How to Add Stickers in GBWhatsApp Pro [3 Ways]

Instant Messaging technology got a space on the Mars currently as they’re developing all the remarkable new advancements that were never thought of before.

But when we see the statistics of privileges offered within these instant messaging services, there is way boosted volume within the resources. Yes, we’re talking about the WhatsApp stickers.

You won’t believe it, but there are hundreds of thousands of stickers developed by world-class graphic designers in the WhatsApp community.

Besides that, there are also so many third-party developers creating the best stickers in all genres, including funny, religious, Bollywood, friendship, love, and adult stickers.

However, the reason for debating this article today is to let you know about 3 stunning ways of adding stickers in GBWhatsApp Pro.

There are so many people in this world using WhatsApp mods for their daily messaging. The reason is all the built-in additional features people are getting on the modified interfaces.

But do you know that you can also download and use new stickers within your latest GBWhatsApp Pro using any of the below 3 Methods?

How to Add Stickers in GBWhatsApp Pro

What is GBWhatsApp Pro?

Going onwards wouldn’t be cool enough until you won’t know about the most sophisticated WhatsApp mod known as GBWhatsApp Pro.

Fundamentally, it’s the pro or ultimate version developed for the last creation GBWhatsApp.

The worldly messaging got a little boring era when the GBWhatsApp got discontinued by the official WhatsApp servers.

When WhatsApp released its official servers and resource codes, tremendous third-party app developers created WhatsApp mods with some exceptional customization and privacy-rich features.

Moreover, if we elaborate on the most renowned and employed WhatsApp mod on our planet, GBWhatsApp was a brand Mod that got discontinued for violating some WhatsApp terms.

But from now on, you can employ the GB WhatsApp Pro in place of the official GBWhatsApp.

The Pro version also includes all the exact features as that of the old GBWA with some additional privileges such as Mass message sender and new themes.

Except that, you’d also feel relatively highly privacy within this Pro version of GBWhatsApp that you felt last!

Features Of GBWhatsApp Pro

Employing the modified version of any app first needs a reason to have it. People play Mod games for unlimited game money, and when it comes to apps, they lust for features.

So we’re mentioning all the important features designed separately for the GBWhatsApp Pro as the list of mentioned texts below:

  • New Stickers and Emoji Styles
  • Dark Mode
  • Amazing Themes
  • Fully customizable interface
  • Auto Reply Sender
  • Message Scheduling
  • Send message without saving a number
  • Privacy features such as hide blue tick and hide double click
  • Many new advancements

3 Methods to Add Stickers in GBWhatsApp Pro

Let’s get to the most crucial part of this article, or simply the logic before which we’ve developed this article. Yeah, we’re talking about understanding all the simplistic methods to add stickers in GB WhatsApp Pro.

Well, there are three techniques revolving in our mind to educate you in the most convenient ways. Choose according to your convenience and enjoy all the most sophisticated sticker packs ever developed for WhatsApp.

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Method 1: Using GBStickers Android App

The first and most amusing way to add stickers on GBWhatsApp Pro is by using a remarkable third-party app developed by the GB developers, GBStickers APK.

This android app includes a massive library of sticker packs with all your favorite genres that we told above.

Moreover, it’s also a simplistic method as you’re only required here to download this app, run it, and search for your favorite genre to access all the best sticker packs clubbed with your desired genre.

Still, if you’re in any obstacle between the procedure, first hit the below download link to get the latest version of GBStickers APK on your phone and afterward follow the next procedure to add those stickers.

Steps to Add Stickers on GBWhatsApp Pro by GBStickers App

  1. Hit the above download link and get the GBStickers APK to your phone.
  2. Now, open the File Manager of your phone and locate the folder where you downloaded GBStickers Maker app.
    Download GBStickers Maker App
  3. Hit the APK file inscribed with the GBStickers icon.
    Install GBStickers Maker App
  4. Click the Install button on the next notification prompt for initializing the installation procedure.
    Installing GBStickers Maker App
  5. Now, run the GBStickers APK on your phone and search for your favorite sticker pack.
    Open GBStickers Maker App
  6. Choose from the listed stickers and click the green (+) button.
    GBStickers Maker App Choose Stickers from the List
  7. Click the “Add to GBWhatsApp” tab, and you’d get redirected to the GBWhatsApp Pro with your desired sticker.
    GBStickers Maker App Add Stickers To GBWhatsApp Pro

That’s it for the GBStickers APK! Except that, if you don’t want any third-party application to do this for you, you can individually add stickers directly from your messages using the below second method.

Method 2: Adding Stickers Directly From Message Box

The second method would help you add stickers to your GBWhatsApp Pro’s sticker box more handily, and it wouldn’t require any third-party sticker apps like what we tried before.

Well, this procedure can work only because of the WhatsApp official stickers or the stickers that your friend is sharing with you.

In simple words, you won’t get access to several stickers while using this way. You’d just get what you’re receiving and a few official sticker packs developed by WhatsApp developers. If you’re good with them, go through the below procedure and grab them promptly.

  1. Open the GBWhatsApp Pro app on your phone.
    GBStickers Maker App Open GBWhatsApp Pro
  2. Now, open the chat where you want to send stickers, or grab stickers from there.
    GBStickers Maker App Send Stickers
  3. Hit the sticker sent by that profile or group and click add to favorites.
    GBStickers Maker App Add Stickers To Favourite

Now on, you can use this sticker on any chat as it got added to your GBWhatsApp Pro’s favorite sticker list. Later, if you intend to choose one of the official GB WhatsApp Stickers, you can try the below steps.

  1. Open the GBWhatsApp Pro app and open any chat from the list.
    GBStickers Maker App Send Stickers
  2. Now, click the emoji icon and choose the Stickers icon from the below list.
    GBStickers Maker App Choose Stickers
  3. You’d first see there the already added sticker group, i.e., cup & tea sticker pack.
  4. Click the right-sided (+) icon to pick among hundreds of sticker packs.
    GBStickers Maker App Stickers Packs
  5. You’d now glimpse a giant list of sticker packs. Just click the download icon after any sticker pack, and it’d get downloaded super quickly!

Method 3: Creating your own Stickers using GBWhatsApp Sticker Maker

After the above two methods, the third one is rarest and that’s why you won’t find it mostly on online websites.

This method is for those who want to create their own sticker packs using online editing tools, their images, or any funny things.

Well, this procedure is a little tricky and that’s why we’ve created an entirely based article on this topic.

If you would like to create your own stickers and find a way to create them and adding to GB WhatsApp Pro, you can hit the below link and get redirected to the article.

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