GBWhatsApp Pro v17.85 APK Download (Official) 2024 [Anti-Ban]

Don’t let the dullness create a space between your WhatsApp messaging! Download GBWhatsApp Pro APK today to enjoy the wholesome number of features and preset themes.

How would you like to utilize your favorite instant messaging service WhatsApp, with the exact white interface or a fully personalized multicolor theme? Of course, you’d go with the GB WhatsApp Pro, the brand-new modified version of WhatsApp after the services of GBWhatsApp got halted.

WhatsApp isn’t just a generic messaging service meant to deliver messages, it’s unusual! According to Forbes, well over 69 million messages are sent through this platform every minute.

It’s a lot about the smart interface, privacy, security, personalization, and automation. The dispute is true that we’re unable to glimpse these things within the official version of WhatsApp, but it doesn’t mean that they’re only imaginable. You can truly enjoy such services within the GB WhatsApp.

The free modified version of WhatsApp flourishes the exact messaging servers and is compatible with all Android smartphones. If you’re a personalization freak and find hilarious tweaks within the exact instant messaging interface, GB WhatsApp Pro for Android would work as your professional tweaker.

The complete below guide would help you to understand the app more sharply with the procedure to install it on an Android phone. Furthermore, this modified WhatsApp has identical features to Yo WhatsApp, FM WhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus, and OG WhatsApp.

GBWhatsApp Pro APK
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What is GBWhatsApp Pro?

The most intense emergence of dullness while using the official instant messaging app WhatsApp showed a beautiful way to millions of people, Modification.

Recently in 2016, when WhatsApp once revealed its underlying resource files and server codes, tremendous third-party developers created modified versions of WhatsApp. You must have listened recently about the GBWhatsApp, isn’t that real?

If we talk about January 2024’s statistics, WhatsApp passed 2 billion overall online users, being a top-ranked protocol, and throwing the next competitor, WeChat, more than 40% away. But if we elaborate on MOD, GB WhatsApp was first developed by a smart developer named Omar Was.

He’s the same guy who initialized the WhatsApp modification journey and the But harshly, GB WhatsApp got their servers down by the official WhatsApp team’s hard work on exploiting Mods.

Currently, you can either sit and enjoy your cup of tea with the same official WhatsApp version or get upgraded to a new era of WhatsApp, GB WhatsApp Pro.

It’s one of the formal WhatsApp Mods, with all the most exclusive in-WhatsApp privileges that you can never get from the official servers. If you were in love with this mod and still remember the best hours you invested there, this Pro one would be more effective!

emoji reactions feature

Why GBWhatsApp Pro?

According to Forbes, India is the biggest WhatsApp traffic, including 390.1 million users tracked in 2020. Consequently, India is the most creative country and many ultimate reasons will hallucinate you towards downloading and installing GBWhatsApp Pro for Android. You only get these feelings while using GB WhatsApp if there are any words like Appgasm or Chatgasm.

There are immense rivals in the online app markets for GB, including the official WhatsApp. However, the reason that’d make you shade to employ the GB WhatsApp Pro in place of the official WhatsApp would be all the below-listed features that you can fantasize about with an open eye in your dreams.

GB WhatsApp Pro Vs WhatsApp Official

There are never-ending differences between the official WhatsApp app developed by Meta and the GBWhatsApp Pro, which is developed by a third-party developer. However, all the differences would astonish your inner instant messenger as you’re just getting some new additional features in terms of differences.

