How to Do GBWhatsApp Pro Backup with Google Drive [Restore Backup]

Unquestionably, GBWhatsApp Pro is one of the most prominent modified setups ever developed by WhatsApp modifiers, but things seem a little bit complex when we all find a way to create data backup in there.

While operating with the official WhatsApp, it’s simple to create a data backup on Google Drive and then restore it back with the exact Google account. But would it be possible to do the same in the case of GBWhatsApp Pro?

If you’re also finding the answers to the exact concerns on the internet and getting nothing except the formally advertised answers, let’s deal with that concern wholly.

Don’t worry, as we’ve got both, the answer, and the method to deal with your query with full humbleness and a higher success ratio.

Get through the complete below guide and solve all your queries, seemingly.

How to Do GB WhatsApp Backup with Google Drive

What is GBWhatsApp Pro and How it’s different from WhatsApp?

Settling the problem down first requires complete information about the source you’re getting the problem with, right? If you’re not too savvy with the GBWhatsApp Pro, it’s a simple WhatsApp Mod scripted by some enthusiastic developers to make things seem easier and funnier for us.

Well, there are a hazardous number of differences between the official WhatsApp and our GB WhatsApp Pro, but a few important ones are the Privacy enhancements, Customization options, eliminated limitations, and the coolest resources.

If you got bored with using the official WhatsApp interface and all its features, GBWA Pro can work as your soul thing.

Can you Create GBWhatsApp Pro Data Backup on Google Drive?

Now, the most crucial concern here is that if you can create GBWhatsApp Pro data backup on Google Drive or not. Well, before that, let me tell you that the GBWA Pro isn’t developed by the official WhatsApp developers, and consequently, it violates most of Google’s terms and conditions.

In that case, Google has disabled the GBWhatsApp Pro users’ data backing up on through their cloud servers. Whenever you’d try doing that, you’d get prompted by a caution note that you’re currently using a Mod version of WhatsApp, which maybe doesn’t contain end-to-end encryption. That’s why you can’t restore data back from Google Drive.

Now, what’s the resolution? If we can’t back up and restore our GBWhatsApp Pro’s data on Google Drive, then what’ll help us do the same? No need to get stressed, as we’ve found a wonderful method for you and listed it below so that you can employ it and create a data backup for your GB WhatsApp Pro.

Methods of Creating GBWhatsApp Pro Data Backup and Restoring

The only best method to create and restore GB WhatsApp Pro data is using the GBWhatsApp folder on your Internal Storage.

This method won’t go long and provide you the convenient data backing up and restoring techniques as mentioned below steps:

Step 1: Backing up GBWhatsApp Pro data

  1. Open the GBWhatsApp Pro APK on your device.
  2. Click the top-right cornered three-dot button.
  3. Tap on the Settings tab from that three-dot menu.
    GBWhatsApp Pro Settings
  4. Open the Chats section under the Settings menu.
  5. Click the Chat Backup button, which would start backing up all your GBWhatsApp Pro’s data.
    GBWhatsApp Pro Chats Backup
  6. Open the File Manager app on your phone and search the GBWhatsApp folder in the Internal Storage.
    Internal Storage GBWhatsApp Folder
  7. Copy this folder and paste it to the Downloads or any other particular folder in the Internal Storage.
    GBWhatsApp Folder Copy To Downloads

Cool for now! You can handily uninstall and reinstall the GBWhatsApp on your smartphone as you copied the backup in the Download folder. After the reinstallation, you need to follow the below procedure for restoring the backed-up data.

Step 2: Restoring GBWhatsApp Pro Data

In Step 1, the same convenience would be Step 2 of the procedure. Now, you’re about to restore the exact data that you backed up earlier. Just go through the below procedure and make that happen.

  1. Click this link and download the latest version of GBWhatsApp Pro APK, or skip it if you already have it.
    Download GBWhatsApp Pro APK
  2. Install the GBWhatsApp Pro app on your smartphone and don’t open it.
    Install GBWhatsApp Pro APK Latest
  3. Get to the File Manager app and open the Downloads or any folder where you lastly copied the GBWhatsApp folder.
    Copy GBWhatsApp Folder
  4. Copy this folder and paste it to the root folder of your phone’s Internal Storage.
    Internal Storage GBWhatsApp Folder
  5. Run the GBWhatsApp Pro and click the green Agree and Continue button. (Don’t click the Restore button on the front screen.)
    GBWhatsApp Pro Agree and Continue
  6. Fill in your region and WhatsApp number to get verified by GBWhatsApp Pro.
    GBWhatsApp Pro Add Phone Number
  7. Allow for all the important permissions such as Messages and Contacts.
    Allow GBWhatsApp
  8. Embed the One time password to verify your WhatsApp account.
    Verify Official WhatsApp
  9. Click OK for the prompt saying that you are using a modded version of WhatsApp and can’t use Google Drive.
  10. Finally, you’d get prompted by a Backup found window. Click the green Restore button as shown below.
    WhatsApp Tap on Restore Backup
  11. Wait for the completion of restoring procedure and restart the GBWhatsApp Pro app.
    WhatsApp Restoring Backup

When you’d get back to the GBWhatsApp Pro interface after restarting the app, you’d find all those apps, themes, customization, settings, as well as resources attached to the interface in the exact manner you left before.

This was the simplistic way of taking backup and restoring GBWhatsApp Pro’s backup on the exact smartphone.

If you’re encountering any other problems with backup and restore, you can also go through the below two linked articles and restore the backup simplistically.

The above three articles are designed to help you in every complicated case. For example, if you want to transfer the GBWhatsApp Pro messages and all the media files from one phone to another, on an iPhone, or transfer the backup files within two different versions, i.e., GBWhatsApp Pro and WhatsApp official. Enjoy the simplicity!

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