YoWhatsApp v10.6 APK Download (Official) 2024 [Anti-Ban]

For those who are looking for a better way to manage their WhatsApp messages, they may want to consider downloading YoWhatsApp APK.

This app is known for its ability to provide users with Anti-Ban functionality, which can help keep their accounts safe from being banned by WhatsApp. In addition, the app also offers many other features that can be useful for those looking to get the most out of their WhatsApp experience.

Psychologically, we are all moving toward instant communication, but we had no idea it could be that straightforward until we discovered WhatsApp. Before instant messaging, which gave us similar immediate communication skills at our disposal, there was no such expansion. However, WhatsApp still has some drawbacks, such as the lack of UI customizations that we can find in YoWA.

Hey messaging geeks, you’re about to blow your mind with the most popular WhatsApp version, which we call Yo WhatsApp. Still, people who have used other WhatsApp mods like GB WhatsApp Pro, FMWhatsApp, Fouad WhatsApp, and WhatsApp Plus won’t be overly surprised by this one because it has many of the same features.

We aren’t saying that Yo WA is exactly like these WhatsApp Mods, even though YoThemes is one of the top donors to the theme collection. Additional wacky materials and customization options are the ones that give it a unique identity.

The below guide and our complete website would help you at its best to make you comprehend the YO app briefly with all its tactics.

YoWhatsApp APK Download
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What is YoWhatsApp?

When your friend calls you, “Yo buddy wassup!” That YO sounds extremely friendly, funky, and entertaining, and the only reason why friends use that slang. The app we’re discussing today, YoWhatsApp can be called a friendly or funky version of WhatsApp with some coolest deeds you ever enjoyed between chatting. The funkiest level of chatting is about to get revealed.

Well, the reason behind this name realistically was a little different as it was developed by Israeli developer Yousef Al Basha, and as his first name, he tried to use Yo with WhatsApp. Whenever you’d find or explore Yo WhatsApp on the internet, you’d also glimpse the name YoWA in place of this Mod, which is the abbreviation of the Mod.

Let’s get away from the history, YoWA was developed soon after WhatsApp Plus and GBWhatsApp. Before time, when these coolest WhatsApp Mods were created, they didn’t contain such a large variety of themes, but YO WA was developed with an absolute theme library called YoThemes. Moreover, it’s also said that hundreds of WhatsApp Mods use this library to extract astonishing themes.

That’s the way of this Mod, which makes it the funkiest modification of WhatsApp. Moreover, it’s one of the most loved privacy-rich WhatsApp versions, as after downloading it, you’d find some exclusive privacy features to hide your overall WhatsApp existence while being online, typing a message, recording a video, seeing a status, or even reading a message. Isn’t that exceptional?

emoji reactions feature

Features of YoWhatsApp

Dropping all the features at an exact location would mix some of the most inherent features of Yo WhatsApp to hide in between. For that reason, onwards, we’re delivering all the topmost features below.



You won’t believe, but 99% of Mod users are using WhatsApp Mods only for the preset themes. Inherently, YOWA worked hard on that and created a YoThemes library with thousands of free themes.

No Limitations

No Limitations

Are limitations stopping you from chatting? Say NO to them using YO apps capability of enhancing forwarding limit, image sharing limit, video quality cap, and pinned contacts.

Advanced Privacy

Advanced Privacy

Privacy is what everyone believes in WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption. But what if you also need privacy from the contact you’re messaging? Use YoWA to hide blue ticks, double ticks, online status, and all such statuses.

Download Status

Download Status

Don’t you love copying the status of your friends? But you also feel annoyed to always asking them for their status videos. Don’t worry, as it includes a status downloading capability for downloading videos, photos, and even captions.

Advanced Security

Advanced Security

App Lock only can’t let your WhatsApp account, chats, and groups be secret or hidden. You need an advanced layer of security offered by WhatsApp YO, including PIN, Password locking, chat hiding, and many more options.

Funky Resources

Funky Resources

By the funky resources, we’re talking about the WhatsApp emojis, stickers, notification icons, and launcher icons. There are several exceptional options to choose within.

Additional Features

As we told you above that we only provided you a detailed version of the additional features, and yet there are numerous additional features available with the YoWhatsApp that you’re about to glance at below.