Take a sneak peek at them below:

FeatureGBWhatsApp ProWhatsApp
Direct Message
File Sending Limit999 MB100 MB
Themes Store
Forwarding LimitUnlimited Chats5 Chats
Security Lock
Download Status
Status Length255139
Bulk Message
Icon Change
Custom Font
Freeze Last Seen
Hide Blue Ticks
Second Tick
Typing Status
DND Mode
Emoji Variants
Always Online
Hide Media From Gallery
Send Web Images Directly
Multi App Language Support
Send Images in Full Resolution

Main Features

You can say that GBWhatsApp Pro got inspired by a circle that begins but never ends. It’d privilege your instant messaging with a hazardous number of features that would never end. But if you’re trying to find out the most important features to fall in love with this Mod instantly, they all got room below:


GBWhatsApp Pro Customization

For all the customization freaks finding different ways to personalize the eternal view of WhatsApp Messaging, GBWA comes with thousands of predesigned themes, as well as hundreds of free customization features.

DND Mode

GBWhatsApp Pro DND Mode

You’d love to deal with this feature of your about-to-favorite WhatsApp Mod, GB. It avails you an option to disable the internet directly for WhatsApp and get no further notifications for the required period.

WhatsApp Logs

GBWhatsApp Pro Logs

You won’t need anymore to track or stalk any profile on WhatsApp as the GBWhatsApp Pro’s WhatsApp logs would deliver you complete details, like one of your contacts with (XXXX) last four numbers changed their username/picture/bio.


GBWhatsApp Pro Auto Reply

Automation is taking a big view these days on the upcoming AI-based globe, and consequently, this mod version lets you automate your overall messaging with the handy settings of Auto Reply.

Message Scheduler

GBWhatsApp Pro Message Scheduler

Scheduling messages for events, birthdays, management, and business days can now become possible. No need to keep all dates in mind, just schedule messages and enjoy the simplicity!

WhatsApp Lock

GBWhatsApp Pro Lock

This Mod also includes the built-in app lock feature, where you can just touch the WhatsApp text in the top-left corner and choose among Pattern, PIN, or Fingerprint security moves.

All Features of GBWhatsApp Pro

As of now, we’ve gone through all the main features you’d find inside the GBWhatsApp Pro interface. But usually, they aren’t the only mind-boggling features within this Mod, as there are many more magical moments waiting for you, where some are listed below:

Privacy Enhancing: You can now feel ultimately private and confidential as no one can see your online status, blue ticks, double ticks, status seen the name, and anything if you’d enable these privacy features within the GB Settings menu. It’s a convenient privilege, and we’d also develop a walkthrough guide for enabling these privacy things.

No Need To Save Numbers: If you’ve got annoyed by saving new numbers every time on your phone book before messaging them on WhatsApp, GB WhatsApp Pro offers you an option to send messages to a number without saving it to your phone book. Simplify life!

Download Status Videos: Got annoyed by asking for the video your friend posted on their status every time? Don’t worry as the Pro Mod version here allows you to download any contact’s status either if it’s an image, video, or caption (by copying the caption.)

Convenient Dark Mode: We used the ‘Convenient’ word above with Dark Mode only because the GBWhatsApp Pro requires you to click just an icon available on the mere home screen to change the app’s interface from light mode to dark mode or vice versa.

In-Chat Translator: That’s one of the unique features to have on a WhatsApp Mod. If you’re getting any message in a language that you don’t understand, you can hover over that message and click the three-dot button to later have it translated into your homie language.

Direct Contact Link: After reaching each contact page, you can get their contact API link to copy and transfer directly to any contact. Stop making big procedures for sending contact details and use this direct contact link once to get astonished by GB WhatsApp Pro.

Always Online: If you have some business clients or anyone that you never want to miss a message, you can employ the Always Online feature. After enabling it, your contacts would see you’re always online on WhatsApp, even if you’re partying with your friends or doing your work.

Handy Chat Backup: No Google, no mail, not any other thing you need to back up your important chats if you’re using GB WA Pro. Just click a simple Backup button and make that backup directly on your File Manager and handily restore later from the same space.

Ultimate Themes: The mod also lets you choose among the sophisticated theme library developed by them. Moreover, you can also make your own themes using customization features and save them for friendly chatting.

