Is YoWhatsApp Safe To Install? [Explained]

Safety and privacy while using third-party software are a must to get through. You can’t just close your eyes, download any third-party app on your phone, and admit all the influential permissions to its servers like Contacts, Media Files, Phones, and Messages.

It’d be hilariously wrong to make decisions in such a way, and that’s why we’re currently here with an article based on the safety and security of YoWhatsApp.

YoWhatsApp is again a third-party version of the official WhatsApp, and it’s actually not developed by the WhatsApp company.

Even Facebook has refused to own any of the third-party WhatsApp mods working online, and they’re working their best to turn them all down.

However, YoWhatsApp and most of the renowned WhatsApp mods include anti-ban servers to make you use these mods securely without being tracked.

Is YoWhatsApp Safe To Install

YoWhatsApp has been running for a long time, and it didn’t go down to date. We can’t say that it won’t ever get tracked, but you can enjoy most of your desired features here while risking your WhatsApp account.

Nothing comes for free, and you can play a trick here to be safe as well as gratified at the same time. That trick is to use a second number for WhatsApp account creation.

We all got a two-SIM card smartphone and consequently, you can try using WhatsApp with your non-official number to stop risking your security.

This way, you’d get three features at the same time, a second WhatsApp on the same smartphone, all the YoWhatsApp features, and no risk on your official WhatsApp account.

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We checked this app eternally with all the brilliant antivirus software, and they all showed a green flag to use its features.

So as an ultimate answer, we’d say that YoWhatsApp is a third-party software, but you can use it on your smartphone with some precautions.

Sometimes, accounts get banned, but most of the time they get banned temporarily and grow a chance to get used again. So be safe, be secure and employ YoWhatsApp the best way we mentioned above.

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  1. I was logged out of Yowhatsapp and after it keeps telling me I’m using unofficial whatsapp. I’m unable to update the latest yowhatsapp it keeps telling me the package signature does not match the installed app.


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