What Is the Difference Between WhatsApp and WhatsApp Mods?

If you think that there is just a single WhatsApp software developed for android phones, like just a single version which is the official one, you’re lacking significant information.

There are more than a hundred versions of WhatsApp currently working live with millions of WhatsApp accounts. You must be thinking why we need them, right?

Let me disclose an instant gratification thing with you, what we all call WhatsApp Mod! Basically, you’re using an official WhatsApp app which helps you to occupy an instant messaging capability with a simplistic official interface, right?

WhatsApp Mods make things simpler than they really are. Official WhatsApp software occur a boredom with the simple green and black interface.

Conversely, the WhatsApp mods are fully customizable where you can either barely choose all your favorite colors and invest some time to create your desired WhatsApp or choose the already available themes to directly install and use.

No more need to running with the exact official interface that you all hate in real livelihood, as you can now switch to a new WhatsApp mod.

What is a WhatsApp Mod?

Instant messaging without WhatsApp is impossible these days, as no one uses text messaging or Facebook Messenger these days.

According to Statista, as per the January 2022 data, there are over 2 billion WhatsApp users, 100 billion daily messaging volume, and 18.6 hours of average day globally time spent using WhatsApp.

Moreover, we also found that it ranks at the top of the global instant messaging protocols. But the question is about the WhatsApp Mod, right?

In first simple definition, a WhatsApp Mod is nothing but your same official WhatsApp with some additional elements that you have never seen on the official interface.

Later, if you want to go technically, WhatsApp once in 2014, undesirably leaked their resource codes which tremendous third-party developers using these days and modifying their own customizable version, what we call WhatsApp Mods.

According to the most trusted websites, Republic World, millions of people from India and Africa are using WhatsApp Mods in their daily life.

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These websites would also warn you about some demerits of using these Mods, but consequently, no entertainment lacks risks.

So yes, there are few risks of using these WhatsApp mods such as temporary account ban, data loss issues (in case if you aren’t creating backup), and at worst scenario, permanent account ban.

What’s the Difference Between WhatsApp and WhatsApp Mods?

WhatsApp and WhatsApp Mods don’t just include a different name and exact stuff inside. If there is a Mod extension within any android app, it really means a lot.

Now, if I’d start differentiating both these software programs, it’d take thousands of nights to complete them all. But we’d love doing that technically and minimally.

So, the only technical difference between WhatsApp and WhatsApp Mods is the integrity of multiple features within the new Mods.

Basically, the official WhatsApp looks a little weird these days as we’ve used the exact interface for ages, and we want customizations, lack of limitations, and enormous privacy features.

Nevertheless, WhatsApp official thing can’t complete our wishes and that’s where we hear the loud shout of WhatsApp Mods.

These Mods are the scripted versions of WhatsApp that offer you the exact messaging functionality, but with the extraordinary interface and features.

Why People Love to Use WhatsApp Mods?

What’s so special about the WhatsApp Mods that more than 50% of WhatsApp traffic is getting switched to use the WhatsApp Mods? Why Is WhatsApp MODs Are More Popular Than Facebook? If you’re also thinking about the exact thing and finding complex answers on different websites, let us resolve it for you with living factors:

  1. Customization: WhatsApp’s biggest competitor, Telegram, has introduced new themes, skins, stickers, and animated emoticons, but the most renowned WhatsApp still hasn’t introduced a single customization feature at all.

    YoWhatsApp Icons Customization

    The first reason to love using WhatsApp Mods is access to customization features. You’d enjoy a fully customizable interface with thousands of preset themes within the WhatsApp Mods to enjoy the chatting.

    Wouldn’t that make you adore WhatsApp Mods?
  2. Privacy: Everyone loves being private and priorly making their online conversation environment private. But WhatsApp isn’t even a little possessive there.

    WhatsApp Mod PrivacyWhatsApp Mod Security

    It’d notify your contacts whenever you’d see their statuses, messages, online status, and message delivered status.

    If you want to make your messaging environment super private, you’d love using WhatsApp Mods.

    These WhatsApp mods include some excellent privacy enhancer options, such as Hide Blue Tick, Double Tick, Status Seen, Profile Picture, as well as Online Status.
  3. Resources: Online apps without resources and with old resources, both are boring. The WhatsApp official app includes dam aged resources such as old emojis, single font style, single notification icon, and some only stickers.

    GBWhatsApp Pro Emoji VariantWhatsApp Mod Fonts CustomizationWhatsApp Mod Customization

    Besides, WhatsApp Mods transports new Emoji styles, amazing new fonts, and more than 5 colorful notification icons.

    These resources would help you to make your friends astonished when they’d see you chatting. That’s why people love using WhatsApp Mods.
  4. Lack of Limitations: The above things were still a little affordable, and we managed messaging without them, but limitations aren’t justified.

    No one can chat with limitations such as a capped number of media sharing at a time, capped quality of media, and capped number of message forwarding.

    WhatsApp Mod No Limitations

    The best reason why people love WhatsApp Mods is because they get rid of these limitations forever.

    You can send the high quality up to 4 MB images, more than 250 media files at a time, forward more than 100 messages at a time, and can pin more than 50 messages at the top of the list. It’s your WhatsApp!
  5. Automation: The last reason for people loving WhatsApp Mods is the automation and scheduling.

    YoWhatsApp Automate Messaging

    Suppose you’re busy someday and can’t reply to the same messages from your clients or contacts such as birthday wishes, festive wishes, and product inquiry.

    In that case, WhatsApp Mods allow you automated replies accordingly as per the message body you chose.

    Moreover, you can also schedule messages for festive and birthdays to not feel accountable while forgetting such events. Isn’t that great?
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