Hide Media From Gallery: Getting some confidential pictures and videos on WhatsApp and want to hide them all from your phone’s gallery? It can become possible with this simplistic Mod by enabling Hide Media from the Gallery add-on service.

Use Two WhatsApp Accounts: The last feature of our coverage is that you can employ two different WhatsApp accounts from your smartphone, including one on the official WhatsApp and the other on the GB WhatsApp Pro.

Download GBWhatsApp Pro APK

The moment you all were waiting for came hastily! We’ve completely gone through the amazingness delivered by GB WhatsApp Pro virtually, and the moment is now to experience that exceptional app’s interface realistically by downloading it.

GBWhatsApp Pro
App NameGBWhatsApp Pro
Size72 MB
Requires Android4.0 and up
License TypeFreeware
Last Updated1 day ago

Note: If you are installing our APK, then make sure to Join our Telegram channel for future updates. We are constantly working on Improving the Mods as much as possible. I strongly recommend that you read our guides, which will help you use GBAPK Pro in a more efficient way.

Here is the guide on How to use GB WhatsApp Pro app?

Again, GBWhatsApp Pro is a modified version of the WhatsApp official app, but it doesn’t mean that you need to tweak your phone for utilizing it. It’s a clean app that you can use on any Android phone even if it contains root access or not, Snapdragon or not, and a high-end Android version or not!

Just you need to click the above download page link, which will soon redirect you to the official download page of GBWA Pro without spamming you with unimportant advertisement pages. Download it from there and install handily using the below-sectioned steps:

What’s New in v17.85

GBWhatsApp Pro APK v17.80 Changelog

Video Tutorial

How to Install GBWhatsApp Pro APK on Android Smartphone

At the present stage, you know GBWhatsApp Pro from its core and have also got the APK package file to install it on your smartphone. Time to end it happily with the most superficial installation procedure goes through the below first step.

  1. First of all, download the APK package file from the above link if you didn’t download it yet. Skip if already been downloaded!
    Download GBWhatsApp Pro APK
  2. After downloading it, get back to your smartphone’s homepage and open the Settings app.
    Open File Manager App
  3. Inside the Settings app, navigate to the Security tab or Privacy protection if you’re using a Xiaomi smartphone.
    Phone Settings and Open Security Option
  4. Afterward, you would glimpse a list of settings in front of you.
    List of Security Settings
  5. Among all those settings, click and enable the Unknown Sources or Third Party Installation toggle. For Xiaomi phones, you need to find and click Special Permissions, and inside there, search for Install Unknown apps.
    Install From Unknown Sources
  6. Simply, hit and enable the Unknown Sources tab. Or for Xiaomi phones, click Install Unknown Apps and choose your File Manager app to enable the app installation.
    Select App To Allow Unknown Sources Installation
  7. Finally, you’re ready to install your favorite WhatsApp Mod on your device. Get back to the homepage and open any File Manager app, official or third-party.
    Again Open File Manager App
  8. Jump to the location where you recently downloaded the APK.
    Locate Folder Where You Downloaded GBWhatsApp Pro APK
  9. Finally, tap on the icon or name and tap on the Install button on the next notification prompt.
    Install GBWhatsApp Pro APK Latest
  10. Wait for a few moments until you’d glimpse the installation process as completed and run it ASAP.

That’s it! You’ve successfully installed the modified WhatsApp version on your device, and you’re ready to go with all the features listed above with a fully personalized app interface. Time to fall for it!

How to Update GBWhatsApp Pro Instantly?

What if I’d say that it’s easier to update GBWhatsApp Pro, even more than the official WhatsApp updating? Yeah, you heard absolutely correctly, and we’d prove that using the below-listed steps.

