YoWhatsApp or FMWhatsApp: Differences and Comparison

Different modified versions of WhatsApp, different intros, and different outlines, that’s what basically make the choosing hard, and the same way people admire features.

Let me tell you one most important thing about all the WhatsApp Mods; ­­­­they all are absolutely the same.

In basic words, they all use the same WhatsApp servers, and source codes, and also the features you will see within them would be exactly the same.

In the series of Yo WhatsApp, this article would help you to make up your mind to select any of these two WhatsApp Mods; Yo WhatsApp and FMWhatsApp.

Firstly, FM WhatsApp is developed by Fouad Mods developer, and the YoWhatsApp version is also developed by the different developer, Yousef Al-Basha.

Still, they both come under the same developing group, Fouad Mods, as the exact provider is serving all the payments required to run it.

In this manner, you can simply understand that both these WhatsApp Mods would have the exact theme provider community, and resources.

That’s why, there aren’t many differences between both these WhatsApp mods. Still, as you want to rationalize between both these versions and choose a productive one.

We have this guide which will help you in comparing and differentiating both the WhatsApp Mods based on all important contexts.

What is YoWhatsApp?

YoWhatsApp is a mod version of WhatsApp developed by a third-party developer named Yousef Al-Basha and served by the Fouad Mods servers.

If the mod word is confusing to you, you can call this version the scripted variant of WhatsApp, the one which contains some exclusive features that one cannot get in the official WhatsApp application.

You should believe that the modified version and official version both opts the same servers to keep your account safe.

YoWhatsApp Logo

Besides, these quality mods also contain anti-ban scripts that allow you to use the coolest features without feeling concerned about your WhatsApp account security and privacy.

Still, everything inside this WhatsApp version is end-to-end encrypted, from the messaging, group creation, to sending broadcast messages.

And if you are keen to know more about the features served by the Yo WhatsApp APK, you can refer to this link, containing all the important information.

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Furthermore, if you want to download the app and install it to your android smartphone, the webpage will help you to do both the things so simplistically.

YoWhatsApp is well known for its themes and resources, and there are some prestigious privacy enhancing features present in the app for WhatsApp anonymity seekers.

What is FMWhatsApp?

After the Yo WhatsApp, the next opponent of the series we have got here is the FMWhatsApp. Choosing both of them has a reason, and you’ll actually like it.

Basically, both these WhatsApp Mods are served with the same Fouad servers as the YoWhatsApp developers have provided them with the access and finally, both contain approximately the same components.

FMWhatsApp Logo

FMWhatsApp is also a modified version of WhatsApp with some most beneficial options that will get a freak out of you.

There are some options related to the personalization of the app interface, as well as some options that will make you sound cool, like the new emoticon variants, and some coolest launcher icons.

If you are using these icons on the launcher or notification, I’m damn sure someone will soon ask you the way of having them.

Differences Between YoWhatsApp and FMWhatsApp

However, today we’re here to point out some differences between both these modified versions, YoWhatsApp and FM WhatsApp.

There weren’t any of the differences, and still, we found one after a long time based on the app feature’s interface that you can now acknowledge as it’s listed below with all the similarities between both these WhatsApp Mods. Keeping it to the point, let’s first acknowledge the differences.

FM Settings vs Yo Settings

The setting options in both these WhatsApp Mods are the same within the resources placed within them.

But still, you will find out a difference there, which is again the only difference between both these WhatsApp mod versions.

The difference is only in the feature widget that we see on the top of this feature list.
YoWhatsApp FM Mods Menu
Basically, when you’ll get to the FM Settings and Yo Settings one by one, there will be a widget on the top, and it’ll look respectively as shown in the above image.

That’s the sole difference between both these versions and WhatsApp, and despite this, you will not find a single bit of comparison between them, even after having a thorough walkthrough of both the applications one by one.

Similarities Between YoWhatsApp and FMWhatsApp

Apart from that single difference between both the mod variants of WhatsApp, we now have all the similarities between them.

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There are more similarities except for the ones below, but we’re listing only those which are so important to know before downloading each of them.

In my opinion, I’ll say both the complete apps are similar to each other, and still, the list is down there.

App Interface

At the initial stage of launching the app, you’ll see both Yo WhatsApp and FMWhatsApp have the same user interface.

This will include all the significant tabs like Chats, Statuses, and Calls. But both of them have themes and the user interface will get personalized after installing themes.

So, choose your favorite one and go through all the remarkable options on the convenient user interface.

Themes and Emoticons

There are thousands of themes available on these WhatsApp Mods that you can download and install in a single click and enjoy the colorful adjustable app interface.

Adding to the themes, you’ll also see 5-10 unique emoji styles that would only be shown in your messenger, not the contacts’, but will give the aesthetic vibes.

Luckily, both YoWhatsApp and FM WhatsApp mods contain the exact number of themes and emoji styles on their app interface.

Privacy Options

Privacy is extremely important while messaging online on WhatsApp, as you better won’t share some private online statuses.

WhatsApp Messenger lacks privacy in the official app version, but the modified versions are well known for the privacy options available there.

You can have the features like Hide typing…, Hide recording…, Hide Online Status, Hide status seen, and Hide forwarded mark.

Amazingly, both the WhatsApp mods contain an exact number of privacy options.

Status Download

You can download WhatsApp statuses of your contacts in both the WhatsApp Mods listed in this article, i.e., YoWhatsApp and FMWhatsApp.

Download any statuses just by clicking a small and concise Download button on the status tab. You need to do that for particular contact statuses, simply by clicking the required one, and tapping the download button for it.

Notification and Launcher Icons

When you get notifications from any Android app, it comes with a clubbed app icon, and likewise things happen in WhatsApp.

However, the Xiaomi android phones help you with smartphone themes that change the color of the WhatsApp icon in the notification and app launcher from green to others.

But Yo WhatsApp and FMWhatsApp will help you choose among a variety of WhatsApp icons for both notifications and app launcher, and both contain the same variety of icons.

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