Top 3 Best Sticker Apps Compatible With All WhatsApp Mods

WhatsApp Stickers are the most instantaneous media files to be shared while messaging online, even faster than sending a message. They just need to be touched on the screen and get delivered to your WhatsApp contact without even buffering. Well, there are more than a million stickers available on the internet, also with some apps that allow you to create your own stickers using the pictures from the Gallery and a few editing tools.

But it’s hard to install WhatsApp Stickers if you’re using a complex online way of doing that. Next, when it comes to adding stickers in WhatsApp Mods, it becomes even more difficult. Downloading packs from websites and planting them inside a folder won’t be any better either. We recommend you to use any app among the three best sticker apps available for Android phones, which includes hundreds of sticker packs, including thousands of stickers.

You don’t need to go anywhere, as we’re listing them all down below with a free download link:

Stickers Plus for WhatsApp Plus

WhatsApp Plus

Stickers Plus is the first sticker generator application developed particularly for the WhatsApp Plus app. Well, it works on almost all the WhatsApp Mods, but while using the official WhatsApp messenger, you’d see some errors like non-availability of WhatsApp Plus on the phone. It contains the unique sticker packs which you can install in a single click to the WhatsApp Plus or any of your WhatsApp Mod.

Remember, that you won’t be able to create your own stickers using this app, as it’s only used to generate and install stickers. You must need to download a different app named Stickers Plus Maker app for going up ahead creating stickers for WhatsApp Plus.

GBStickers for GBWhatsApp Pro

GBWhatsApp Pro

GBStickers was developed by the GBWhatsApp Pro developers, and you can use this app more conveniently if you’re using the same WhatsApp Mod. Once you download and install this Sticker container app, you’ll find a list of stickers on the front home interface, where clicking any of them would simply show you the particular sticker in the bigger picture. From there, you can click the Install button and make that sticker available on GBWhatsApp Pro’s screen.

Similar to the above Sticker installer app, the GBStickers also doesn’t contain any option to create stickers using photos. You may need a different app to do that.

OGStickers for OGWhatsApp Pro

OGWhatsApp Pro Logo

OGStickers includes all the same features as you get on the other Stickers app, and it lists more than 4000 stickers in all the genres, including emojis, movies, web series, superheroes, Good Morning messages, etc. If you’re using the OGWhatsApp Pro app and got bored with the official stickers in the app, try out the OGStickers. All the stickers you get on this platform have no backgrounds, so they’d look more official than the humanly created stickers.

Steps to Add stickers on WhatsApp Mods using the above Stickers App

The process of finding the best stickers app for WhatsApp Mods is completed, and now you finally need to add those stickers to the WhatsApp Mods. All the above apps are online until you download the Stickers pack, and you can later use them even offline once you have them downloaded. Now, below are the steps which you need to follow if you want to add stickers:

  1. Download and install any of your favorite Stickers apps from the above links.
  2. Launch the Sticker app, that’ll list out all those stickers available on the app.
  3. Click the Sticker pack that you want to install to having an overview of available stickers.
  4. Hit the Install button at the bottom, which will ask to allow installation.
  5. Click the final Install button and that’d send the complete Sticker pack to your WhatsApp Mod.

Now launch the WhatsApp Mod you got on your android phone and get to the chat where you want to send that instant sticker. Click on the Emoji tab, and there you’d find a Sticker label at the bottom. Hit that tab and there you’ll find the new sticker pack listed with your desired stickers.


The flexibility and usage of WhatsApp Stickers makes it the easiest media files to be shared using WhatsApp Messenger. Moreover, they are easier to be copied by other contacts, and you don’t need to give an additional confirmation for sharing them. WhatsApp already offers a wide range of quirky stickers to make your contacts astonished.

But the unique sticker packs available on the above few sticker container apps would really be so astonishing to use for your WhatsApp Mods. Moreover, comment the name of the sticker pack that seemed more adorable to you among the thousands of available stickers on the above apps.