  1. Download the above-linked APK file, as it’s the most recent version ever developed for this app.
  2. In the future, whenever you’d have to make future updates to this app, Open GBWhatsApp App.
    Open GBWhatsApp Pro App
  3. Now, tap the three-dot icon positioned in the top-right corner, and open GB Settings.
    Go To GBWhatsApp Pro GB Settings
  4. Finally, you’d see an Update button listed on the GB Settings menu. Tap it ASAP!
    GBWhatsApp Pro Settings Update
  5. Now, tap on the Check for Updates button. This button would show you if there is any update above your installed version, or would show a message, “You have latest update!”
    GBWhatsApp Pro Update
  6. If this doesn’t work for you, you can return to our webpage anytime and download the latest version from the download page.

Is it Safe to Use GBWhatsApp Pro for an Actual WhatsApp Account?

You’d feel excellent after knowing that GBWhatsApp Pro contains an anti-ban script that won’t let you get banned from the official WhatsApp servers.

But still, your security is our priority, and you can’t stake it just for some freaky privileges, right? Be secure and secure your WhatsApp account too. We’d recommend you first use a new WhatsApp account on GB WhatsApp Pro with a new number.

This wouldn’t affect your official account, and you’d also become capable of employing all the coolest Mod features with a personalized interface.

Moreover, there are so many risky features within the app’s interface, such as Mass Message Sender that’d automatically show you a caution note before usage.

Use such privileges as occasionally as you can, as they can make you’re caught by official WhatsApp servers too often.

GBWhatsApp Pro Mass Message Sender

Lastly, the fun would always be there after installing GBWhatsApp Pro. It’s as important to be secure as it is to get entertained!

Is GBWhatsApp Pro Available for iOS (iPhone and iPad)?

If we mention the current moment, as of 2024, there is no official or modified version of GB WhatsApp Pro developed for iOS smartphones.

But we’re also getting notified by the developers about their ongoing expansions, and there is a considerable probability that you’d get one soon.

Hence, if you’re an iOS user and finding WhatsApp Mod for your phone’s iOS version, please stop surfing the internet, or you’d get spammed by unimportant bugs.

Wait and watch for the next notification, and we’d genuinely release the GBWhatsApp Pro Update for the iOS version as soon as developers would provide us with that package file.

GB WhatsApp Pro Download For Windows PC

While working on a PC, the software includes a .exe extension file, but currently, GB WhatsApp Pro developers only have developed an APK file compatible with Android Smartphones.

Still, if you’re a PC chatter and wandering on the web pages for the same, you can employ the simplistic procedure to download and install an Android emulator.

This emulator would help you at its best level and embed your PC with a GB Pro experience, including all the exact features and interface.

Get at the earliest by following all the below-listed steps to install GB WhatsApp Pro on your PC.

  1. As we mentioned above, you need an Android emulator. Download the most renowned, Bluestacks emulator for your PC.
    Download Latest BlueStacks Emulator
  2. After downloading the .exe file of Bluestacks, right-click on it, and run it as an administrator.
    Run BlueStacks Emulator Exe File
  3. You’d now glimpse a Bluestacks window opened with an option, Install Now. Click it ASAP!
    Install BlueStacks Emulator
  4. Bluestacks would now initialize, downloading all the important resource files to work as an Android Emulator. Wait for the downloading procedure.
    BlueStacks Emulator
  5. After the completion of the download procedure, the Bluestacks app would get restarted with a perfect Android interface as you see on your smartphone.
    BlueStacks Emulator Interface
  6. Tap on System Apps and Open Google Chrome.
    BlueStacks Emulator Google Chrome
  7. Look for the Google Chrome app on Bluestacks, open it, and add the website link.
    Download GBWhatsApp Pro APK using BlueStacks Emulator
  8. Now, get to the download section of the website, and it’d provide you a link to get redirected to the official download page of GBWhatsApp Pro. Download the app package ASAP.
  9. After downloading it, you’d get prompted by the installation window as same as you get on your Android smartphone.
  10. Click the Install button and wait for some moments until you’d get the success message to Open GB WhatsApp Pro.
  11. Verify your WhatsApp number and choose for restoring the backup if you made any before.

