How to Use GBWhatsApp Pro and How it Works?

Pioneering GBWhatsApp Pro with the ultra-beneficiary chatting interface and a hazardous number of privileges. You must have been chatting on the WhatsApp interface for years or even generations, but the current Mod we’ve is something going to change your complete way of messaging by employing all the creative scripts modified within its interface.

Well, the journey got initialized way before with numerous WhatsApp Mods including the FM series, GB series, Plus series, and the Yo series.

But the current version we’re launching in front of you is the Pro version of GBWhatsApp. You can call it one of the most recent WhatsApp Mods ever developed, as it contains all those benefits people are currently trying to get in their WhatsApp.

Consequently, the entire below blog would be depended on the GB WhatsApp Pro and its working style. In organic words, a beginner or even a professional can have this guide to learn to use GBWhatsApp Pro with all its features and an instant walkthrough of the interface.

If you’re trying to find a video, read the below guide, as the wording we used is exceptionally convenient and informational. Meet you below!

How to Use GBWhatsApp Pro and How it Works

What is GBWhatsApp Pro?

Defining GBWhatsApp Pro would be our first move in this article, as it’s super dependent on the exact title.

Before that, you need to know that these developers are creating WhatsApp Mods like GB WhatsApp Pro only with the official WhatsApp source codes and servers they got in an outflow. So, you won’t need to get stressed a lot while using these Mods.

Afterward, GBWA Pro is the second version of GBWhatsApp developed after the first GBWhatsApp got disabled by the Facebook servers.

You can now enjoy all the exact benefits of GBWA in this Pro version, with most of the new elements and advancements that you won’t grab there.

There are hundreds of thousands of WhatsApp users that started using GBWhatsApp Pro in place of their official WhatsApp.

They are feeling damn blessed with all the advantages represented by this professional WhatsApp Mod and seeing ahead to get hundreds of newly updated benefits that no one used yet.

How Does GBWhatsApp Pro Work?

GBWhatsApp Pro works the same as the official WhatsApp, where you can process messages, calls, video calls, and statuses, and send almost every media file to your contacts.

It’s all about the additional expertise reloaded by the GB developers inside the GBWA Pro after sanction on the renowned GBWhatsApp.

You can use all the below steps and advancements described with the functions to learn by going through them superficially:


Chatting is the first thing people come to do inside the GB WhatsApp Pro’s interface, as WhatsApp is first known for chatting.

But the Pro modification allows you to use more advancements except the simplistic chatting, and before going forward, let’s learn about official chatting:

  1. After creating an account on GBWhatsApp Pro, you can click the Message icon as shown on the below screen to send a new message. (Exactly as the official WhatsApp)
    GBWhatsApp Pro Send Messages
  2. From now on, you can choose any contact whom you want to chat with and click on that tab.
    Choose Contacts GBWhatsApp Pro
  3. That’s it! Just type and click the SEND icon to deliver the message.
    GBWhatsApp Pro Message Sent
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Futuristic Chatting

As of now, we know about chatting very well, and it’s exceptionally the same as the official WhatsApp chatting.

So, let’s have a view of the additional features which can make your mood to download this WhatsApp Mod instantly.

  1. Chat with the new patterns of blue ticks and double ticks.
  2. Automate your messaging to save time.
  3. Schedule your messages as not to forget important events.
  4. Revoke the messages deleted by your contacts.
  5. Double tab reaction add-on.
  6. Search the web for finding instant relevant images.


After chatting, the next function we use mostly in WhatsApp is the Calling feature. That’s one of the best features onwards, as we don’t need SIM carrier balance to make a call anymore with WhatsApp’s online calling. Let’s learn to use that feature.

  1. After verifying your GBWhatsApp Pro account, you can navigate to the Calls tab as shown in the below image.
    GBWhatsApp Pro Calls
  2. Now, you need to press the Call icon as shown below image.
    GBWhatsApp Pro Tap On Call Icon
  3. Finally, choose the contact that you want to call using either the Audio or Video calling icon.
    Choose Contact To Call Or Video Call GBWhatsApp Pro

Except from the above procedure, you can also find the audio and video calls on the respective contact page’s top walls. It’d be simpler, though!

