What is YoWhatsApp and Why you must use it?

What’s up, all you talkers? Are you all ready for a new article that will be based on what you’ve mentioned in the most recent comments? People had questions, quite a few questions, about the true meaning of YoWhatsApp APK and what it is primarily used for.

We have always been the first to respond to questions of this nature, and the homepage of this website will include that too.

Moreover, we also included all of the information about the application, including its privileges and the steps to take to obtain it on that page.

Afterward, we also created another article to take this topic a little rarely and keep a different space for it. The current article is eternally based on the question of What is YoWhatsApp, and what’s it for?

We’ve summed up all the important features and new stuff that just emerged inside the new version of YoWhatsApp, i.e., YoWhatsApp 10.6.

Get through it eternally, and you’d find almost the entire content super useful for making up your mind to install YoWhatsApp and the safety measures mod users ought to take.

We researched all this content from official websites and none of the below answers contain any kind of mistake in any way.

What is YoWhatsApp and Why you must use it

What is YoWhatsApp?

If you have heard before of the modified app versions or installed any app version with some exceptional features higher than the official version, YoWhatsApp can be called one of them.

Taking the opposite a few years ago, WhatsApp mistakenly leaked its source codes and server lists which got tracked by hundreds of third-party developers, and they used them for creating these WhatsApp Mods.

YoWhatsApp is one of the aged WhatsApp Mods running for a long term and getting new updates promptly. You can call it a top-ranked list mod created for having a professional hand in WhatsApp messaging.

Technically, it includes some additional scripts inside the codes that help it to include some external servers, and consequently more customization options.

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You can now make your WhatsApp account look fabulous with different colors, blue ticks, notification prompts, and font styles.

Losing the mind is the first reaction we saw in people who used this mod for the very first time, as it kicks your brain’s messaging aura with a fully customizable UI.

Not just that, you’re going to feel the superficial messaging vibes only with this messaging protocol. Get a level ahead of official WhatsApp messaging!

Why YoWhatsApp APK?

After being a WhatsApp user for so long, it’s hard for chatters to switch the platform. Moreover, WhatsApp has dominated a big size of the pie while talking about the most popular global messenger app.

You can find that more than 2 billion guys are using this protocol and that’s why you can’t modify your messaging service.

But what if we can change the protocol? YoWhatsApp is that protocol that would offer you the coolest messaging privileges with the exact app servers and contacts you messages through WhatsApp’s official app.

Finding what’s it for? Let’s know with some amazing features people are enjoying daily in YoWhatsApp.

  • YoWhatsApp APK contains many customization features, where techies can either customize the complete wall with their desired colors.
    YoWhatsApp Customization Features
  • Chatters can now choose among thousands of themes and customize the complete WhatsApp UI with a single Install button.
    YoWhatsApp YoThemes Store
  • YoWA will allow the messengers to be super private. They can hide blue ticks, double ticks, online status, and status seen, and also hide the forwarded mark from such messages.
    YoWhatsApp Hiding Features
  • YoWhatsApp users have no limitations such as a capped limit of media sharing, image quality caps, and message forwarding limit. You’re limitless to message through the online servers.
  • It won’t bore you with a single kind of notification icon, font family, and emoji type. You can get more than 10 types of emojis, 30+ notification icons, and different fonts here.
    YoWhatsApp Icons Customization
  • You can use YoWhatsApp to automate and schedule your messaging fast and efficiently. Just a simple alteration is required, like contacts, and time interval, and you’re good to go.
  • Lastly, you don’t need to pay money for any feature here, as it’s an open-source modification.
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Demerits of using a WhatsApp MOD

There is nothing that we can call demerits while using WhatsApp Mods like YoWhatsApp, but still, we got a few notes that you need to understand completely before you start using YoWhatsApp.

It’s good to fight the trouble before it even begins, and that’s what we’re doing here in the form of the below-listed notes.

1. YoWhatsApp is a third-party app, and that’s why you can’t get it on the Google Play Store or any other app store. You need to download it from here, and we’d suggest first using a non-official or different number to create a new WhatsApp account for resisting ban issues.

2. Before downloading YoWhatsApp or any other WhatsApp modification, you first ought to create a complete backup of your important WhatsApp messages and all those media files you got through messages. You can open this link to learn the steps to back up and restore data from WhatsApp to YoWhatsApp.

3. YoWhatsApp is just for fun and there are a few features on its interface marked as risky features, such as Mass message sender. Use these features as few as you can to make your messaging safe and secure.
YoWhatsApp Mass Message Sender

What’s new in the YoWhatsApp v10.6

YoWhatsApp is a vigorously upgrading app and that’s why it creates new updates almost every season. Currently, we got the most recent version for you, YoWhatsApp 10.6 which includes the below additional features compared to its last versions. You can also track these updates on the changelog section of the Update menu of the YoMods menu.

  1. You can now see group admin with a crown icon indicator.
    YoWhatsApp Group Admin Indicator
  2. Share multiple images and videos at the same time from chat to exterior apps like Telegram.
  3. New themes added to the YoThemes library.
  4. Quick reaction to the status
  5. New text status background colors.
  6. Go to the first message with a single click.
  7. Many more…

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