers in WhatsApp Plus. And that’s what we’re adding in this article as only information.

This won’t let you get disappointed and show you the 100% procedure so that you will get the whole information in a single page. Just do as mentioned below and get on with stickers.

  1. If you haven’t downloaded and installed Stickers Plus APK yet, do it first, use this link.
  2. When you have got the app already downloaded, run it from the app menu.
    Open Stickers Plus App
  3. After running the app, you will find a list of stickers packs with different names, like Abrownie, Adventure Time, and Aphrodite.
    Add Sticker using Stickers Plus App
  4. You can click the name of any sticker pack to see all the stickers present in it.
  5. After looking for your desired sticker pack, you can click the ADD TO WHATSAPP PLUS icon at the bottom or right after the sticker pack.
    Add Sticker to WhatsApp Plus Final Add Sticker to WhatsApp Plus
  6. Thereafter, you will get prompted by a message asking to add the sticker pack. Click the Add button, and you’re all done with Stickers Plus APK.
    Stickers has been added to WhatsApp Plus App
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That’s all about the process. Now you have a 60 megabyte sized android app including more than 100 stickers pack stored. The best part is that you can download and install any stickers pack anytime on your device without long hassles.

Deploy this software in your daily messaging and make it look more professional and speedier with the fastest sticker sharing.

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