Guide to Install WhatsApp Plus APK? Comprehensive Guide!

Have you got stuck in the official WhatsApp interface but want to upgrade your messaging with some futuristic tweaks your friends are using within WhatsApp Mods? If that’s what you want, WhatsApp Plus is the best mix for you as a most renowned and long-lasting WhatsApp Mod running onward for more than a decade. It’s an anti-ban WhatsApp Mod created for those who want to enjoy privileges without staking their account.

Your device, messages, and media files would be ultra-secure while using the WhatsApp Plus mod and together with all the benefits you can get with it.

Talking about the current guide, we’ve listed below most of the important features you can get in WhatsApp Plus, with the main motive of this guide, i.e., Installing WhatsApp Plus.

If you’ve created an aim of having WhatsApp Plus version on your device, you need to install it. Downloading won’t be a big deal, as below we’ll give you a web link that you can get on and download the WhatsApp Plus version.

But forward, there will be an installation procedure and verification. The below guide will properly flourish you with the knowledge of the installation procedure, and you can also get an overview of WhatsApp Plus using it.

What is WhatsApp Plus?

We first created the solo official article about WhatsApp Plus, so if you’re new to the app and want to arrange most information about this WhatsApp Mod, that article would be the first recommendation.

Still, we have here a little introduction about the app, related to what it really is and what you are getting in there. Technically, WhatsApp Plus is the modified app version of official WhatsApp.

It was developed a bit after the official WhatsApp with the genuine coding, servers, but diverse features that no one wants to skip. It’s a featureful messaging application, where people who are a little creative, give their faith.

You don’t need to think of it as a complex technical Android app, that requires a distinct number of configurations for getting installed. It’s a reliable WhatsApp Mod, ought to work on any of your Android phones.

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Why WhatsApp Plus?

There are so many reasons we can list for elaborating this answer, so why can’t we just call them features. Yeah, below are all the exaggerating features of WhatsApp Plus that makes all your messaging moments count among the best few moments of your virtual Android life.

  1. Privacy features like hide typing…, hide online status, hide last seen, disable forwarded mark, and hide status seen.
    Privacy Security WhatsApp Plus
  2. Themes to change the interface of messaging completely within a tap on Install button.
    WhatsApp Plus Theme Install
  3. Automated Messaging and Scheduled Messaging with just a few setting settlements.
    WhatsApp Plus Auto Reply
  4. Download status using the Internet, either if it’s video, image, or caption.
  5. Mass Message Sender to broadcast messages to a hyper number of crowds.
    Mass Message Sender WhatsApp Plus
  6. Different packs of emoticons, notification icons, launcher icons, and fonts.
    Emoji Variant WhatsApp Plus
  7. A fully customizable app interface, including approaches to personalize everything, from a header to a footer.
    Home Screen Customization WhatsApp Plus
  8. Anti-Delete message feature for getting all those messages back deleted by your friends.
    Anti-delete Messages WhatsApp Plus

Installation Process of WhatsApp Plus on Android Phone

This time, let’s get sharply ahead to the procedure of installing WhatsApp Plus on an Android phone. By using the below method, you can install WhatsApp Plus on any Android device, without mattering the Android version or a processor type.

Just use the below steps one-by-one to have a new messaging aura with some rarest features.

Step 1: Create the Backup of your Old WhatsApp Data

It’s not the actual requirement of installation in technical overview. But you need to perform it if you want to install WhatsApp Plus with all your old data back in the actual way, like the exact way messages are one below another.

Perform the below steps for creating the backup of your old WhatsApp data:

  1. Open the WhatsApp app on your android phone.
  2. Click the three-dot menu button in the top-right corner.
  3. Tap the Settings tab and find the Chats section there.
    WhatsApp Messenger WhatsApp Plus
  4. Open Chats section.
    Chats WhatsApp Plus
  5. Scroll down and click the Chat Backup button.
    Chat Backup WhatsApp Plus
  6. After there, you’ll see a Back Up button, but before clicking it, must tick the last checkbox for backing up media files too.
    Back Up WhatsApp Plus
  7. Ultimately, click the green colored Back Up button. This will start backing up the data.
  8. Open the Google Files app on your phone and find the folder named WhatsApp on the local storage folder.
    Google Files WhatsApp Folder
  9. Copy this WhatsApp folder to the Downloads folder.
    Copy WhatsApp Folder to Downloads
  10. Open the Downloads folder and rename the WhatsApp folder to WhatsApp Plus.
    Rename WhatsApp folder to WhatsApp Plus
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Step 2: Downloading WhatsApp Plus App

Click the download button on the below link and download the WhatsApp Plus app on your device. This one is the most recent update developed for WhatsApp Plus, with all the new features and bug fixes.

After downloading the app, the last step would be the installation, so in simple words, you’re just near the success. Click the below link and download WhatsApp Plus APK.

Step 3: Installing WhatsApp Plus APK

You got the android application package, or APK file for WhatsApp Plus, and now is the time to install it on your device. Installation would be eternally default, as it would be exactly the way you recently installed any other APK files or a third-party app.

Just follow the below steps for making installation simpler:

  1. Open the File Manager app and Downloads folder where you recently downloaded WhatsApp+ APK.
    Locate WhatsApp Plus APK
  2. Click this WA+ APK and later click Install button for it.
    Install WhatsApp Plus APK
  3. Wait for the installation process to get completed and later get back to the same Downloads folder of File Manager where we kept that backup in Step 1.
    Downloads Folder WhatsApp Plus Folder
  4. Copy this backup and paste it back to the root folder of Internal Storage.
    Paster WhatsApp Plus Folder to Internal Storage
  5. Launch the WhatsApp Plus on your device.
    Open WhatsApp Plus App
  6. Click the Agree and Continue button.
    Agree and Continue WhatsApp Plus
  7. Enter your region and Mobile Number linked with WhatsApp.
    Select your Region and Number WhatsApp Plus
  8. Allow for the permission of reading messages.
    Allow Permissions WhatsApp Plus
  9. Enter the OTP code for successful verification of your account.
    One-time Password WhatsApp Plus
  10. Click the Verify button and allow for the permission of Contacts.
    Allow Media and Contact Permission WhatsApp Plus
  11. Skip the Google Backup system and after there would come a Restore button if you followed the Step 1 carefully.
    Tap Skip WhatsApp Plus
  12. Click the Restore button if you backed up files earlier in the Step 1.
  13. Enter your name and upload a profile picture if you like.
    WhatsApp Plus Profile Picture Name Next

That’s all! You have successfully installed the WhatsApp Plus APK using the above procedure. There won’t be any flaws, or if you have any concern, you can comment it below to let us help you.

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