Send Messages without Saving Number: From now on, people using YOWA won’t need to save a contact on their phone book for sending them a WhatsApp message, media, doc, or anything. There is an option in the three-dot bar to send a message without saving a number. Just inscribe the number there and glimpse magic!
YoWhatsApp Send Messages without Saving Number

Overall Customization: The customization side of WhatsApp YO won’t disappoint you as you aren’t only getting access to the theme presets, but also, you’re about to have a completely customizable WhatsApp. It’d allow you to design any header, chat screen, name banner, or anything on the interface as you want.
YoWhatsApp Customizations

Disable Forwarded Mark: Forwarding a message, but want to make it all yours in front of your friends? Yo WA allows you to disable the forwarded mark with just a single click. Enable this feature from universal settings and enjoy forwarding without a mark.

Hide Blue Ticks: Someone irritating you by messaging, but you got in a hard need of something important from that chat? That happens every time, but we always get scared of reading their messages and sending blue ticks. YOWA conversely allows you to hide blue ticks and be super private.

Hide Double Ticks: How can you be online and get message delivery but don’t read it at the time? We all get this query from our contacts, friends, and clients while ignoring non-important messages. Here, the YoWA also allows you to hide double ticks so that you’d get message delivery, but your contact would still not get any status about that.

Hide Online Status: Having so many friends and giving time to each of them becomes hard when all can see that we’re online on WhatsApp. But it’s simple with WhatsApp YO as you can hide your online status here and no one would ever know that you’re online chatting with someone. Try this right now!

Always Online: Converse to the above feature, if you’re a big business and don’t want your client to wait for so long or ignore messaging you, you can show them always online status using the mod. The app provides you with the Always Online option to be always online for contacts.

Automate Messaging: Take a step ahead towards automation and automate your overall messaging today with the YoWA. It won’t go that hard as you just need to choose the message type and message text to which you want to reply automatically and create a message to reply to them.
YoWhatsApp Automate Messaging

Schedule Messaging: Woah, it’s my friend’s birthday, but I again forgot to wish him in the morning! Why’re you getting annoyed with forgetting, it’s the real psychology that people forget. You need YoWA APK which offers you message scheduling to schedule messages for any date and time to not forget it at the most important time.
YoWhatsApp Schedule Messaging

Leave Groups Secretly: Want to leave a WhatsApp group, but got scared that some of your friends would get a really strange feeling? Don’t worry, as the app allows you to leave groups secretly. In that way, you’d leave a group without even letting anyone know about that. Sounds smooth, eh?

Remove Other People’s Messages from Groups (Only Admin): Now that’s a new thing WhatsApp recently launched for the group admins, and you’d also get this on the Yo Mod. Yeah, you can now delete any group member’s message by clicking Delete for everyone on that particular message. Maybe you don’t know about it. Have a try then!

Go To First Message: Every day chatting makes our WhatsApp messaging logs damn heavier. We can’t get to the first message, even after spending an entire year of scrolling down the screen. But FouadYOWA offers you a button on the three-dot option of the chat to get at the first text instantaneously.
YoWhatsApp Go To First Message

Translate Message Language: Got Russian, Spanish, English, or any different country clients message you on groups or profiles? Understand superficially what they want to ask from you using the message translator add-on offered inside the YO Mod. It offers you more than 50 different languages to translate the message.

Custom Background Colors On Text Status: Caption status is the most recent type of WhatsApp status if we’d count it from the initialization of the status feature. And as time went away, people started getting bored with the same solid color backgrounds on the text statuses. However, the YOWA allows you to choose custom color backgrounds that aren’t available officially.
YoWhatsApp Custom Background Colors On Text Status

Search Web For Images: We get vibes so frequently and instantly about some memes after getting similar messages from our friends. Either if it’s a meme or an important resource, this WhatsApp Mod includes a search web for images, where you can instantly search and send images from that web tab on the messaging window.

FM Themes Support: The FM WhatsApp company has finally adopted the YOWA version and included the FMThemes within the app version. So, you won’t just get YoThemes, but also a different theme library again, including thousands of themes named FMThemes.
YoWhatsApp Themes Support

Copy Caption: We already told you above that caption statuses are the new type of statuses developed by the WhatsApp techie developers, where you can create simple text into status with bold colors. YoWA surprisingly offers you the capability to copy the caption status of your contact. So that you won’t need to take screenshots and decrease the quality of the text.

