Opinions About YoWhatsApp: Pros and Cons

Opinions are important to start using something new. Our psychological mind can’t believe things at the first stage until we don’t hear the good opinions about it from people.

Likewise, we’ve got some top reviews by numerous YoWhatsApp users, you can keep as a belief that YoWa is a safe and secure WhatsApp Mod with a gratifying number of features.

Additionally, we are also adding extra details including the opinions you need, pros and cons of using the YoWhatsApp in place of the official WhatsApp.

You require this information too to get upgraded to YoWa with zero doubt about installation, safety, security, and features enabled inside this mod.

Let’s use this essential time formally and grab the required data to build giant trust on the YoWhatsApp and all its features.

What is YoWhatsApp APK (YoWA)?

If you’re new here, YoWhatsApp APK would be unique to your mind, but it’d be damn familiar the next moment.

YoWa or Yo WhatsApp is a magical instant messaging platform that includes the complete official WhatsApp fluency, capability, working, and support, but extensively offers you a bizarre experience. Experience matters, and that’s what you’re going to get with Yo WhatsApp.

You must have sent messages and chatted with your friends, family members, clients, or students, but have you ever automated messaging? Have you ever customized the UI of WhatsApp? Have you ever seen different font family in WhatsApp? Obviously, WhatsApp provides updates, but most of these update versions include security features and add-ons.

YoWhatsApp is something which can extinguish all you’re messaging lacking and make your chatting brilliant.

There are so many pros of using this app as a default messaging app, and consequently, you’d also have to fight some cons, which are just a few.

Although, let’s get started with some opinions people reviewed after using this app for a long term.

Opinions about YoWhatsApp

Below is the list of all the legit opinions that YoWa got from the gladdest traffic. You’d find that happiness and can also fantasize the way they’re enjoying the benefits fruited by the Yo WhatsApp.

“I was first like, hey man, what’s YoWhatsApp, or what my friend told me YoWa? I didn’t really think it’d be such an amusing instant messaging software.

It was worth a 6-star review, but why did the former give me a capability of just up to 5. Close your eyes and download it, that’s the way!”

“Believe me, I’ve been using it just from 2 days onward, and it gave me goosebumps. Like, for real, how can a messaging app be so featureful? If there is any future of messaging or communication, it’s undoubtedly the YoWa.”

“I loved having the same colors of tops and jeans, and now with Yo WhatsApp, I also got my favorite-colored messaging interface.

You can’t even believe how happy I am after having this app installed on my phone as even, I can’t stop saying WOW.”

Pros and Cons of using Yo WhatsApp


Above were some of the selected reviews we got from the top of the list, and people really liked that app’s features.

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After having a proof of opinions, we can now mark our way towards the pros or features of using the YoWhatsApp in our daily messaging mix.

UI Customization

Are you a male or female? It really doesn’t matter, as we all love customization. People are getting away from WhatsApp after tremendous terms updates and lacking privacy features.

Recently, The Guardian and The Verge posted news that states WhatsApp losing millions of users. The most important reason behind losing users is the lack of customization features.

What if we say that you won’t need to stop using WhatsApp and can still have the customization features on the exact interface? That’d be a blessing, right? YOWA would do that without restrictions.

It offers two different options, the first you can choose to manually customize, and the second one you can just click to install a theme and customize automatically.

Two WhatsApp accounts

Having two different mobile numbers can provide you with numerous online benefits. Not just getting multiple offers, but you can also use a technique to run two different WhatsApp accounts on the same smartphone anytime.

Yo WhatsApp would help you do that, but again, you would need to have a different number, as you can’t create two accounts with a single number.

After installing YoWa on your phone, you can create your new WhatsApp account in that sole app interface and start enjoying the benefits of having two accounts.

Suppose you can give this secret account to some of your friends for having a confidential chat and lock them using the WhatsApp lock feature of YoWhatsApp. That’s really insane!

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Advancing limitations

Limitations are what stops us from messaging professionally. WhatsApp doesn’t show that on the front wall, but there are a huge number of limitations of WhatsApp interface.

Such as a cap on forwarding limit, cap on sending media files, cap on image quality, and restricted number pinned messages.

YoWhatsApp came to eliminate all these limitations and make you fly in the sky with your own rules.

You can now forward as many messages as you can, send high-quality images up to 4 MB, share statuses for a long period, choose among caption status backgrounds, and pin over 50 messages to the top of the list.

Privacy and Security

In this internet-centric world, it’s way hard to be secure and privacy-rich. Well, nothing is more effective than online messaging in that overview because the WhatsApp online messaging security is just a myth.

You can’t really believe the end-to-end encryption, and still people require way more privileges for both privacy and security.

YoWA is created only for safe and private messaging. Time to advance your messaging privacy and security by enabling privacy features like Hide typing…, hide recording…, hide blue ticks, hide double ticks, hide online status and hide status seen.

Moreover, you can also select among some security advancements like WhatsApp Lock and particular chat securing.


It’s important to stake something as having an endeavor of enjoyment. Consequently, we’re seeing some cons of using Yo WhatsApp on phones.

You know very well that it’s a third-party app, not developed by the official WhatsApp company, so there is a little risk of using it.

No more disadvantages, but there is only one with the resolution as listed below.

Account ban issue

You’re accessing a third-party app version of WhatsApp, which means that there is a slight probability of WhatsApp tracking this app and banning it permanently.

Now in that way, your WhatsApp account can also get banned either temporarily, or in severe conditions permanently.

Although the app includes an anti-ban feature which makes you feel safe, your safety has its proprietorship.

Don’t play with safety and use a non-important number for creating the WhatsApp account on YoWhatsApp app.

You want to enjoy all those blossoms of features, and they’d be all yours if you’re using this account, and counting, you won’t get any stress from the account ban probability.

It can be called a disclaimer before using YoWa. Except that, you’re good to go!

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