Guide to Uninstall GBWhatsApp Pro? [2024 Guide]

Guide to Uninstall GBWhatsApp Pro? [2024 Guide]

The ultimate guide of GBWhatsApp Pro, isn’t only meant to help you only with the great features and entertainment part, but we’d also adore helping you at the time when you need us more frequently.

If you’re finding some consequences of this app or got any kind of previous attachment with the official WhatsApp version, it requires an uninstallation procedure.

Although, GB WhatsApp Pro can get easily uninstalled with the general uninstallation procedure.

Still, if you’re seeing any consequences in mid-process or finding the step-by-step procedure of uninstallation, we’ve got that listed below for you.

This page would be eternally informational about the uninstallation procedure of GBWhatsApp Pro.

Guide to Uninstall GBWhatsApp Pro

You can employ any of three methods for uninstalling GBWhatsApp Pro WhatsApp Mod from your smartphone. You probably know all of them, but for reaching the proper guidance, we’re listing them all below.

  • Drag and Drop Uninstalling
  • Uninstalling through the App Info page
  • Using the Settings app

Steps are what you’re deemed to take, and we’re deemed to list below as it is. Don’t worry, everything would be fine and convenient as we listed all the above three techniques with proper guidance about each below.

GB WhatsApp Pro Drag and Drop Uninstalling

This one is the most natural and renowned method of uninstalling an android app, and as we told you that you could uninstall GBWhatsApp Pro with any universal method, this one would be the first. It just requires three mere steps, as shown below.

  1. Touch and hold the GBWhatsApp Pro APK until you aren’t capable of moving it.
    GBWhatsApp Uninstall Top and Hold
  2. Grab and take it towards the top panel to an Uninstall hover mark above.
  3. Hit the Uninstall button at the next prompt tab and that’s it!
    GBWhatsApp Uninstall Button
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You’ve successfully installed GBWhatsApp Pro APK from your smartphone, and it’s time to get ready for the official app installation or whichever Mod you want.

Maybe this procedure won’t work for your phone, as it didn’t work on Samsung phones and many other phones. So if you’re using one of those phones, you can merely go for the next method!

Uninstalling GB WhatsApp Pro through App Info page

This technique would work for all your Android devices then either if it’s a Samsung, OnePlus, or Xiaomi smartphone. Consequently, it also requires you to follow some simple steps we listed below.

  1. Search the GBWhatsApp Pro icon on your phone’s app menu.
  2. Touch and hold the app icon until you won’t get the App Info option listed.
    GBWhatsApp Uninstall Search
  3. Click and open the App Info panel.
    GBWhatsApp Uninstall App Info
  4. Locate the Uninstall button below the app icon and name. Press it!
  5. Finally, you’d glimpse an uninstallation prompt. Click the Uninstall button there!

That’s all techies! You just have to uninstall the GBWhatsApp Pro APK from your smartphone.

If still find errors or any faults in this procedure, it’s time to go uninstall the app using the proper Settings app.

Uninstall GBWhatsApp Pro Using Settings App

This one is the last and one of the most used procedures to uninstall GBWhatsApp Pro APK as it directly includes the Settings app.

You need to go through the Settings app and uninstall the app directly at the last technique. It won’t go long though; let’s get to the actual procedure.

  1. Open the Settings app on your device using the Settings icon on the notification panel or app icon.
    GBWhatsApp Uninstall Open Settings
  2. Scroll the Settings menu until you won’t see the Apps or Apps and Notifications option.
    GBWhatsApp Uninstall Settings Apps
  3. Click and open the App tab to get to the app menu.
  4. Click the Manage Apps or App Info button. (There are numerous UIs on different phones. you’ll either get Manage Apps or App Info tab on the current page. We’re using a Xiaomi device and subsequently shared a picture below.)
    GBWhatsApp Uninstall Settings Manage Apps
  5. Scroll down, search GBWhatsApp app name and tap it.
    GBWhatsApp Uninstall Settings Apps Select
  6. Finally, hit the Uninstall button shown below the App settings.
  7. Now, you’d get prompted by the Uninstall Now tab. Click OK or Uninstall, whichever is shown on your phone’s screen.
    GBWhatsApp Uninstall App Info
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Wait for the procedure completion, and you’d soon get prompted that the GBWhatsApp Pro app was uninstalled successfully.

All the above three methods would prosperously work for your smartphone, and you’d soon uninstall WhatsApp Pro from your device. Enjoy!

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