DND Mode: Do Not Disturb mode is the most important module required on the official WhatsApp, but they still didn’t update any such privilege. Until or unless you get it officially, YO mod allows you to enable a DND mode and stop getting pings or notifications, or even double-ticked messages for the exact while you want.
YoWhatsApp DND Mode

Hide Chats: You can now hide chats on WhatsApp to take a step toward chat privacy and security. Suppose there are some chats on your WhatsApp window that you want to keep super-secret from your friends and family members, just hide them using the privileged app interface.

Secure Particular Chats: App Lock is good until someone doesn’t know about the pattern or pin. WhatsApp’s lock is also good, but again the condition works exceptionally same. You need one more firewall, which is offered freely by YOWA. Yeah, you can now secure any particular chat with a different password than the others to advance security to an astounding level.

Download YoWhatsApp APK

YoWhatsApp Logo
App NameYoWhatsApp
Size73 MB
Requires Android4.0 and up
License TypeFreeware
Last Updated1 day ago

Time to forget everything about the old official WhatsApp version and get rebranded with a new flossy experience of YoWA. If you feel bored asleep while using the official WhatsApp, this version would make you affectionate with online chatting, as it includes a blossom of features you may never have used before with a fully customizable user interface.

This section would be completely based on downloading the most recent or the latest APK. There are so many websites out there on the internet carrying the old versions which don’t support the current WhatsApp tactics, but we’re offering you the Yo WhatsApp 10.6, the most recent update by Fouad Apps (http://gbwhatsapps.io).

The above button would redirect you to the official download page, and from there, you can click the Download button to get the latest YOWA APK on your smartphone.

Later, you just need to make a full installation procedure as shown below, and a data backup/restoring procedure for taking all your old official WhatsApp data back to the YO App. Happy journey!

What’s New in v10.6

Every new version includes some astonishing new tactics and privileged access to WhatsApp. As the last version, 10.5 added show notification for blocked calls, admin indicator in groups, custom text color on caption status, and many more, the 10.6 version also brought the most prestigious features for you as shown below:

whatsapp changelog v10.6

Note: As you see all the changes and new features listed above, you can also open the Changelog to know all the newest add-on features, fixed ones, misc ones, and Exclusive ones on the app interface itself.

Video Tutorial

How to Install YoWhatsApp APK on Android Smartphone

Let’s now get towards the procedure of making the way to the new WhatsApp interface. In simple words, we’re mentioning below the procedure for installing YoWhatsApp on any Android smartphone.

Wait, we’re dividing this procedure into two different Steps, where one would represent the data backing up procedure so that you won’t lose any of your important data, and the other would be the proper installation of the APK from scratch.

Step 1: Backing Up Data

Backing up data is an important prerequisite before installing the APK. The reason is your data security. WhatsApp works on cloud and internal storage backup systems, but the WhatsApp Mods aren’t applicable to work with the Google cloud backup. So in their case, you can follow the below procedure and back up the WhatsApp data merely.

  1. First, open the official WhatsApp where you’ve got the data.
  2. Click the top-right three-dot button, which would soon show a menu.
    GBWhatsApp Pro Three Dots Settings
  3. Click and open the Settings option from the menu and hit the Chats button.
    GBWhatsApp Pro Chats
  4. Scroll down, search for the Chat Backup tab, and tap it.
    GBWhatsApp Pro Chat Backup
  5. Enable the bottom Media inclusion if you want to take a backup of the video too.
  6. Click the Backup button and wait for the backing-up procedure to end at 100%.
    GBWhatsApp Backup Now
  7. After completion, open the Internal Storage in the Google Files app on your phone.
  8. Scroll down and search for the folder named WhatsApp.
    Files App Copy WhatsApp Folder To Downloads Folder
  9. Copy this folder to the Downloads folder of your smartphone.
    Files App WhatsApp Folder on Downloads Folder
  10. Now, get to the Downloads folder and rename WhatsApp to YoWhatsApp. Including that, rename all the subfolders inside WhatsApp having WhatsApp sub-name to YoWhatsApp. Example: WhatsApp Images to YoWhatsApp Images.
    Rename WhatsApp Folder To YoWhatsApp
  11. Uninstall the official WhatsApp.
    Uninstall Official WhatsApp

Step 2: Installing Yo WhatsApp

You successfully backed up the WhatsApp data and eliminated or uninstalled the official WhatsApp. In that way, we’re in the momentum required to finally install the Yo WhatsApp APK on our phones. Below are steps that would get you towards the installation.