That’s it! You’re now good with the GBWhatsApp Pro to enjoy all the most exceptional privileges like customization, limitation remover, and privacy enhancer with a direct instant messaging experience on PC.

Why is GB WhatsApp Pro Not Installing?

There can be multiple troubles to halt the installation of the GB WhatsApp Pro version. It can either be a corrupted app package file problem, network issue, storage problem, or any other interior problem on an Android device.

But after using or testing this app on so many differently configured smartphones, we found some important points you need to look for to solve the installation problem.

Reason 1: The first probability could be the problem with the low space available on your phone’s storage. You can eliminate this trouble by simply uninstalling the non-required apps, deleting cache data, and deleting the photos or videos that you don’t need anymore.

Low Space Problem Android

Reason 2: After storage troubleshooting, you need to check your internet connection. Usually, the router users employ for downloading GBWhatsApp Pro deals with the low speed that later results in corrupted file download. Always download such app packages from a fast and prosperous network provider.

Reason 3: If still GBWhatsApp isn’t getting installed on your phone, you can check whether the Unknown sources are enabled or not on your smartphone. You need to navigate to Setting > Security > Unknown Resources. If it’s not enabled, simply enable it.

Allow Unknown Sources Installation For File Manager App

How to Import Conversations from Official WhatsApp to GBWhatsApp?

Conversation and media importing is a simplistic move that goes as the below steps:

  1. Get to your phone’s app page and open WhatsApp’s official app.
  2. Now, click the three-dot button positioned in the top-right corner and open Settings.
    GBWhatsApp Pro Three Dots Settings
  3. Under the Settings menu, click, and open Chat Settings.
    GBWhatsApp Pro Chats
  4. Finally, hit the Chat Backup section and fill in your working Gmail account.
    GBWhatsApp Pro Chat Backup
  5. Fill in the checkbox for backing up media files if you want, and click the Backup button.
    GBWhatsApp Backup Now
  6. Afterward, install GBWhatsApp APK on your phone and complete the verification procedure.

Now, WhatsApp servers would automatically find backups on your Gmail account and ask you to restore them on GB WhatsApp’s interface.


GBWhatsApp Pro Infographics


How many WhatsApp Mods can I use on a single device?

There are more than a hundred WhatsApp Mods currently there on the internet. But if you have a dual-sim Android Smartphone, and just two SIMs in total, you can only verify two WhatsApp Mods.

In simple words, you can use one WhatsApp account only on a single Mod. Except that, technically about just installation, you can install as many WhatsApp as you can on a single device.

Is GBWhatsApp available for iPhone?

Nope, GBWhatsApp Pro isn’t yet available for iOS smartphones, and you can currently only use it on Android devices.

Maybe you’d get an update for iOS soon, but until that term, you must don’t surf websites spamming you with malicious updates marked as iOS. Besides, GBWA die-hard fans can use it on their Android phones.

Is GBWhatsApp safe to install on Android phones?

Yeah, GB WhatsApp is a safe modified version of WhatsApp official, as we’ve tested it numerous times on differently configured smartphones.

It doesn’t contain any bugs or viruses, but first, try to use a temporary or unimportant account to not get banned at first.

It’s a third-party WhatsApp version, so it’s worse to stake the official account at first.

Can GBWhatsApp be banned?

Although, GB WhatsApp contains anti-ban scripts to save your account from WhatsApp’s servers and not get banned.

Nevertheless, you still need to keep your account’s security as a priority, as it’s unconscious to stake an official WhatsApp account access just for a few features.

Besides, you can try a new WhatsApp account with the modified version.

Is it possible to install GBWhatsApp without verification?

If you’re talking about the Google Play Protection protocol, then the answer would be Yes! You can merely install GB WhatsApp APK on your smartphone while not getting halted by Play Protection.

