YoWhatsApp Tips and Tricks: The Best tips, Tricks, & Help For YoWa

Online chatting won’t work that professionally if you’d work with believing the official WhatsApp on the other hand.

If you want to upgrade your online instant messaging, the first thing you need to do is to change the app you’re using. Yo WhatsApp is a world-class resolution for getting astonishing messaging features.

Nevertheless, many techies stay behind WhatsApp Mods thinking if it’s really going to be worth it, would they support it, or are there any tips and tricks they need to know about? All these queries are about to get resolved today, just with the exact article you’re reading below.

This one would completely belong to all the tips, tricks, and help topics you have to know about YoWa before using its features.

Again, it’s hard to list the entire tips and tricks on a single page as Yo WhatsApp is a wholly filled app, including way more features than the mixed version of WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram.

Still, after doing a lot of research about this app, we’ve pointed out some important topics you need to know about YoWhatsApp before installing it to your smartphone. Let’s get sharply redirected to that surface.

Exclusive Tips to Use YoWhatsApp Creatively

Futuristic app features and the completely AI-based creativity is what you’re about to discover within the YoWhatsApp version.

The reason behind people stating it as the unique and amazing WhatsApp Mod is what you’re about to know in the below list.

It’d include all the important tips and tricks which can change or enrich your messaging experience toward eternity.

Install Themes

We won’t provide the complete customization topic here, but as a trick, you need to know about the preset themes you’re going to get with YoWa.

YoWhatsApp comprises the biggest theme library compared to all other WhatsApp Mods, and it’s named YoThemes.

There are numerous developers and even users creating daily themes and posting on the YoThemes library.

YoWhatsApp Themes Library

If you’re a customization freak, no one can stop you loving this feature from the bottom of your heart. This theme protocol allows you to customize the complete UI in a single click.

You won’t need to make changes to the header colors, footer colors, fonts, theme color, or wallpaper one by one as the YoWa would provide you with all of those customizations enabled in a single theme installation.

Automate Messaging

It’s hard to count the number of tips and tricks available inside the YoWhatsApp interface, but when we rank them all, Auto Reply would be one of the top 5 tricks.

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Making Yo WhatsApp a WhatsApp Business, it enables a feature to automatically reply to all your WhatsApp contacts.

You can settle the necessary requirements, like the contacts you need to automate messaging for, message, interval, and response delay.

YoWhatsApp Auto-Reply Feature

Afterward, you can add that auto-reply thing to your messaging mix. It won’t affect your official messaging, as the AI system would only reply to the messages related to the text you selected in the Auto Reply page.

So, you’re fully secure, automated, and instant to start the messaging with this ultimate feature. This trick would be going to be one of the mighty contributors to making your mood of downloading YoWa.

Maximizing Privacy

Messaging is the only thing in this whole world that we take lightly while deeming the privacy options.

We just believe in the end-to-end encryption of WhatsApp’s official app, but aren’t seeing the dark side that people can simply know when we’re online, typing a message, seeing their status, and introducing changes to our bio. It won’t be that good to make that information public, eh?

YoWhatsApp Privacy Options

One of the YoWa tips is to maximize the messaging privacy. When you’d get inside the app interface and YoWa Mods settings, they’d make a glance of more than 10 privacy enhancements.

You just need to enable the toggles for all the privacy settings you want in your daily messaging mix. It’d include features like Hide Online status, hide typing…, hide recording…, hide Status Seen, and hide blue ticks.

Universal Styling

Besides all the interior tips and tricks, we also have got an exterior designing trick for techies about to start their YoWa journey.

Themes were the first exterior options, and now you can customize the interior messaging with some externally important resources, including the Emoticons, Notification icons, Launcher icons, and Font styles.

YoWhatsApp Styling

After opening the YoWhatsApp on your smartphone, the Universal settings would take you to a Style page, where there are all the important styling resources.

You can choose among 10+ emoji styles, 50+ notification icon styles, and 10+ font styles to make the whole overview superpowered.

Download this WhatsApp Mod on your next eye blink for knowing about more exceptional tricks.

Help topics for YoWhatsApp

We didn’t get much help topics for YoWhatsApp as you won’t even need more. Everything is convenient, easily accessible, and mere inside the YoWa app.

There are a few things which can complicate it using the app, and we’re solving them all below line wise. Get to the below list and select the one you want.

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Updating YoWhatsApp

Third-party developers who introduced us to such a bizarre android app, Yo WhatsApp are working every moment to get you the new updates. You can check out this guide on updating YoWhatsApp.

This might be a helpful topic as there are numerous people finding the best way to update their YoWA interface.

The first method is using our website, as we always update the YoWhatsApp APK to the latest version just the next second developer creates it.

The second option is to use YoWhatsApp’s interior settings to find the recent updates if you got any.

For that procedure, you need to run YoWa on your phone and open the YoWa Mods menu from three-dot settings.

Later, you’d get there in an Updates tab. Inside there you can check for updates and the app servers would download it instantly for you, again if you got any.

Backing up data

Yo WhatsApp is a third-party mod, and that’s the reason you can’t use the official Google Drive backup option while backing up messages and other data.

In the future, if you need the data backup to import or export from YoWhatsApp, you can follow a simple procedure.

  1. Open the Yo WhatsApp on your phone.
    Open YoWhatsApp on Android
  2. Click the three-dot button from the top and open the Settings menu.
    YoWhatsApp Settings Options
  3. Search and open the Chats section.
    YoWhatsApp Settings Chats
  4. Scroll down and click the Chat Backup button.
    YoWhatsApp Settings Chat Backup

Wait for a few moments until the app creates a complete backup to 100% of your YoWhatsApp.

Afterward, you can get that data backup from the File Manager, considering a folder named Yo WhatsApp in the root folder of storage.

If you are eager to learn this process in a more detailed way, you can click this link and get to the webpage based on that unique topic.

Locking WhatsApp chats

There is a way in Yo WhatsApp, unique from the official WhatsApp, where you can lock any particular WhatsApp chat or the WhatsApp interface without using any app lock feature of the phone.

The Security and Privacy settings under FM Mods settings would help you in enabling the WhatsApp Lock for the complete interface.

YoWhatsApp Security Locks

Besides, if you want to lock a particular chat, you can open that chat and click the three-dot button for it.

Later, you’d get an option stating Lock Conversation, as we have shown in the below image. You can choose Pattern, Pin, or Fingerprint security protocol to secure those chats.

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