Futuristic Calling

There are two new advancements that you can employ in WhatsApp calling while using the GB WhatsApp Pro version:

  1. Changing the Call voice with the Voice Changer add-on.
  2. You can delete the entire recent Call history by pressing a single button.


While dealing with the daily enjoyments, consequences, escalation, and lively things, we all love posting them on our online status wall to show the people we know.

GBWA Pro also allows you to do the same using the Status feature as you see in the official WhatsApp, and you can employ it as the below-shown process.

  1. Open the GBWhatsApp Pro and navigate to the Status section.
    GBWhatsApp Pro Status Section
  2. Now, click any status to watch what they fed or click + icon to share your own status.
    GBWhatsApp Pro Status Share
  3. You can choose among pictures, video, or even captions to post as your status, and also can restrict any public if you would rather not show them your status.
    GBWhatsApp Pro Status Features

Futuristic Status feeding

WhatsApp Status is the biggest prop of the WhatsApp community, and GB WhatsApp Pro has worked hard to make it way better than the official one. You can see the below features there.

  • Downloading Status is now possible and in the case of Caption, you can copy that.
  • Privacy got enhanced! Your contact will only know you seen their status when you’d press the Double-tick icon on their status. Simply, Hide Status seen.
  • Send the biggest status videos over 30 seconds and up to minutes.
  • Pick the newest color codes for caption status by creating them.
  • After enabling the Anti Delete status, you can view statuses deleted by your contacts.
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Privacy & Security

When you’re chatting with your friends, the very first thing you need to keep in knowledge every time is chatting privacy.

It’s worst with WhatsApp that people can see your last seen, status seen, double ticks, and blue ticks without letting you give them that access.

Moreover, there isn’t any security measure except end-to-end encryption offered by the official WhatsApp.

Futuristic Privacy and Security

Don’t worry, as GB WhatsApp Pro includes all the below privacy add-on features that no one can get from the official WhatsApp.

  • You can now hide blue ticks, double ticks, and even the online status from your WhatsApp contacts.
  • Have you seen their status? Don’t worry, they don’t know about it until you won’t tap the double tick icon on their status.
  • You can also always enable online in an exception if you need it anytime.
  • GBWA Pro allows you to hide media from your phone’s gallery.
  • Freeze the last seen for forever.
  • Hide Blue microphone, typing…, and recording… status.
  • Disable the Forwarded tag from forwarded messages.
  • Show blue ticks after the reply.
  • Employ WhatsApp lock as an inbuilt app lock for extended security.
  • Make patterns invisible and delete pattern vibrations.
  • Hide important or confidential chats.


All our WhatsApp traffic that adored WhatsApp for the first time they used it got hella bored with the exact light and dark interface.

This can be counted as one of the disadvantages of using the official WhatsApp version, as the GBWhatsApp Pro kind of WhatsApp Mods allow you to customize the eternal app interface.

Futuristic Customization

Below, we’ve listed all the selected features you’re getting with the GBWA Pro, using which, you can customize the WhatsApp interface damn creatively.

  • Thousands of preset themes for those who want already built the best designs.
  • Customize the eternal interface manually, including chat headers, footers, body colors, and wallpapers.
  • Wallpaper Plus for getting spectacular new wallpapers.
  • Save, restore, and reset themes in just a single click.
  • Create your own themes, choosing the perfect colors and sizes.
  • Change Universal, background, text, status bar, and navigation bar colors.
  • Choose emoji, font, launcher icon, and notification icon variants.
  • Change the theme from Dark to Light in just a single click.

Best Advantage: Using Two WhatsApp Accounts Simultaneously

Now on, let’s discuss the best advantage people can conquer with the GBWhatsApp Pro: Two WhatsApp accounts at the same time.

No comments, everyone has at least once thought in their life to have two different WhatsApp accounts and operate them at the same time for business or fun purposes, but they didn’t get any best resolution for that.

Two GBWhatsApp Pro using App Cloner

After installing GBWA Pro on your phone, you’d become capable of using two WhatsApp accounts at the very same time. All you need is to have two different SIMs in a single smartphone to create two different accounts.

Again, you can’t use the same account in two different WhatsApp versions at the exact time, so consequently, you need to create a new account with a new number to use in GBWhatsApp Pro.

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