Or if you’re getting errors while installing because of Google Play Protection, you can also disable it through the Google Play Store’s internal settings.
GBWhatsApp Pro Installation Without Verification

Why GBWhatsApp is not on Google Play Store?

Google Play Store is one of the well-known official software stores, and consequently, it includes a hell of number of terms and conditions for users, as well as developers.

GB WhatsApp isn’t there on the Google Play Store because it violates some regulations of the Play Store by providing us with the officially impossible features of WhatsApp. That’s the only reason!

Can I keep both WhatsApp official and GBWhatsApp installed on my device?

Yeah, you can handily do that. Even it’s a privilege of using a WhatsApp mod that you can have two different versions of WhatsApp installed on your phone so that you can employ two different WhatsApp accounts simultaneously. Isn’t that great?
Install Both WhatsApp Official and GBWhatsApp Pro

Is GBWhatsApp developed by the official WhatsApp company?

Absolutely not! GBWhatsApp Pro isn’t an official WhatsApp version, and it got developed by some third-party developers with resource codes and server codes of WhatsApp to profer you a list of amazing features embedded in an actual instant messaging platform.

Is GBWhatsApp App available for iOS, Windows, and Blackberry devices?

Sorrowfully, presently, GBWhatsApp Pro is only compatible with Android smartphones as they only have created the APK package version.

Moreover, you can use this mod on your PC using the above-sectioned steps.

How to change themes on GBWhatsApp?

It’s a simplistic procedure to change themes on GB WhatsApp. All you need is to open the GB Settings on the app and click the Themes section to choose one of the best themes.

Moreover, you can also get a completely described guide to changing themes on GBWhatsApp Pro.
GBWhatsApp Pro Themes

Will I get banned for using GBWhatsApp?

GB WhatsApp Pro is a third-party version of WhatsApp, and it violates some important terms and conditions, but still, millions of Mod users are employing this app without getting banned through WhatsApp.

You can also do that, but for your privacy and security, we’d recommend you use a new WhatsApp account first on this app to skip getting temporarily banned.

Can I secure a specific chat or the whole GBWhatsApp profile with password protection?

One of the best uses of the GB WhatsApp Pro version is its security privileges. Yeah, you can secure a specific chat, the whole GB WhatsApp profile, as well as the complete GBWhatsApp app using either PIN, Pattern, or Fingerprint security protocol. Take a step towards self-assurance!
GBWhatsApp Pro Lock Specific Chats

Can I use the same phone number for my second account?

Nope, that’s not technically possible! You can’t use the same number on WhatsApp official and GB WhatsApp at the very same time, as whenever you’d verify your account on GB WhatsApp, the servers would automatically remove your account from official WhatsApp and vice versa.

Can I have two instances of the same GBWhatsApp using App Cloner?

GBWhatsApp is a generic android app that works efficiently like all other apps. So yes, you can absolutely create a clone using Parallel Space or the default app cloner for your smartphone.

Besides, keep one thing in mind, you’d require two different numbers to create two different WhatsApp accounts on two different WhatsApp versions.
Two GBWhatsApp Pro using App Cloner

What distinguishes GBWhatsApp Pro from its competitors like GBWhatsApp?

Features! Yeah, features are all that’d be the difference between this Pro version and the old GB WhatsApp. It’s an optimized android app with hundreds of new themes and some remarkable universal features that you’d comprehend after going through the app’s interface.

Wrapping Up:

We’re handing you the most addictive thing ever built in the instant messaging era, GBWhatsApp Pro.

It’s the version ultimately filled with privileges, customization options, privacy options, and not-a-single-limitation.

You can eliminate all the limitations that you had on the official WhatsApp interface and start messaging like a pro with this wondrous modification.

Note: Make sure to Bookmark our website ( for the latest Updates!

GB WhatsApp Pro (Official) APK

GBWhatsApp Pro is a futuristic WhatsApp Modification with astonishing customization options and security features.

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: Android 4.0

Application Category: Communication

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