  1. Get the latest APK package from the above section.
    YoWhatsApp APK Download
  2. Open the File Manager, and navigate toward the recently downloaded APK file.
  3. Click the app tab, and you’d soon get prompted with an installation window.
    How to Install YoWhatsApp
  4. Click the Install button and wait for the installation completion.
  5. Before running the app, open the Downloads folder on Google Files (Where you recently copied and renamed the YoWhatsApp folder.)
    YoWhatsApp Folder Downloads
  6. Copy that YoWhatsApp folder and paste it back to the root folder of internal storage.
    Copy YoWhatsApp Folder to Internal Storage
  7. Get to the app deck and run the YoWhatsApp app.
  8. Click Agree and Continue buttons. Don’t click the Restore button, as we backed up data with another procedure.
    YoWhatsApp Agree and Continue
  9. As of now, you’d see a window to inscribe a WhatsApp number. Type your WhatsApp number there.
    YoWhatsApp Add Phone Number
  10. Click the Verify button after writing down the number.
  11. Allow for the important permission for auto-capturing OTP. You can also dismiss it if you don’t want the app to read your text messages.
    YoWhatsApp Give Permission
  12. Inscribe the correct OTP and click the Verify button again.
    YoWhatsApp Enter OTP
  13. Allow for other important permissions such as Contacts and Media Files.
    YoWhatsApp Allow Contact Access
  14. Skip the Google Drive backup permissions, as you can’t grab them if you’re using a WhatsApp Mod.
    YoWhatsApp Backup Permission
  15. Soon, YoWA Mod will find a data backup from the file manager and show you a window like in the below image.
  16. Click the Restore button and wait until your data gets restored on YO WA.
    WhatsApp Tap on Restore Backup
  17. Fill in your name and profile picture and get started using all the remarkable features.
    Open YoWhatsApp

How to Install YoWhatsApp on iOS Devices

I’m feeling a little melancholy, but there is no version of YoWhatsApp yet developed for an iOS smartphone. It means that you can’t install this mod on any iPhone or iPad, and consequently, you need an Android smartphone first before having the sophisticated experience of WhatsApp themes, alterations, privacy features, and numerous universal privileges.

Currently, the mod is being functioned by the Fouad Mods, and we can assure you that whenever we’d get any iOS update based on the app usage compatibility for iOS phones, we’d mention that on the exact webpage.

But according to our opinion, it’s difficult to get an iOS version of a WhatsApp Mod as iOS phones are super secure ones, and they don’t allow users to install any third-party software except App Store software.

How to Install YoWhatsApp on Windows PC?

iOS was an exception, but Android and Windows PC OS let you download, install, and utilize all the superb features of Yo WhatsApp.

Well, there isn’t a based version developed for PC, such as an executive or .exe file, but only the android package version. Now you must be thinking, how can someone on earth install Android software on a PC, right?

There is so great Android emulator software that would help you install YOWA or any other android app on your Windows-based PC.

For the procedure, we’re using here the BlueStacks Emulator and providing you with all the steps you need to take to installing the APK on your Windows PC.

