How To Fix Ban Issues on WhatsApp Mods and Tips & Tricks!

As of the current generation, no one knows about the heights of the internet, as it can be even above what the creators had thought.

The way we’re getting surrounded by the software making our tasks instantaneous, it can be said that there is no ceiling for the internet. Using the software mods can be fruitful and more harmful once they know you’re having them installed.

Well, it’s keen to have both merits and demerits, as companies still know what we’re doing and how we’re using it.

Otherwise, the accounts getting banned from WhatsApp for using the WhatsApp Mods couldn’t happen.

Today we’re going to learn more about fixing the ban issues on WhatsApp Mods and also the procedure for enabling Anti-Ban Features.

Why does WhatsApp ban your account?

WhatsApp Messenger tends to work on the terms and conditions registered by the company. Moreover, these T&Cs aren’t the same, but get updated every time WhatsApp understands about some threats going on the internet.

A few months back, they updated their terms and conditions, adding clauses about those who are using the WhatsApp Mods.

Fix WhatsApp Permanent Ban Issue

There are some WhatsApp Mods on the internet like WhatsApp Plus, GB WhatsApp Pro, and Yo WhatsApp which provide WhatsApp users some not-so-before features.

These features are in context with the privacy, security, and customization of the app, and according to WhatsApp.

These third-party apps can steal your data of messaging and media files, which is the reason for WhatsApp banning some accounts temporarily for using them. However, our all WhatsApp Mods are 100% safe, and we don’t steal any of User’s data.

How do WhatsApp Mods Anti-ban scripts work?

Firstly, WhatsApp Mods have the Anti-ban scripts, and you don’t need to enable them, but they are already enabled on the most updated versions of WhatsApp Mods like GB WhatsApp Pro, WhatsApp Plus, and FM WhatsApp.

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Basically, there are these scripts which keep the WhatsApp servers and the source codes look exactly to the online checks by the authorities.

In that case, the package name also looks the same so that they understand it looks the same as the official app, whereas keeping some hidden scripts sideways for containing add-on features.

This would keep you superb safe from the radars searching for WhatsApp Mods all over the internet and banning those accounts linked with such mods.

Moreover, you need to keep avoiding using the unauthorized and highly risky features marked on the WhatsApp Mods, otherwise, the anti-ban script will not even help you in the end.

How to fix the temporary banned problem on WhatsApp Mods without losing chats?

If you are being notified about your account being temporarily banned from using WhatsApp, and you know that it’s just because of using WhatsApp Mods, there is a simple process to get it back.

We shall recommend you to wait until the timer days as that’s the best option, but also understand how important it is for your account to be working and being stuck to messages.

Fix WhatsApp Temporary Ban Issue

However, your messages are so important, and that’s why waiting is the only way to keep data backed up. These are a few below steps that you can follow to fix the temporary ban simplistically.

  1. Open the WhatsApp Mod that you’re currently using after the temporary ban gets fixed.
  2. Get to the Settings > Chats > Chat Backup and click the Backup button to make a perfect backup of all your WhatsApp data.
  3. Uninstall the current WhatsApp Mod completely from your device.
  4. Download the latest version of WhatsApp Mods from the links below, included with the anti-ban scripts.
    WhatsApp Plus APK
    GB WhatsApp Pro APK

    OGWhatsApp Pro

  5. After downloading the required version, install it on your device with the manual installation procedures and restore your data back from the File Manager using this process.

Once you’re onboard, you will not get back the same temporary ban issue again. Still, if there is the same problem, your phone must need to be back on the official WhatsApp after the temporary ban interval gets cleared.

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Otherwise, you can follow the same above procedure for a different WhatsApp Mod, as they all have the same features, so nothing would be changed except for your problem would get solved.

Ways to be safe from WhatsApp’s temporary or permanent account bans

There are a few ways that we suggest being stuck to being safe from all the permanent and temporary bans by the official WhatsApp radars.

Downloading the modified version isn’t the reason why you got banned, but for using the features more, which are restricted to the limitations of official WhatsApp.

Below there are a few tips you can keep in mind for being safe:

  1. Don’t tweak much with the status features, such as sending status larger than 30 seconds, using the non-official caption status backgrounds, large number of words in caption status, etc.
  2. Never add the people in WhatsApp groups without them agreeing to it. It’s important to ask people before adding them to the group.
  3. Don’t share any kind of content that hurts WhatsApp’s terms and conditions.
  4. Don’t use the features marked as highly risky ones on WhatsApp Mods, such as Mass Message Sender and WhatsApp Bomber.
  5. Don’t send automated messages or use the Message Scheduling feature on WhatsApp Mods.
  6. Keep the version of your WhatsApp Mods updated as per the WhatsApp’s updates. You can assure that through being updated with the websites containing your favorite WhatsApp Mods.


There are multiple reasons for which WhatsApp bans accounts on a temporary and permanent basis, where they can belong to breaking content related terms and conditions.

Furthermore, there are some third-party WhatsApp Mods live on the internet, which can also be the reason for your WhatsApp accounts getting temporarily or permanently banned from the internet.

Considering all these things, we come to the point that if you want to have some unofficial and unique features on your WhatsApp account, it’s important to stick to a few tips we listed above in the article.

Besides, it won’t be recommended to use WhatsApp Mods for the default WhatsApp accounts, as the temporary bans can also turn into permanent at least probability.

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