How to Create Stickers for GB WhatsApp Pro? [Step By Step]

While using WhatsApp on smartphones, the most desirable media file in all our cases is the Stickers. WhatsApp Stickers were obviously the most influential innovation as being an instant messaging platform.

Well, that’s because of all the superpowers of stickers, including the convenient usage, no time taking upload, and no long buffering. But do you know that you can also create your own stickers to use on GBWhatsApp Pro?

This GBWhatsApp Pro guide website wouldn’t be comprehensive without this sticker creation part, and that’s why we’ve created this unique article based on the sticker creation.

You can employ it to download the GBStickers Maker App as well as the procedure of creating the best stickers using it. So let’s not waste enough time, and teleport directly toward the GBStickers Maker app.

How to Create Stickers for GB WhatsApp Pro

What is GBSticker Maker?

If you have gone through our recent article based on the GBSticker app and got redirected here from that webpage, GBSticker Maker can be called an add-on to that app.

The last app helped you with so many sticker packs that you were able to download and access them anytime you wanted. But the current GBSticker Maker would help you create your own stickers using the Gallery items.

You can choose from 3 and up to 30 pictures at the same time and create sticker formats of those to add them to your GBWhatsApp Pro app.

Let me conclude that the GBSticker Maker app doesn’t create stickers for the official WhatsApp, and you must require to have GBWhatsApp Pro installed on your phone to use it.

The software additionally delivers you a tool to remove the background of your gallery images and make the stickers more clearly.

This feature would help that sticker look realistically designed by the WhatsApp professionals and really astonish all your WhatsApp contacts.

Let’s get ahead, download the GBStickers Maker app and create our first GBSticker.

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Download GBStickers Maker For Android

It’d be the best decision to cover it firstly, GBStickers Maker is just a handy android application as you downloaded there before, and it doesn’t include any disadvantages.

This information would help you download and use this app more creatively, as your mind wouldn’t have the after-installation consequences anymore.

Thereafter, you can click the below direct link to download the GBStickers Maker APK file on your smartphone. It’s the latest app version and needs literally no updates currently.

Moreover, you won’t need any superuser or rooting privileges to use it. So download it at the earliest on your phone and process the below technique to install GBStickers Maker APK on your phone.

How to Install GBSticker Maker APK on any Android Phone?

Get ready to create your own artistic stickers for GBWhatsApp Pro using the most convenient resolution, GBSticker Maker App.

But before that, you need to install the app on your device, which would seem humbler after going through the below-listed steps:

  1. Download the GBStickers Maker APK from the above link to your phone.
  2. After the completing downloading, open the File Manager app on your device.
    GBWhatsApp Pro Open File Manager App
  3. Locate the recently downloaded GBStickers Maker APK in the Downloads folder.
    Downloads Folder GBStickers Maker APK
  4. Click the GBStickers Maker APK file.
    Install GBStickers Maker APK
  5. Finally, hit the Install button and wait for the “Successfully installed” message.

After finding the GBStickers Maker app successfully installed message, you can now run the app and start creating your own stickers super creatively with the app’s coolest tools and features.

Even if you’re a beginner, you can employ the below-listed guide to learn to create stickers and add them to GBWhatsApp Pro’s app interface.

How to Use GBSticker Maker and Create Artistic Stickers?

The final turn of this article is to educate you on the only convenient method of using the GBStickers Maker app and creating convenient stickers to move them to the GBWhatsApp Pro app’s interface.

It sounds a little complex, but the reality is a piece of cake in front of you by employing all the below-listed steps:

  1. First, download and Install GBSticker Maker app from the above link and procedure.
  2. Now, you’d have two options for creating stickers with GBSticker Maker, with background or without background. Well, Stickers only look great with a transparent background, and that’s why we’d continue this procedure with transparent or no background.
  3. The first step of creation would be the background removal. Fortunately, the GBStickers Maker app also provides you with an add-on feature to remove the background of your Gallery Images and create a copy for creating stickers. Still, if you want convenience in background removal, you can also use any other third-party background removal tool.
    GBStickers Maker Background Remover
  4. After removing the background of the image and saving it in PNG format, you would become capable of creating artistic stickers. Open the GBStickers Maker app and click the bottom green Add Stickers button.
    GBStickers Maker Background Removed Saved To Gallery
  5. The above step would redirect you to your phone’s gallery, where you’re required to select at least 3 to 30 images at a time for creating sticker packs. Choose all the PNG ones that you created by removing the background a few moments ago.
    GBStickers Maker Background Choose Image
  6. Finally, click the Done button positioned in the top-right corner of the GBStickers Maker app interface.
    GBStickers Maker Background Done
  7. Lastly, you’d see the sticker pack listed on the list of GBStickers Maker app interface with two icons on there, Add and Delete. Click the (+) or Add icon and select the GBWhatsApp Pro version in the Select App prompt.
    GBStickers Maker Add GBWhatsApp Pro App
  8. Just after a moment, you’d get prompted by a notification asking to add WAStickers Maker to GBWhatsApp Pro. Click the Add button.
    Add WAStickers Maker To GBWhatsApp Pro

A few seconds later, you’d get all those pictures you selected under a Sticker pack in the GBWhatsApp Pro app interface.

Just get on the GBWhatsApp Pro app and open any chat or group where you want to deliver these stickers and click the Emoji icon to choose the stickers tab and select any of your added stickers.

GBWhatsApp Pro Send Stickers


Can we add GBStickers Maker stickers on official WhatsApp?

Absolutely Not! Being a GB Mod, GBStickers Maker APK only allows you to create and add these stickers in the GBWhatsApp and GBWhatsApp Pro WhatsApp Mods. Except for these, you can’t add the created stickers on any WhatsApp version.

How to create more than 30 stickers from GBStickers Maker?

If you want to create more than 30 stickers, you first need more sticker packs for that. Don’t worry techies! You just need to choose 30 stickers at a time multiple times until you won’t choose all your desired images. This procedure wouldn’t take long and provide you with over 30 stickers from GBStickers Maker.

Is GBStickers Maker a legit app?

GBStickers Maker is a small, decent, and legit android app to install on any Android-based smartphone. It wouldn’t harm any of your data or WhatsApp accounts and sophisticatedly help you create one of the best stickers using a convenient procedure.

How to delete the stickers I created with the GBStickers Maker app?

After creating a sticker pack, if you want to delete it, there would be a Delete or Trash icon linked just after the sticker pack. All you need is to click that icon and you’d later glimpse that the sticker pack got deleted from the GBStickers Maker and the same process would work in the GBWhatsApp Pro interface.

How to update GBStickers Maker app from the internet?

The current version we’re providing you is the most recent update from the GBStickers Maker developer, and you can bookmark this website link for getting the newest app updates later onwards from the official developers.

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