  1. Click this link and download the BlueStacks Emulator by clicking the Download button on the webpage as shown in the below picture.
    Download Latest BlueStacks Emulator
  2. After the download completion, right-click the BlueStacks.exe file.
    Run BlueStacks Emulator Exe File
  3. Hit the Run as administrator button for the file and Allow the administrator permission on your screen.
  4. Click the Install button, which would now start downloading all the subsidiary files to run BlueStacks properly.
    Install BlueStacks Emulator
  5. After a few moments as per your internet speed, you’d see a Launch button to get to the BlueStacks wall.
    BlueStacks Emulator
  6. Get back to our webpage and download Yo WhatsApp to your PC’s desktop folder. (We’re using the Desktop folder only for the sake of convenience.)
    YoWhatsApp PC Download
  7. Now, either drag and drop the APK file to the BlueStacks window, or you can also try clicking a BlueStacks tab saying to install an APK file as shown below.
    YoWhatsApp PC APK Install
  8. Navigate to the path where you recently downloaded the APK file, i.e., Desktop.
    YoWhatsApp PC Install
  9. The app would get installed automatically, just wait for the completion of the installation procedure.
    YoWhatsApp PC Open
  10. Now on, you can verify your WhatsApp account in the default way and start using YoWhatsApp App on your PC with all the features that we mentioned recently.
    YoWhatsApp PC Agree and Continue

How to Install YoWhatsApp without Losing Old Chats?

The current query is the most asked query when people downloaded and installed Yo WhatsApp APK or any other WhatsApp mod, as WhatsApp data is most important while dealing with a new app. We can’t deal lightly with it because the question is about messages, media files, and all other WhatsApp data we dealt with in our old times.

That way, you can download as well as install the YoWA with all your old data in it and all you need here is to work as per the procedure shown in the current section below. Currently, we’re providing you with just a single-centric way of installing Yo without losing the old chats, which you can use for backing up data from the official WhatsApp and restoring it back to the WhatsApp YO.

If you’re dealing with a different query such as transferring chats between two YoWhatsApp, a computer version, or an iOS phone, you can get to any of the web links designed as per your query in the last of this section. Before that, let’s have a technical talk about the steps to install the APK without losing old chats.

  1. Firstly, open the official WhatsApp app on your phone, as you need to take the data backup from there.
  2. Click the three-dot button and open the Settings tab from that three-dot menu.
    GBWhatsApp Pro Three Dots Settings
  3. Hit and open the Chats section as you need to take a backup of all your chats.
    GBWhatsApp Pro Chats
  4. Inside there, you’d find a Chat Backup option. Hit it.
  5. Now, you’d see the page like the image below. You can click and enable the last toggle as shown below to back up the media files within your messages.
    GBWhatsApp Pro Chat Backup
  6. Finally, click the green Backup button, that’ll start creating a backup of all your messages and media files.
    GBWhatsApp Backup Now
  7. After the process completion, get to the Google Files app and search for the WhatsApp folder in the Internal Storage.
    Files App Copy WhatsApp Folder To Downloads Folder
  8. Don’t enter inside that WhatsApp folder. Just copy it to the Downloads folder listed in the root folder.
    Files App WhatsApp Folder on Downloads Folder
  9. Finally, rename WhatsApp to Yo WhatsApp with all its subsidiary folders (insider folders) sub-names to YoWhatsApp. For example, you need to rename the WhatsApp Images to YoWhatsApp Images.
    Rename WhatsApp Folder To YoWhatsApp
  10. Now, download and install Yo WhatsApp from the above download link.
  11. After downloading, open the Google Files and copy that YoWhatsApp folder you recently renamed to the root folder of your Internal Storage.
    Move YoWhatsApp Folder To Internal Storage
  12. Run the YoWhatsApp App and add your mobile number to verify it.
    YoWhatsApp Add Phone Number
  13. Verify your WhatsApp account with the one-time password.
    YoWhatsApp Enter OTP
  14. Allow for all the required permissions, and soon you’d get pinged by a recent backup that you created with the name YoWhatsApp.
    YoWhatsApp Backup Permission
  15. Click the Restore button for recent backup and the backup data would start being restored soon.
    WhatsApp Tap on Restore Backup

That was the way of installing Yo WhatsApp APK on any Android smartphone without losing the old chats of the official WhatsApp.

Moreover, if you got any other replicating queries related to data backup, you can solve those with the below links.

Is YoWhatsApp legit? Is it safe to use on Android?

Since YoWhatsApp uses all the same servers, base codes, and other resources as the official WhatsApp, it is ultimately legitimate.

Yeah, it’s not developed by the official WhatsApp company, but the codes and servers it utilizes are ultimately legit and deliver you the proper fluency of messaging.

