How to Install YoWhatsApp APK on Android, Windows, Mac & iOS?

You don’t need any rocket science knowledge for installing the YoWhatsApp APK on your smartphone, PC, or any other device.

You only ought to be natural and default for that installation moment. There is nothing rare and weird in this installation compared to any other app’s procedure for Android phones.

However, procedure is procedure! And we ought to provide you with a step by step technique for installing the Yo WhatsApp on any kind of device you got at ease.

Although, it’s an APK package, and it’s very first declared that you can’t install it on any device operating on any operating system except Android.

There are some required incompatibilities responsible for the installation, and we’d tell them all line wise below.

So, the complete below article is one in the series of YoWhatsApp, designed to work as an installation guide. It’d help you out in any installation case and query merely and promptly.

Just believe in the procedure, invest a little installation time and get started employing all the sarcastic privileges assured by YoWA APK.

What is YoWhatsApp APK?

The first and proper homepage of our website would help you understand this topic more intentionally.

Still, we’re adding the important content to make you familiar with the topic of WhatsApp Mods as well as the YoWhatsApp.

Originating with the simple def, YoWA is an android software developed with the exact codes, servers, and resources utilized in the official WhatsApp app.

Getting deep inside, we found that a long time ago, when WhatsApp’s resource packs and servers got leaked in public, numerous android developers known for the brilliant Mod developments took them for innovations.

For innovating the instant messaging service, these technological guys created the modified versions of WhatsApp, and one most known in the series is the Yo WhatsApp.

If we mention it directly, YoWhatsApp APK is a brilliant choice for all the privilege, customization, and privacy seekers.

If you’re one of them, you must be going to like using the YoWa in place of your official WhatsApp application.

You can get it through the official download page linked within this webpage and can install it on your phone by the simplistic guide we created.

Steps to Install YoWhatsApp APK on an Android Phone?

What does an APK sound like? It’s basically spelled as an Application Package created only for the Android smartphones.

By the way, it’s not required to install it, but I was deemed to make sure that the Yo WhatsApp APK is only developed to get installed on Android phones.

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Finally, let’s get started with the based procedure for installing YoWa on Android phones.

Step 1: Downloading YoWhatsApp APK

We’ve distributed the complete procedure in three different phases to help you understand it more conveniently, and this way would really assist.

The first one is the downloading phase, which includes the most prior thing, getting access to the app.

It’s the simplest phase, where you’re only supposed to hit the below link and download the app to your phone.

YoWhatsApp Logo

You’d only get a single app version on the download page, and it’d subsequently diminish the complexities of choosing the best compatible version.

There is an only compatible version which is linked above. Download it and get back to this webpage for starting the installation procedure promptly.

Step 2: Installing Yo WhatsApp APK

If you’ve downloaded the YoWhatsApp APK on your device, then you’re good to go with the installation procedure, as you’re the one with an application package.

Firstly, let me solve the query that YoWhatsApp can get installed using the default installation procedure only. And that’s what we’re listing below step-by-step.

  1. After downloading the app from the link above, open the File Manager and locate it.
    YoWhatsApp APK File
  2. Now, click the APK version, and soon you’d see a prompt as shown below to permit File Manager for third-party app installation. Allow for that permission.
  3. Slightly after allowing and getting back to File Manager, you’d get an Install button as shown below. Click it.
    YoWhatsApp APK Install
  4. Wait for the completion of installation procedure to 100% and get ready for the below verification phase.
    YoWhatsApp APK Open

Step 3: Verifying Yo WhatsApp

The final phase is verification of your WhatsApp account. If you want your old WhatsApp account to work here with the YoWA version, you first need to create and import the chat and media backup to this new version.

Now that won’t be tricky, and you can proceed for backing up using this link’s mentioned technique.

Otherwise, if you just want a new account creation, or you don’t need those old chats and backup back, you can proceed with the below procedure.

  1. Open the YoWhatsApp APK on your phone and click the Agree and Continue button.
    YoWhatsApp APK Agree and Continue
  2. Now you’d glimpse the below window asking you the WhatsApp number. Inscribe the number that you want to verify WhatsApp with.
    YoWhatsApp APK Phone Number Next
  3. Finally, click the Verify button, and again you’d get prompted by a notification asking to Allow some important permissions for OTP tracking.
    YoWhatsApp APK Verify Continue
  4. Allow all the essential permissions and get to the OTP page as shown below.
    YoWhatsApp APK Verify Phone Number
  5. Type the correct one-time password you got through a message on your WhatsApp number and click the Verify button.
  6. Wait for the verification completion, again allow access to contacts and internet for starting messaging.
    YoWhatsApp APK All Permission
  7. Skip the Google data backup finding, as you can’t do that in a WhatsApp Mod like YoWhatsApp.
    YoWhatsApp APK Skip Google Drive Permission
  8. Enter your name and add a profile picture if you’d like.
    YoWhatsApp APK Profile Name Next
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That’s it! You can now access your messaging window and all the features preferred by YoWhatsApp to the mod users. There are so many tips and tricks you can now follow for using your instant messenger protocol more amusingly, and you can learn them through this link.

How to Install YoWhatsApp APK on an iOS Phone?

The complete above installation procedure was based on the Android smartphones only and don’t try it on any other device, as it won’t work, though. Afterward, for the iOS smartphones, I got a simple answer, you can’t make the installation of any WhatsApp Mod. You’re with a wrong phone if you want to install YoWhatsApp or any other modified app version, as iOS are gigantically secure devices.

If your question was about macOS or MacBook devices, the answer would be a little modified, as the PC allows you to have an Android emulator installed on the interface. For learning that procedure, the below section is fundamentally based on the PC’s installation; follow that one!

How to Install YoWhatsApp on PC?

Let me clear it first, this procedure can work for both, a Windows and iOS PCs because you can install an Android emulator on any of them. Basically, the Android emulator is a program that helps you in installing the Android software on any other OS-based devices. That’s what they really do!

Accordingly, if you need to install Yo WhatsApp APK on a PC, it first needed an Android emulator. Our recommendation would be BlueStacks emulator, and we’re also using the same in the below procedure. Let’s make it.

  1. First, download BlueStacks on your PC using any above link.
    Download Latest BlueStacks Emulator
  2. Now, right-click the setup.exe file of BlueStacks.
    Run BlueStacks Emulator Exe File
  3. Allow for administrator installation access on your PC.
  4. Click the Install button and wait for BlueStacks to download all the subsidiary files.
    Install BlueStacks Emulator
  5. After successful installation, launch the BlueStacks emulator on your PC.
    BlueStacks Emulator Interface
  6. Download the YoWhatsApp APK from the above link to the Desktop folder of your PC.
  7. Now, you can either drag & drop this application package to BlueStacks window or click Install an app button from the right – sided tab.
  8. Click the Install button for YoWhatsApp and wait for the procedure.
  9. Finally, go through the verification procedure as shown above in the Android phone installation section.

You’ve successfully installed and verified the YoWhatsApp on your PC and can now access the instant messaging, including all the coolest features, directly from your PC.

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