Is GBWhatsApp Pro Legal or Not? [Explained]

Why can’t WhatsApp provide you with the customization features and the preset themes that you’re getting in GBWhatsApp Pro? Why is it free from all the limitations such as forwarding messages, sending images, and group members? Is it legit? Is it developed by WhatsApp company?

It’s honest to have all such questions in mind before downloading a WhatsApp Mod on a smartphone. So let me tell you in simple words, GBWhatsApp Pro APK isn’t legal! Moreover, there is no WhatsApp Mod on the whole internet that is legally developed by Meta (WhatsApp Developer company.)

If any WhatsApp Mod company is stating that they’re legal, then sorry mate; they’re just making you a fool.

Is GBWhatsApp Pro Legal or Not

Think for a while, why GBWhatsApp Pro, WhatsApp Plus, YoWhatsApp, and FM WhatsApp kind of WhatsApp mods aren’t there on the official app stores such as Google Play Store, Samsung App Store, and MI App Store?

The only reason behind this thing is the illegality of these Mods. These mods are just some third-party applications developed by some third-party developers who used the company’s resource codes influentially and modified them with some remarkable scripts to enhance your dopamine while messaging.

If you’re using these WhatsApp Mods, there is a considerable possibility of your account getting temporarily or, in the worst case, permanently banned.

That’s the only reason why we note down everywhere to always use a new account on GB WhatsApp Pro for enjoyment!

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