Now, if you’re up with the question; Is it safe to use on Android? So here also we’d reply YES. The mod won’t grab any of your Android phone’s data and consequently, it won’t harm any interior consequences of your phone. There is just a single problem we can’t justify, the account safety with YoWA App.

Basically, YoWhatsApp is a third-party WhatsApp app version and the WhatsApp company is working damn difficult to take a strike on these WhatsApp Mods.

There is a slight probability that your account can get a temporary or the rarest possibility of getting a permanent ban on your WhatsApp account for using a WhatsApp Mod like YoWA App. So please download, install, and utilize it on your own with little risk.

YoWhatsApp Vs WhatsApp Official

Direct Message
File Sending Limit999 MB100 MB
Themes Store
Forwarding LimitUnlimited Chats5 Chats
Security Lock
Download Status
Status Length255139
Bulk Message
Icon Change
Custom Font
Freeze Last Seen
Hide Blue Ticks
Second Tick
Typing Status
DND Mode
Emoji Variants
Always Online
Hide Media From Gallery
Send Web Images Directly
Multi App Language Support
Send Images in Full Resolution


YoWhatsApp Infographics


Is YoWhatsApp safe to use on Android smartphones?

Hell Yeah! YoWhatsApp is the safest WhatsApp Mod to use on your Android phone. You can contest its existence with all the coolest WhatsApp Mods accordingly with all the features you’re getting, and safety is already at its peak.

Where to download YoWhatsApp for Android?

If you’re finding a way to download Yo WhatsApp, don’t go anywhere except the exact web page. Basically, you can’t get this app on the Google Play Store or any other official app store as it violates some of their terms and conditions. But besides, you can download this app from the above download link conveniently.

Can YoWhatsApp ban my account?

YoWhatsApp is undoubtedly running on the official WhatsApp servers, and it provides fluent WhatsApp messaging features with some additional fun. But still, there is a 1% risk that your WhatsApp account can get banned for using some rarest features, as the WhatsApp servers are working damn challenging to disable all these Mods. That’s why we recommend you use a temporary or unimportant WhatsApp account here first.

Can YoWhatsApp be banned?

YoWhatsApp is running for a long period, and they are always being creative in modifying the scripts for getting rid of the official WhatsApp company tracking servers. That’s one of the best reasons why it’s still surviving without being tracked. Still, we can’t say that YoWA can’t be banned. So, the answer would be MAYBE Yes, or MAYBE No!

Does YoWhatsApp work on iPhones or iPad?

WhatsApp developed all types of app interfaces including Android, iOS, and web. But iOS devices include amusing security as their pilgrimage, and that’s the only space where it refuses to have a WhatsApp Mod installed on it. It won’t work, either on an iPhone or on an iPad.

Is it possible to Install YoWhatsApp APK without Play Protection verification?

Play Protect Verification won’t affect you installing YoWhatsApp, but some current-gen smartphones include a hyper level of security. So if you’re encountering any error in installation and the reason shown is Google Play Protect, you can follow the below procedure for disabling it.

1. Open the Google Play Store on your phone.
Open Play Store App
2. Click on the profile icon or your picture above.
3. Click the Play Protect tab from the menu buttons.
Google Play Protect
4. Hit the top-right corner settings icon.
Google Play Protect Settings
5. Finally, disable the Scan apps with the Play Protect toggle, and later try again to install Yo WhatsApp App.
Turn Off Google Play Protect

How to use two WhatsApp accounts on the same smartphone?

Before running through the process, let me tell you that you must have two different WhatsApp apps and different mobile numbers to have two different WhatsApp accounts. If you want to use both of them on the exact smartphone, you can download YoWhatsApp APK from this page and register the second account there.

How to import conversations and all WhatsApp data to YoWhatsApp?

Finding a procedural way to import all the conversations and media files from the official WhatsApp to Yo WhatsApp won’t be complex. We’ve provided the full step-to-step procedure for making that on any Android smartphone without errors. You’d get those steps in the above few sections.

Is YoWhatsApp developed by WhatsApp company?

YoWhatsApp isn’t developed by the official WhatsApp company, and that’s the only mistake people assume in their minds. It is a third-party WhatsApp Mod developed by a creative developer, and it’s rare for all its inclusive features. You can give it a try now!

