GBWhatsApp Pro: Pros and Cons | All You Need To Know

After the healthy launch of this fantastic WhatsApp mod called GBWhatsApp Pro, the developers got a giant ray of reviews that got initialized from the high security and ended with freaky personalization. That’s where the fun begins, with the successful verification!

Before downloading and installing a WhatsApp Mod on a smartphone, it’s a must-move to know what people loved inside there or if it contains any kind of limitations.

Happily, GBWhatsApp Pro contains no faults, errors, or limitations at all, and except that, we’ve got thousands of reviews about all its features that we’re listing below happily.

GB Whatsapp was a messaging application for smartphones with a focus on security, but GBWhatsapp Pro is an even more secure version of the app that has some additional features.

GBWhatsApp Pro Pros and Cons

After downloading the App, I found a different view of WhatsApp messages that I never had before. I can now chat with my friends in my favorite colored message headers and chat tabs.

Liked that Auto messaging thing in GBWhatsApp Pro that helped me employ most of my messaging junk time in other important things.

After downloading GBWhatsApp Pro, I found a different view of WhatsApp messages that I never had before. I can now chat with my friends in my favorite colored message headers and chat tabs.

I can now read all the messages that my freaky bestie sent me and deleted, being scared of her diffidence…LOL!

Being obsessed with the GBWhatsApp Pro version wouldn’t sound like an abnormal thing after knowing about all the above reviews that people posted about the GBWhatsApp Pro version.

After knowing about these official reviews gotten about this pro WhatsApp MOD, let’s have awhile to discuss all the important pros and cons that you’ll enjoy in this MOD.

Pros of using GBWhatsApp Pro

  1. GBWhatsApp Pro provides you with preset themes for customizing the app interface.
    GBWhatsApp Pro Theme Store
  2. You can now use the GB WhatsApp Pro’s in-built app-lock feature to secure the interface.
    GBWhatsApp Pro Built in Lock Feature
  3. Secure particular chats using the chat lock feature of GBWhatsApp Pro.
    GBWhatsApp Pro Lock Specific Chats
  4. Download Photo and Video statuses of all your contacts.
    GBWhatsApp Pro Download Status Video Images
  5. Copy the caption statuses of your contacts.
  6. Get all the recent updates, including the changed profile picture, changed statuses, and last online time.
  7. Auto Messaging and Message scheduler bot to mechanize chatting.
  8. Enhance forwarding limit, image sharing size limit, and media sharing limit.
  9. Enable Anti Delete Message to revoke all the messages deleted by your contacts for you.
  10. Choose among the best emoji types and notification icons from the resource menu.
    GBWhatsApp Pro Emoji Variant
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Cons of using GBWhatsApp Pro

Have you ever heard about a single-sided coin? Euro, Dinar, Dollar, Yen, Rupiya, or anyone? Nope, because that’s a lively thing.

Everything that exists in this world includes two different sides, and consequently, the GBWhatsApp Pro also includes cons within the above-listed pros. Let’s know all of them.

  1. The first disadvantage of using GB WhatsApp Pro is getting the official account temporarily or permanently (rarest possibility) banned. You must know that you’re currently using a third-party WhatsApp mod, which will get banned by WhatsApp servers whenever the Mod would get in their sight.
  2. You can’t find GBWA Pro on Google Play Store and if you’re an official believer, Google Play Protect would also stop you from installing it. If you’re 100% sure that you’re using a third-party MOD and cool with that, you can disable Play Protect to install it and enjoy privileges.
  3. It’s a process required to update the GBWhatsApp Pro app’s interface that you can get from this link. You can’t just get on Google Play Store to download an update for it as it’s a little big procedure as shown in the above-linked article.
  4. There are some dangerous features too within the GBWhatsApp Pro app’s interface. Well, they already include a caution note on enabling page, but if you’d go on multiple times with such features, your account can get banned by Meta servers.

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