Why can’t we find YoWhatsApp on Google Play Store or any other official app store?

The reason behind Google Play Store and all other app stores restricting Yo WhatsApp and all such WhatsApp Mods from there is the terms and conditions of these protocols. According to Google Play Store, developers can’t upload a game with the exact proposal and some additional features to a renowned official app, like WhatsApp or Facebook.

Can I keep both WhatsApp and YoWhatsApp installed on the same device?

There is no space for a single problem, keeping both WhatsApp official and Yo WhatsApp installed on smartphones. You can download and keep installing both of them on your device. It’d also help you in having two different WhatsApp accounts working on a single smartphone. Every deed is featureful, eh?

Is YoWhatsApp APK’s any version available for Blackberry phones or Windows PC?

Blackberry phones don’t support the APK version and the YoWhatsApp plus community hasn’t yet released any other version like iOS, .exe, or .jar protocol. But if the thing is about Windows PC, one can download and enjoy all the features on any PC using Android emulators. Download Bluestacks or any such emulator and install the mod there.

How to change themes on YoWhatsApp App?

If you’re a customization freak and the first reason that grabbed you towards WhatsApp Mods is the preset themes, you’d get access to all of them handily. Just follow the below-listed apps.

1. Open Yo WhatsApp and click the top-right three-dot menu.
2. You’d glimpse their FMMods option. Click it.
YoWhatsApp FMMods Setting
3. Search for the FMThemes tab and open it.
YoWhatsApp FMThemes
4. Click the Download Themes button from the theme menu.
YoWhatsApp Install Themes

Time for your phase of WhatsApp! No need to invest hours in customization and designing. Besides, just tap on the Install button after any theme list to make it your default theme style.

How to get the new notifications and launcher icons for YoWhatsApp?

Notification and Launcher icons are the best advancements of Yo WhatsApp and you can get them superficially from the universal settings. Tap on the three-dot button and open the FMMods settings. There are onwards, open Universal Settings > Styles > Launcher Icons or Notification Icons.

How to automate messaging with YoWhatsApp?

Automation is my favorite part of the Yo WhatsApp as we won’t have enough time to reply to all our homies on time, and consequently, we want our networks to be superior. Follow the below procedure and automate your messaging today:

1. Open YoWA on your device.
2. Click and open the Auto Reply tab from all the listed options.
3. Click the green “+” button.
4. Choose the contacts you want to automate messaging with, message text, delay in seconds, specific times, or all other settings as per your Auto Reply requirement.
5. That’s it! Click the green tick symbol on the below side and your message got automated. That was smooth!

Is there any security feature available in YoWhatsApp?

You can’t ask for ANY security feature, as there are a HUGE number of security privileges people enjoy within the Yo WhatsApp interface. It includes features like WhatsApp Lock, Pattern Invisible making, Chat hiding, Recovery questions, Pattern, PIN, and many more. Download it today to start messaging ultra-securely.

How to enhance messaging privacy with YoWhatsApp?

Messaging privacy enhancements are just a myth in the official WhatsApp. But YoWhatsApp makes you capable of choosing them. All you need is to open the Privacy & Security section from the FMMods and choose among any of your favorite feature toggles to enable it at the earliest!

Can I secure a specific chat in YoWhatsApp?

Just a piece of cake! You can merely secure a specific chat in Yo WhatsApp either with the Pattern, PIN symbol, or your fingerprint scan. For going ahead, you need to open that specific chat and click the three-dot button for it. Later, click the Lock Conversation button placed at the end of the menu and choose your favorite security measure to take on it.


First, every action requires a reason, and one is there for hundreds of thousands of people using YoWhatsApp APK for their daily messaging in place of the official WhatsApp app. I’m not navigating only towards the features, as there are many more advancements and convenience one can get in YO Mod which are missing in the official version.

Time to take daily messaging, status feeding, status downloading, media transferring, message forwarding, and video calling experience to an ultra-edge with Fouad YOWA. Grab this app right now!

Yo WhatsApp (Official) APK

YoWhatsApp has many features that are not available in the official WhatsApp app, such as the ability to hide your online status, customize your interface, and more.

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: Android 4.0

Application Category: Communication

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